Are Your Video Blogs In Danger?

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Are Your Video Blogs In Danger?

I was talking to one of my clients this evening and he informed me that his videos had all been deleted.  Unfortunately this did not come as a surprise to me as the same happened to me a few years ago.

You Tube Account Terminated

Apart from that I have seen numerous business partners and associates get their You Tube Channel/Channels wiped out at the touch of a button. It happens all the time. This is always one thing I tell all my coaching students to watch out for but sometimes when they are starting out on their online journey and need to pay for a domain name ,hosting and an autoresponder they think an extra couple of hundred $$$ for video hosting software is a lot.

Like I have said time and time again.  I will take a calculated risk that calculates in my favour but I am not a gambler, and certainly do not believe in stacking the odds against me.  By using You Tube’s Free hosting service for all my videos I am giving them over the ownership of my uploaded content.  Considering that around one out of every two people I know with You Tube accounts, have had YT accounts or videos deleted.

I think that banking on a social network that takes hundreds even thousand of hours of my time to grow. With a 50 Per cent chance of retention is madness. Would you go to your job weekly knowing that at the end of the month there was a good chance you would only get paid for two weeks work?    Or nothing at all.

What is the solution you may be asking yourself at this stage, and you would be right.

  1. Do not only have 1 You Tube Account have multiple accounts maybe 10 even twenty or thirty
  2. Do not connect the You Tube accounts together by using the same name or website urls use a different URL on each YT channel.
  3. Always upload your videos to a paid hosting service, that way as long as you pay the hosting the videos remain on the net.
  4. Spread all your videos across different accounts if you have two hundred videos and twenty You Tube accounts then have ten videos on each You Tube channel that way if one or two accounts get deleted you lose 10 or twenty videos instead of 200 videos.
  5. Always upload your own video hosted videos to your blog especially your important videos.
  6. Avoid any affiliate links on your You Tube channel they love terminating channels with these.
  7. Make sure there are no copyright images,or music in your videos.

Always upload your videos to your own paid hosting video service and paste the videos on the blog especially if they are important or promotional videos.  Here is the software I use below to ensure all my videos are safe, it uploads your videos to your own hosting account and then uploads them to You Tube as well if you want.

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Are Your Video Blogs In Danger?


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