Your To Do List

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Your To Do List

What’s on your to do list today?  Thing thing is your to do list or list of goals and dreams are what is going to determine your future, in order for something you want to happen in many cases you need to first decide on it.



It has been proven many times that by writing down your goals or things that you want to do, It will increase your possibility of getting them tremendously.


I know myself that when I go over my old todo lists, nearly every one of the things on my to do lists have been completed. I t doesn’t matter whether I go over to do lists written recently in the past year or ones I wrote as a teenager, I have done the majority of them. 

I am 100% sure the reason why people fail in life is not because they make a list of things to do, or a list of goals and never acheive them, normally their goals or to do list is too small.  Or they never get around to actually making one .

Or they might believe goal setting or to do lists are a bit like voodoo magic, not something they would like to be a part of.

The thing is if you thought your life and or the life of your family could greatly improve by making a to do list regularly.

Or creating a regular list of goals, these could be short term for today or next week, or long term maybe in the next ten years.


When going to any destination a journey normally always starts with a decision. A decision on where we want to go, once that decision is made then we decide on how we are actually  going to get there.


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Your To Do List


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