Are You Still Not Doing Money Making Activities?

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Are You Still Not Doing Money Making Activities?

This is a very powerful question in fact it is a question that many business owners overlook every day, which could lead to stagnation and a lack of income from any business.

If you ask the large majority of business owners they will tell you they are busy.  I don’t necessarily mean busy with handling new customers and incoming money. They are basically busy messing around in their business.

Are You Still Not Doing Money Making Activities?

If you are not doing things that either retain customers,improve your business relationship with your customers,bringing in new business or increasing your overall sales volume to your customers. Then you may be just wasting your time, if you heard of the 80 20 rule you will probably already know that 80% of your income comes from 20% of your customers.  You may also realise that 80% of your income comes from 20% of your activity.

So if you are running around in your business all day making yourself look busy. Chances are you are missing out on some, or all of the money making activities, that you should be doing.  Of course these money making activities will vary for different businesses, and people’s personalities.

The fact is many times a business owner starts out great, does all the marketing needed to get the business up and running, but then after a while tends to get comfortable. And forgets about some of the things that created their income in the first place.

Having parents who both were in the restaurant business, I saw this first hand for myself many times.

My dad used to be great at starting new restaurants,making great decor, charming customers making great food and getting writeups in all the local newspapers. but after a year or two he would get bored and lazy.  Instead of telling people what specials where on the menu, we would be telling people a list of things that were not on the menu..That was because my dad and his staff had been sitting all day smoking their brains out instead of cooking the foods needed for that night.   Pretty embarrassing I used to think and definitely not good for customer satisfaction or customer retention.

Then again it doesn’t matter whether you apply these strategies to a physical business like a restaurant, or a virtual business like a website or blog, the principle is still the same either way.

I remember very clearly the last time I worked in my dad’s restaurant.  I told him he should do a delivery service, as generally other restaurants I had worked in made twice as much from deliveries as they did from the restaurant especially on quieter days during the week.

He argued with me. I think I got a comment like I was managing restaurants while you were in nappies, and you are going to tell me how to run my business. At that point I told him to stick his business and walked out as it was obvious that our mindsets where completely different when it came to business.

We just didn’t see eye to eye on that at all.

The thing is I see people regularly who approach me about setting up an online business like a blog or a website, unfortunately after creating the blog or website 80% of them do nothing, nothing at all.  They do not write content do not do SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) or pay anyone to do it.   Which seems crazy after paying the costs to start up the online business in the first place.  The thing is a website with no visitors is like having a billboard in the desert..   Pretty useless really.

On the other hand there are people who get it, people who listen to what I tell them get excited and go out and market their blog or website like a madman or woman..  These are the people who get the real results online or in business.

The thing is you need to be able to differentiate between money making activities, and activities that keep you busy. The truth is you can be busy doing nothing useful all day.  That does not mean that you should be, it’s kinda like employees when the boss walks in they all start scarpering around trying to pretend they are busy doing something. So that the boss doesn’t fire them.

If you are running an online business here are a few moneymaking activities that you could do I took these from my post

Focus daily on at least three moneymaking activities per day.

Blogging is not a moneymaking activity but these things are remember if you do not promote or share your blog posts, your chances of making money with it are minimal..

A. Advertising the blog on social media sites

B. Creating a video daily with a link to your business products

C. Sending an email to your list of subscribers.

D. Placing a Classified Ad

E. Placing a Facebook Ad

F. Creating a Bing Ad

G. Creating a Google Paid Ad

H.Creating a Twitter Paid Ad

I. Creating a You Tube Video Ad

J. Tweeting about your Business

K. Posting on Pinterest links to your Business

L. Posting Your Business On Facebook Groups And Pages

M. Telling prospective customers about your business.

N. Posting your content on skype.

Hope you found these useful feel free to comment and share with your friends on social media using the buttons below

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Are You Still Not Doing Money Making Activities?


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