Stop Buying Crap Products And Boost Your Credibility

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Stop Buying Crap Products And Boost Your Credibility


Look we have all done it at some stage. Seen something that sounds or looks really good and then went out and bought it.Stop Buying Crap Products And Boost Your Credibility

A couple of days later that thing has disappeared and we never use it again.

There could be a few reasons for this, it could turn out that it doesn’t do what it was actually supposed to do in the first place.

It’s a one time fad that dies within a few days or weeks, kinda like flavour of the month. It sure won’t change your life that’s for sure.


I bought a software on JVZOO a few years ago I have bought loads of stuff from them and I love most of their stuff, but I bought this product, I generally buy the upgraded stuff as I like to have a developers license so I can use it on clients sites too.

The product was called

Social Signal Spy (Developer License)

Purchased 09/19/2014 5:09 PM
By: Chris Landrum

Shortly after I spent money to buy this the website was pulled down

That was my money totally wasted buying total crap.  I may has well have burned the money on the bonfire.


Thankfully I never promoted this product to anyone I decided to try it after receiving an email about it from someone. I can’t even remember what it did if it actually did anything.

Generally I am a lot more careful who I buy products from and always check out the reviews, I find software and products that have helped or transformed my business and then take advice from the people who created these products.

I have to say in my online business there are probably over 10 but definitely 5 software products that really have stood out and stood the test of time for me. 3 of them were created by one guy and I have a lot of respect for his marketing ethos.

So when I received an email from him last week recommending a one off lifetime license for a normally recurring priced software I bought it right away. Without absolutely any hesitation at all.

Remember there is always a latest greatest product launching or coming out.  The question is will it stand the test of time, will the developers continue to pay for the domain and update the software at least in the near future, and what has their track record been like in the past.

I remember about 5 years ago a friend of mine approached me on Facebook with a high ticket business opportunity, one part of the business model sounded appealing it sounded similar to google advertising model but it is really is not something that I would have normally gone for. I was quite dubious about it the first two times I heard about it but on this occasion I trusted my friend and forked out $3700 to join the business.   The excitement took over from my common sense lol..

To cut a long story short this was the one time that I invested into a business opportunity that was a disaster for me and some people who joined the business under me. It is the one time I can truly say I joined a business that fucked up my credibility..

Unfortunately I cannot turn back the clock but I can say I wouldn’t be joining any more BS scams like that one in the future.

One of the great things about marketing products and services online for over 12 years is that you get to know what works and what doesn’t work so well.


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Stop Buying Crap Products And Boost Your Credibility


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