What Should You Outsource When Building A Blog?

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What Should You Outsource When Building A Blog?

This question will mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people.  So depending on your personality type and financial mindset it will vary immensely. There really is not  one piece of advice to fit all as it all depends on what your blog or website is about and what your business skill set comprises of.

What Should You Outsource When Building A Blog?

Your needs will vary also your personality type will also determine what things you like to do or want to avoid doing. You may love writing but hate creating graphics or videos.  You may love doing videos but hate writing or promoting and Social Media.  Of course you may be one of the rare people who love doing all of these things, and that is great too.

Here is a list of some of the things you may want to outsource.  Of course the first thing you will need to do if you are brand new is to create a blog or website, you could spend your time or money figuring out how to do this.  Or you may wish to get someone who has got experience in this field to do it for you.

I found that my Internet Business started to become more successful after I paid some mentors who where already having online success to teach me what I should be doing, of course this is a choice.  You will generally find things will either cost you some time or money. And I figured out a while ago that time is limited so I prefer to pay to get things done faster whenever possible.

Some things you may want to outsource especially in the beginning could be making a blog or website.  When you make a blog or website yourself you still may need some help with the design and/or branding of your website. Then of course you need to start driving traffic to your blog or website.  If you are not experienced in social media you may want someone to create and brand the social media accounts for your website.

Once the social media accounts are setup you need to ask yourself a few other questions including will I want to, or be able to have enough time to update all the social media sites when I create new content on my blog or website? Or when your company or business launches a new product offer or services? Will you be happy enough spending your own time updating all of them?

In fact another question you may want to ask yourself.

Is doing social media for my business the most cost effective money producing activity that I should be doing in my business right now?

This of course will depend on you or your business if you are JK Rowling and you stop writing  your  next multi $1,000,000 book for 5 hours every day so you can spend time updating your Twitter and Facebook account it may not be the best or most effective way to build your business?  When you can outsource it for a lot less than that.

It may sound obvious but many online business owners cost themselves  a lot of money by trying to skimp on minor expenses. They end up missing  out on doing the big money making activity’s which can and will  transform  the income from their business. In fact I have been guilty of it on many occasions what about you?

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What Should You Outsource When Building A Blog?


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