Thinking About Taking Payments On Your Website?

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Thinking About Taking Payments On Your Website

In all the years I have been marketing online one of the biggest frustrations I had was dealing with payment processors or finding good ones. There where many reasons for this, like some of them love freezing peoples accounts to hold on to their money for six months. Other ones charge monthly fees on top of their commissions, that they take from your sales. Some charged up to 7% other websites that are highly trafficked and allow you to sell your products and services take a 20% commission for your work.

In fact I believe one of the things minimising or in a lot of extreme cases making people make $0 Online is because of a lack of the correct payment system. And not having a decent payment processor, so I have decided to do something for a limited number of people.

I will do this for the next 5 people Only.


I will setup A payment system including your first ten products for you for free but only if you decide to keep the shopping cart after 60 days.   I am going to take a $50 setup fee off you so that you do not waste my time, but I will refund the money to you in full if you keep the payment system I put in place for you after the 60 days.  I paid $130 a month for a payment system which sucks compared to this big time for 8 years.   But I made money from the old payment system, anyway the good news is the payment system I am installing for you costs only $66 a month if you pay annually or $99 If you decide to pay it monthly there is a free 30 day trial, but I can pretty much guarantee that once you see how cool this is, and all the features it puts at your fingertips you will be blown away.

It helps you take recurring payments, trials, Weekly , Monthly,or Annual Subscriptions, Create Upsell funnels. Add your buyers to your autoresponder buyers list automatically, so that you will always have access to a list of your buyers and lots more.

It doesn’t really matter whether you are a coach,teacher,sell products or services, accommodation,advertising  etc.  You can use this, so not only am I going to be spending half a day of my time setting up your products.  I will show you how to do it too.


In fact I pretty much guarantee you when I finish, you will be able to setup payments for whichever product you want to sell with ease.

Remember I am going to ask you to make a payment now so as not to waste my time with people looking for free training. But if you keep on using this system I will refund all the money the full $50 in 60 days guaranteed.

So what are you waiting for click on the link or the button below to order now.


And I will be in contact with you within the next 24 hours and we will get started working on monetising your business..


This one thing will likely be the one thing that will take your business from seeming like a hobby to a real online business where people can pull out their credit cards and pay money directly to your bank account.


Remember This Is Only For The Next 5 People


Click Here To Get Started


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Taking Payments On Your Website


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