Three Things That Will Improve Your Blog Or Website SEO Ranking

Sotiris  —  November 25, 2019 — 2 Comments
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Three Things That Will Improve Your Blog Or Website SEO Ranking

There is a lot of information out there on the internet when it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) A lot of things are pretty simple to understand. A few of them are a bit more complicated and can take a lot of work money and/or effort.

There are lots of things that you can do to improve your website’s authority and ranking in the Search Engines, but if you are just starting out this can seem oh so complicated.

In fact, it can look so complicated that many bloggers see it and just stop in their tracks and go no further.

Three Things That Will Improve Your Blog Or Website SEO Ranking

Let’s start off first with some of the more time-consuming stuff that can go along with Search Engine Optimization.

Things like writing cornerstone content.

Cornerstone Content is writing an in-depth article relating to a subject that you know a lot about and then linking back to the article from many other pages or posts on your website or blog.  An example would be say I wrote a great article of say 3000 words or over, talking about the best tools to use in your internet marketing or blogging business.

I could then link back to that article.

Whenever I write a blog post with the word Internet Marketing Tools or Blogging Resources etc.

When writing an article for SEO purposes I would recommend having a couple of internal links going back to some of your relevant posts or your cornerstone content, and also an external link going to an authority blog or website about the subject that you are sharing.

Another great way to rank better in the search engines is to write some longer articles, original articles of 3000 words or more will generally get a lot more traffic from search engines than smaller articles of 500-1000 words, so this is a good tip to bear in mind even if you have no intention of writing 3000 word articles it is certainly worth doing one from time to time even if you have to outsource it to another writer.  You can use websites like Fiverr to get a writer to do it for about $30.

Another way to improve your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is to do guest posts on high traffic authority blogs or websites, many people go to sites like Fiverr and buy gigs offering lots of backlinks to their website, the problem with this is many of these websites are not high quality and could end up getting you penalized by Google instead of helping your SEO.  The backlinks need to look natural and if you suddenly post 100 articles from crappy blogs back to your website or blog it will not do you any favors.

When you think of authority websites maybe a website like PayPal or a large newspaper, or a government blog or website would be the best places for a great blog or website backlink.

The good news is you don’t have to do all these complicated things to rank in the search engines unless you are in a very competitive keyword niche there are other things you can do to improve your ranking in the search engines. That won’t take you much effort.

Here Are The Simple 3 Things that you can do that will easily improve your blog or website SEO Ranking

Use a fast hosting company – Many people try to be mean when it comes to website hosting by buying the cheapest hosting available this is a huge mistake. I talk about it in one of my recent Facebook Live’s. After testing lots of hosting companies I have found one that is fast reliable and has got great customer services and a community to help you with any blogging questions that you may have. My site loading time went from 46 seconds to 3.6 seconds to load after changing to it after my previous Hostgator hosting.

Click Here To Get Access To My Recommended Hosting And Blogging Community

Having a fast WordPress theme, many themes contain a lot of clutter and unnecessary coding that will slow down the loading time, something as simple as buying a fast WordPress theme that has been optimized for SEO will make all the difference.

Click Here To Download A Fast WordPress Theme

Cut down on unnecessary plugins on your WordPress Blog or website, if you want to keep your blog or website down to the minimum possible loading time without destroying the look or usability features. Then I would suggest visiting the website GTMetrix website load time testing tool.

You can then test your blog or website as it is and see what your loading time is like. Once you have that number then I would suggest going into your plugins 1 by 1 and deactivating them, after you deactivate each plugin then run the test again.  That way you can find out how much lag time your plugins are adding onto your website load time. I discovered one plugin that made the website load time about thirty seconds then when I switched it off the website load time changed to 4.8 seconds.  

When you find out which plugins are the culprits remove them and find another way to do what you want to be done. Hopefully with a much better page load time as well. 

Hope this article helped you today, if you enjoyed our article today you may want to also register for our 101 Blogging tips video trainings you can Click the Link Here To Get Free Access  plus feel free to share this post with your friends and followers on Twitter, Pinterest or Linkedin.


Three Things That Will Improve Your Blog Or Website SEO Ranking


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  1. Thank you, Sotiris for these SEO tips. I will try the speed test and check my plugins.
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