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Donna Mcloughlin Testimonial

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Scott Filley Private Investigator

San Francisco USA..

The 15 minute discussion was time well spent. Sotiris is friendly and an expert in his field.


Abudureheman Aihaiti

Lives In  Kokkola, Itä-Suomen Lääni, Finland

This guy has solid experience in social media marketing i really impressed . the most important thing is everything he said is from experience not from someone else’s book or theory . I got a lot useful stuff ! Thanks a lot !

Wim Muhirwa

  • Lives in Rotterdam, Netherlands

I really enjoyed my coaching class with Sotiris and learned a lot of great stuff. Sotiris is an excellent coach and he explained things in a way which was easy to understand and showed me how to get things done.

David Lightbody



David Lightbody From Bangor Northern Ireland



Just completed my first appointment with my mentor. The software worked great. Learned 10 new strategies even though we were halfway across the earth from each other.


Tom Caldwell


Tom Caldwell From USA





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