Re-invent,Re-incarnate,Re-Do Your Old Content

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Re-invent,Re-incarnate,Re-Do Your Old Content

As with everything in life things change, products and services change,new businesses come and old businesses go.


As these things all happen your blog content can become old hat, some links no longer work,websites are cancelled. Affiliate programs close down or are cancelled.

As I was doing this 100 Day Blogging Challenge. By accident I discovered some of the blog posts that I created previously had dissapeared of my blog.

Luckily when I went to the wayback machine I was able to find them, there was lots of great information in the posts.

Only problem is the business I was in changed, I left it a couple of years after they made some changes I didn’t like. I just saw a video a few days ago saying they where going bankrupt which was not really surprising to me considering the changes they made previously.

So some things on the posts needed to be changed or updated but the majority of information and content is still great today 2 years later.

If you are brand new to blogging this will not be the case, but if you have been around for a few years like me.  I am sure you will be able to find some old blog posts which need some refreshing, or possibly rewrote completely.

Here are some of the things you should check when redoing your posts,


1.Have you a nice picture with your brand or logo?

2. Are the software and tools links on your posts still working, or do they need updated?

3. Is the business opportunity or opportunities you promote still exist, if not then update them with your new ones.

4.Is your post long enough, a few years ago Google was happy with a 300 word post. Now it is better to do articles with at least 500 words, preferably even over 1000 words. As they generally get a lot more traffic and rank better than short ones. In fact I recently did a 3000 word article as they rank even better again.

5. Make sure your content is unique and not copied from other websites or ezine directories, if you want the maximum effect from them.

6. Make sure everything on your post ties in properly with your new branding logos etc.

One of the mistakes a lot of new bloggers make is not having a purpose for each blog post. If you go back over your first post chances are that you made this mistake too. Just because it is an old post does not mean that people do not come across it on the internet or from Google.

So make sure as well as updating the post you repurpose it so it does something.

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Re-invent,Re-incarnate,Re-Do Your Old Content


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