Things You Feel Strongly About

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Things You Feel Strongly About

Sometimes in life the obvious stuff hovers right in front of your eyes and you never think about it.  Then one day someone says something or does something and something clicks inside your head, and a new decision is made in a split second.

Things You Feel Strongly About

I had one of those days today.  One really big peeve I have is about the way big pharma and corporations poison people in many ways.  I often walk into a petrol station or a supermarket and see crisps, when I was younger I would have been a crisp addict. Not so much now but occasionally, if I was going to have a sandwich I like a packet of crisps with it.

The thing is when you go and look at all the crisps on display out of literally over a hundred types nearly 99% are filled with known toxic substances, such as Aspartame,MSG short for Monosodium Glutamate also often disguised by being called yeast extract. One of my friends today on Facebook said he had created a Facebook page about the dangers of Aspartame.

Immediately a lightbulb went off in my head and I decided to do a page about the toxic stuff being added to potato crisps.

As a work from home blogger and online marketing coach I make all my income from the Internet and have done so for over 12 years.  But as well as having my money websites that actually bring me in an income I also create websites because I feel strongly about things.

Things Like Alternative Health

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The Twin Towers Conspiracy

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Control Of The Masses

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Waken Up World

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And a few others like that floating about  as well, and although I do like to be upbeat and positive. I am also smart enough to realise that being upbeat and positive will not prevent you or your family members being poisoned by out of control pharmaceutical companies,chemtrails,vaccines,GMO’s,Aspartame,Fluoride,Dental Visits were they fill our mouths with Mercury and toxic root canals and lots more..

I do believe if you want you and your family to survive a while in this World, you need to educate yourself about the truth about how this world and our corrupted system really works.

People will argue with you, people will think you are crazy. Fortunately I THINK BEING ALIVE ALIVE IS MORE IMPORTANT!!! Than what some brainwashed sheep think.

Would you not agree? Please feel free to comment below 🙂


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Things You Feel Strongly About


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