Rank On The First Page Of Google

Sotiris  —  February 11, 2017 — 1 Comment
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Rank On The First Page Of Google

If you do not already know ranking your content on the first page of Google can be very lucrative for your business.  Of course as well as ranking on the first page what is also important is what you are actually ranking for.  There are a lot of keywords that are are likely to make you no money whatsoever in fact someone I know used to get lots of the traffic for the keyword what is the best apple.

Chances are when someone types a keyword like that they are looking for some information, not to purchase a product or service off you.  What you need to do is figure out your money words. What are people typing into Google when they are getting ready to pay or hand out money for the solution.

Rank On The First Page Of Google

One client of mine ranks for a keyword Appliance Repairs (Town Name) his business is fixing washing machines dishwashers and appliances,  when people generally type this type of keyword into Google their Appliance has broke down and they need someone to fix or replace it.

All I did was created a simple form which get’s the people details Email,Telephone,Mobile Number Address  and what their problem is a selection of a possible 5 checkboxes.

This website gets new subscribers on a daily basis which ends up making the owner a good living using the power of the Internet.  Remember these people have a problem they are expecting to have to pay money to solve.  In fact they may as well be sitting with their credit card in hand.

Within an hour of submitting their details he calls them back and finds out more details about the problem and makes an appointment to go and fix it.  If they cannot fix it he also offers very competitive prices on new appliances and even though many people generally shop in large electrical stores in UK like Currys etc, he generally get’s the sale as he can deliver and install their appliance the next day. This makes it convenient for his customers and increases his income as well.


How can you rank your website on the first page of Google

Of course their are endless courses and ideas on how to rank your website on the first page of Google, the truth is Google constantly updates its algorithms so from month to month year to year a lot can change. Here are a few factors which still seem to work and have not changed that much over time.

  1. Create lots of well written relevant original content on your blog or website and update the website regularly.
  2. Use your keywords in the images as well as your written content as these images can also rank for your keyword when anyone does an image search.
  3. Create You Tube videos using your long tail keywords in the title and a link back to your website in the video description, plus also using the keyword in your video  tags as well.
  4. Use long tail keywords that your customers or readers are specifically looking for in the title and content of your articles and make sure the article is relevant to those keywords.
  5. Find high quality websites and ask to submit a guest post to them in exchange for a do follow link back to your website or blog post.

Please note that doing guest posts on spammy websites with lots of guest posts or article submission sites can also negatively effect your Google ranking so be quite fussy about the quality of the websites that you get backlinks from (Go for quality over Quantity)

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Rank On The First Page Of Google


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  1. Thanks Sotiris.

    Very simple steps for beginners or anyone ramping up a website and/or starting a blog. Learning the basics and continued research with help you find ways to enhance and re-publish great content or collect for an eBook.

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