Thrivecart VS Samcart Review

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Thrivecart VS Samcart Review

When it comes to taking payments online after more than 10 years using a shopping cart,  it is a necessity in my online business.   I started off with a rather chunky 1st shopping cart and built a list of thousands of people on it.

Fast forward to the last year. I made a purchase, which, in my opinion, was my best investment I’ve ever bought for my online business.  I purchased Thrivecart. I was very lucky and got offered the one off pilot licence lifetime offer.  What this means is I paid once and I now have lifetime access to this amazing shopping cart.

I have used both Samcart and Thrivecart for myself and my clients. I started promoting Samcart quite a while ago and had multiple clients who bought it and I have been using it for them to setup their business accounts. This included the transform your life and business event in Dublin last year.  After seeing both the shopping carts in action I without a doubt prefer Thrivecart there are multiple reasons for this which I will continue to  cover throughout this article.

Thrivecart at the moment offers 4 payment processors. Stripe, Paypal, Apple Pay and VS Samcart’s 2 Stripe and Paypal. In Samcart you need to pick one currency and sell using that currency, the same as you used to have to do in the old 1 shopping cart accounts. Thrivecart allows you to pick a currency for each product you sell. That means I can sell EPC’s Energy Certificates in GBP Pounds, sell my coaching in the US as Dollars and I can sell events or websites in Ireland as Euros. Which I believe is absolutely brilliant.

Samcart Backoffice where you pick your currency 

Samcart Currencies Backoffice

Thrivecart Product Backoffice Picking A Currency For Your Product

Thrivecart Picking A Currency For Your Product Backoffice

Look to me from a marketers perspective over 10 years I paid $129.00 per month for 1 shopping cart, That works out at $15,480 if you bought it like I did for the next ten years, now this included an affiliate program to manage your affiliates as well.  To get this option now on samcart over the next ten years at $199 per month would cost you $23,880 for $595 dollars today you can get access to Thrivecart’s One Off Lifetime Offer for $595. Over the next ten years this will save you a total of $23,285.

So if you plan to sell stuff online for the long term like me, an extra $23,045 could do a lot for your business.   The other thing is there are more innovations in Thrivecart overall. In fact, it is a better shopping cart and there are lot of new features planned that are coming in the near future. Including customers’ own dashboard login feature and many more.

The bottom line is if you asked me what to buy today I would say an absolute must would be Thrivecart, fast. While the lifetime offer is available, and even after it becomes monthly for people who join after this time I am sure it is the better buy.

As I want to be totally unbiased about this review there may be a couple of reasons to buy Samcart, but they will cost you time money and/or perhaps features in the future.

The only reason I can see you buying Samcart would be if you are completely broke and do not have or can not access the $595 dollars to buy Thrivecart.  I would say beg borrow or steal it..  Only joking about the last one though..   But you know what I mean 😉

Option 1. In that case you can do a Samcart two week free trial and then $19.95 a month for basic version.   Please note that this does not take recurring payments or give you an affiliate program to sell your products or services. You can see this in the table below. Ten year cost will be $2280 in total

Samcart Basic Trial

Option 2 Do the two week free trial and pay $99 per month. After the two weeks expires this option includes most of Samcart’s features minus the affiliate centre to run your affiliate program. Ten year cost will be $11,880 in total

Samcart Pro Trial

Option 3. Do the two week free trial for Samcart Premium Version which includes everything.

Samcart Premium Trial

Including running your affiliate programs.   Ten year cost will be $23,880 in total

Samcart Pricing

What can you save by using Thrivecart lifetime option over next 10 years

Basic Samcart $2280
Thrivecart $595

Click Here To Get A 14 Day Free Trial Of Samcart Basic

Thrivecart A Total Saving Of $1,685

Pro Samcart $11,880
Thrivecart $595

Click Here To Get A 14 Day Free Trial Of Samcart Pro

Thrivecart  A Total Saving Of $11,285

Premium Samcart $23,880
Thrivecart $595

Click Here For 14 Day Trial Samcart Premium


This to me is the deal that stands out and is way better than the rest 

Thrivecart A Total Saving Of $23,285     ******* My Personal recommended Favourite******

Click Here To Get Lifetime Access To Thrivecart


When you buy or order your Thrivecart shopping cart through the links above I will help you to setup your first five products for free. That will be a total of at least 2 Hours one on one Skype coaching with me which would normally cost you £200.


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