The Sure Way To Fail At Blogging

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The Sure Way To Fail At Blogging

I love what I do, but if there is one bad thing about it then this is it and it annoys me so much I feel I need to shout it from the rooftops. Why?  because people who fail at blogging just don’t get it.

They just don’t get the fact of what they just gave up and what they likely have exchanged it for instead.

The truth is we live in a society where everyone wants easy street, they want everything done for them, curry in a hurry. Drive thru’s even if the junk is killing them, unfortunately, with most people common sense seems to go out the window.

It’s like the part of people’s brain that figures out the ups and downs of what will happen as a consequence of doing something, or not doing something, has got a blockage or seized up completely.

All they need is a quick video to come on, push the red button to easy street, or drink this coffee and lose weight change your life and become a millionaire overnight, and they are away galloping after the opportunity with their wallets out and credit cards at the ready.

I mean really how can these people be so dumb.  TV and media advertising has done its job really well, yes many people can no longer think for themselves or make conscious decisions.

They just go around in a fucking trance listening to three BS steps to easy street.  And then when they are broke and miserable, they watch another movie or go out looking for the next quick fix.

Before finding another job or crawling back on their knees to social welfare to take care of them because life is too hard.

Alternatively, they go looking for the next big guru, with an amazing system and they spend weeks promoting the guru, of course, the GURU’s credibility now goes up by 1000,000 percent but they are left holding the can having forked out $50 $100, $500,$1000, or even 10,000 or more to promote some fucking guru they never heard of two years ago.

What do they get in return? If they are lucky they get two or three signups, who are now the new lucky people to get holding the GURU can.   I mean seriously, if someone thinks that this is building an online business then they need a brain transplant.

If you cannot schedule and commit to sharing 30 pieces of content on your blog over the next few months then I really believe you should not even start in the first place.

Why?  Because you are firstly wasting your time because you are not serious, and worse still you are wasting my time as well, and believe me I have lots more productive stuff than I could be doing than babysitting someone who has no intention of making 10 cents in their online business.

How much value does a blogger with no blog posts or one copy and paste blog post provide to the marketplace?  Well if you put a graph it would probably anywhere between 0- 0.5 Per Cent of value,  Are you going to get rich providing this amount of value to the market place? I don’t think so.

Imagine going to Microsoft and buying a language translation CD 10 years ago, you opened the CD and there were two words translated from English to Greek for example.

Bill Gates would be on the street now living in a cardboard box, not a billionaire.

By not creating your first 30 blog posts this is what value you are delivering to your readers, will you get rich from it? Well it’s hardly likely is it?  What’s the alternative, yeah you can get a good job, a job is when you work hard for someone else to build their dream business, their dream lifestyle, their dream income not yours.

Yeah, you can become a slave and give 20 – 50% of your income as an employee directly to the government before you get to spend a penny or before you get ripped off for all the other taxes, etc. In exchange for helping someone else create their dream lifestyle.Yes, for a pension, yes a pension that will likely be worth about 10% of the salary you are now getting working in your job. You can look forward to trying to survive on that after finishing your 45 years of hard graft.

The question I ask is why would someone who will not sit for 1 hour and day and make a video or write 500 words of content on their blog be able to work hard elsewhere.   Well, there is a simple reason for that, if you get a job and do nothing all day your boss will fire your ass immediately on day 1.

When you look at the work you have done since setting up your blog or website, if you put yourself in the place of your boss at work would you hire yourself or fire yourself?

The truth is yes you can be lazy and quit you can fire yourself, you can decide you do not want any passive income from blogging, you don’t want to build your own brand so people want to pay you for advice, for products and services ETC.

Yes, you can decide you don’t want to achieve your dreams you are happier building someone else’s.

You don’t mind when you or a family member is sick having no passive income and being broke with no money coming in to feed you from a job because you are too sick to work.  These choices are all yours, and good luck with that if you still want to quit.

In life you will always pay the price no matter what, the easy road becomes hard, getting a job building someone else’s empire your entire life and then living on 10% of your salary when you get old and sick becomes hard,  Doing some work on your blog taking the courage to create a video or audio is hard when you haven’t done it?

One thing I will tell you is it’s a hell of a lot easier than the other option. But by quitting your blog, going to work for an employer that’s the choice you make every day.   And you will have to live with that choice throughout your life, so make sure it is the right choice for you.

Other things that can make your online business fail is

  1. Not buying the tools or services you need
  2. Not having the right mentor
  3. Not creating a call to action
  4. Not listing products or services to buy
  5. Not creating a mailing list


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The Sure Way To Fail At Blogging


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