How To Turn On Your Marketing Machine

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How To Turn On Your Marketing Machine

When it comes to online business I see people making the same mistakes over and over again. If you really want to turn your business into a marketing machine there are some simple steps that you need to take.


There are a few things when starting out in your new business which you need to setup on a one off basis and then there are things that you or an outsourcer should be doing on a regular basis.


Of course it is important to firstly get a website or blog setup, there are two ways to go on this.


  1. You can DIY and spend ages making mistakes,
  2. You can get a mentor to help you set it up and take advantage of their experience and knowledge.
  3. Or you can pay someone else to setup the website for you.

How To Turn On Your Marketing Machine


Once you actually have setup your website there will be other tools and resources that you will need if you want your business to run like a business and not a hobby.


When you get your website all setup your plugins installed and your autoresponder hooked up and are ready to go then it’s time to start creating some content.


There are lots of different options when creating content for your website, you may want to stick to one type of content or you might create multiple different kinds of content.


  1. Written Articles
  2. Videos
  3. Infographics
  4. Podcasts
  5. Listicles
  6. How To Guides
  7. Reviews
  8. Tips or Hacks
  9. Interviews


The main thing is to pick at least one of them and get down to creating some content, if you do not like writing then you can outsource the writing, If you do not like making videos you can outsource this or use a video creation software or a powerpoint software like Google Slides or Microsoft Powerpoint to make them..


You can also make or get someone to make you infographics, You can podcast which is basically like an audio recording of you talking on your blog or website, you can also create live podcasts which are really like having your own online radio show.


Listicles are another type of article it is basically a list of some useful resources and or information.  You could also create how to articles or infographics, videos on how to do things that your readers want to know about.


Another useful form of content is creating review articles when doing this I recommend being 100% Genuine by firstly buying and testing the product or service yourself, so that you can write an honest review of the pro’s and cons.  People will thank you for it and keep on coming back to your website when they know your information is useful helpful and accurate.


Something else people like a lot are hacks or tips, these could range from anything to life skills,health and wellness,technology,camping to name but a few all you need to do is find or come up with some useful hacks in your niche.


You can also create written interviews,interviews via Podcasts or Video Interviews this can give you some great content and information for your readers.


Of course when you look at all these things it may look or seem a little overwhelming and it will be especially in the beginning.  The key is to setup your business and get started.


What is important for really getting your marketing machine going and making some money.


  1. Provide value for your readers give them good information cut out the BS
  2. Create and post the content on your blog on a regular basis pick a schedule and stick to it or of course outsource it.
  3. Market your content  like crazy post your content everywhere on Facebook groups on Your FB profile on your Fb Page, On Twitter,On Pinterest,On You Tube,On Instagram in fact as many places as possible.
  4. If you want to make money you will need to have a product or service, affiliate product or paid advertising on your website if you are to actually make any money.


Remember posting content without marketing it will turn your business into a lame duck. Not creating any content means your online business may never even get started at all.


So you really need to combine these two things together even if you outsource it.

Some marketing ideas you can use would be.


Free Advertising (Some work and effort )


Social Media Posting

Banner Advertising

Link Exchange

Guest Posting (Especially on busy websites)

Video Marketing (Especially Using Targeted SEO keywords)

Email Marketing (Autoresponder and broadcast emails)


Paid Advertising (Costs You Some Money)


Facebook Advertising

Google Pay Per Click Advertising

You Tube Advertising

Paid Banner Ads

Sponsored Posts On High Traffic Websites

Solo Ads


If you are not creating great content and marketing it to lots of targeted people regularly then your business will probably end up dead in the water.  


Remember 20 Per cent of your effort will get you 80% of your income so stop messing around doing time consuming things that will not increase your income. And focus on the content creation and marketing that will.


Remember this is not a get rich quick scheme so create a 3 year plan and set goals regularly on what next step or level of income you would like to achieve.


Before you go I would also like to point out a few things that will slow down your journey to financial freedom online.


Overwhelm – This is one of the Big Reasons For Failing To Make money online


Chasing too many Guru’s at the One Time.

Spending all your time training and very little time implementing the training.

Joining too many programs online and spreading yourself too thin.

Wanting for everything to be perfect before you get started, the timing will never be perfect Just Do It.


Procrastination – If you don’t believe this will work for you then you are probably right.


Laziness – Expecting to never do anything and make a million dollars online.


An entitlement mentality – Thinking that someone owes you something and should do everything for you for free.


Being a Freebie Marketer – Trying to use free tools and free trainings to build an online business, this is a huge mistake and you will surely attract lots more freebie wannabee millionaires who will expect you to train them for free too.


Can I automate my business?


Yes and No, some things can be automated using money and or software.


Outsourcing Content – Costs you money unless it is guest bloggers asking to post on your blog or website for free.

Social Network Sharing – Certain posts on some social networks can be scheduled using different software, will cover this in a later training.


You Tube Videos- Well you do the work once and the videos can be viewed 24/7 day or night even while you sleep, so after the video is created and posted to You Tube your videos are 100% Automated.


Are you sick and tired of trying to figure out how to make money online?  Then click the link below to join a ready made business system and get free Internet Marketing Coaching from me


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How To Turn On Your Marketing Machine

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6 responses to How To Turn On Your Marketing Machine

  1. This is great information. I’m feeling a little stumped on my blog right now. My content is aimed at helping people use credit card sign up bonuses so they can travel cheaply. I wanted to use affiliate links to refer people to sign up for these cards. These links are pretty lucrative, but I’ve learned since I’ve got in that your site has to be pretty well established with a lot of traffic before you can get approved for them.

    This has kinda stumped me as I don’t want to create a bunch of content about cheap travel, and then link to a bunch of expensive stuff. Seems like a bait and switch. So I feel like I’m putting on great content, but not really using it well for marketing.

    Any advice?

    • I understand what you are saying, there is a great plugin called ad rotator it is free and it rotates your ads on your sidebar so you could add a variety of both cheap and more expensive stuff there as well.  I would also suggest you could become an affiliate for some prepaid cards like the one I have on my website. As well maybe credit cards currency exchange companies etc.    If you make your website about travel in general then you could have a section for budget cheap travel  stuff and also higher end holidays too. 

      Hope that helps you get some ideas ..  🙂 

  2. Great article, I actually went to some growing pains while I was starting a website on my own. It took me a while to get my website going but even though it took some time, I was able to get my site going. A lot of people forget that social media is a great way to get your website traffic growing.

    • Thanks for your comment Peter, I have always liked social media even if the big networks try to censor as much as possible, any adverts unless they are getting well paid for them of course..  🙂

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