Every Day Is A Gift Enjoy It


Every day that we wake up is a gift, I was just on Facebook and saw a friend of mine’s wife was just rushed into hospital.

She had a freak accident on a Golf cart her dog’s lead got tangled around the steering wheel, and she crashed off the side of the road and hit her head.. There was a lot of blood everywhere but she is going to be alright.

Another friend of mine on Facebook is leaving a hospice to go on a trip to the Philippines to visit old friends and family members there.

It is very sad to see someone who are living out their last days, going to more than likely see their family and friends for maybe the last time.

I went out to the shop today and on my way back I saw a woman lying at the side of the road and 4 people with her.

She had been on a motorbike and must have gotten hit by one of the two cars that stopped, she started taking violent convulsions at the side of the road, As a man was on his mobile phone calling an ambulance.

No one knows if this poor girl who looks in her twenties will survive such a terrible accident.  She probably just went out healthy and happy on a short trip, and it might be her last one.

The thing is we never know is the day it will be our life dangling on a thread or one of our loved ones.

So make the most of every day..  And live it like it could be your last .


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Every Day Is A Gift Enjoy It

My Blogging Challenges – Because Life Isn’t Always Plain Sailing

I was on a forum tonight and someone asked a question about what were your biggest blogging challenges. This is actually a completely Golden Question to ask someone with my experience.

As the answers could save you lots of hours of wasted time and money, trying to figure out the solutions.

My biggest blogging challenges were plugin conflicts, when you have a few plugins that do not work together. Your screen goes white and you cannot login to your WordPress back office. Or you get a wordpress error message when you try to login.

Other things which caused me challenges was a missing bit of html coding in blog posts. These could cause my theme to go topsy turvy. The sidebar would disappear and appear at the bottom of the blog posts.  Or the pictures in the website background would go weird and appear all over the place.

Another challenge was being hacked with too many sites on one server, I had about 600 websites at one stage and one night 300 of them were hacked at the same time.

Some more basic blogging challenges at the beginning of my blogging career was.

Creating Graphics for my posts

Getting Images To Appear From My Blog On FB Posts

Posting a You Tube Video On My Blog

Adding Buy Buttons Taking Payments On  My Blog Posts or Pages.


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My Blogging Challenges – Because Life Isn’t Always Plain Sailing

Your To Do List

Sotiris  —  August 10, 2017 — Leave a comment

Your To Do List

What’s on your to do list today?  Thing thing is your to do list or list of goals and dreams are what is going to determine your future, in order for something you want to happen in many cases you need to first decide on it.



It has been proven many times that by writing down your goals or things that you want to do, It will increase your possibility of getting them tremendously.


I know myself that when I go over my old todo lists, nearly every one of the things on my to do lists have been completed. I t doesn’t matter whether I go over to do lists written recently in the past year or ones I wrote as a teenager, I have done the majority of them. 

I am 100% sure the reason why people fail in life is not because they make a list of things to do, or a list of goals and never acheive them, normally their goals or to do list is too small.  Or they never get around to actually making one .

Or they might believe goal setting or to do lists are a bit like voodoo magic, not something they would like to be a part of.

The thing is if you thought your life and or the life of your family could greatly improve by making a to do list regularly.

Or creating a regular list of goals, these could be short term for today or next week, or long term maybe in the next ten years.


When going to any destination a journey normally always starts with a decision. A decision on where we want to go, once that decision is made then we decide on how we are actually  going to get there.


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Your To Do List

What Happened To Google Searches?

What really got rid of all the other search engines was that when Google came out and developed their algorithm it was very accurate.

If I typed in an exact keyword a site would come up that was completely related to the search,

As A blogger and online affiliate marketer lots of my stuff took a hit by their completely unfair and unrealistic practises and crazy changes.

In fact many blogs and great quality article directories where practically put out of business by them overnight.  Okay some SE

O people may praise these changes and think they are great but personally I think they suck. Even till this day when I am looking for something accurate I often will go to You Tube instead of Google.

Even though they own You Tube I still find it works like a search engine should.

At the end of the day if someone has registered a domain name called Tai Jitsu Belfast.com and someone types in Tai Jitsu Belfast and the website is about a Tai Jitsu Club in Belfast, I would expect to see it at the top of Google as that is what I actually want.

It makes sense right?  Often I type in keywords looking for something and what comes up Amazon links,Ebay,Gumtree.  Not the specialist website of the people who do exactly what I typed into Google for the search.

I suppose this has being going on for a while and people have just got used to it.  but I think this sucks and totally cuts out the people who actually make up the Internet.

The internet is about people getting connected sharing content and information, not being bundled with censorship and advertising from big companies everywhere they go.

Here is one example I go to Google and type in EPC Bangor  here is what I get

Now if you look at the top search for EPC Bangor it is the Yell Directory, what on earth has the yell directory got to do with getting an EPC in Bangor?

If I wanted Yell directory I would have typed in Yell directory to Google right..

Now if I go to to this other search engine and type EPC Bangor what do I get ?

I get exactly what I actually typed into the search engine EPC Bangor

If I go to You Tube and type in EPC Bangor what do I get ? Exactly what I typed in once again EPC Bangor. I rest my case..

Listen I am not one to bother or get overhyped about this stuff but the more censorship I see on Google,You Tube, Facebook ETC.. And when I say censorship I don’t mean blocking graphic or porno pictures.

I mean censoring anything they decide they don’t want you to see.

A friend of mine uploaded a video about David Wood talking about Empower Network going bankrupt. There was not one link on the video and it was promoting nothing.

The second that video was posted on Facebook it was removed and a message came up on her screen telling her this video has been removed for scam or deceptive content.

Another video I put on one of my other sites has been blocked or removed from You Tube multiple times. It is the true story about Hitler what really happened during World War 2.

    You can see it here

if it hasn’t been removed again. I keep finding it again and putting it back up.


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What Happened To Google Searches?


How Great Graphics Can Transform Your Blog


When it comes to blogging or creating a website nice pictures. logos and graphics can make or break your blog.

For the first few years I struggled with my websites and Facebook etc because of a lack of tools and understanding when it came to website graphics .  After lots of trial and error I finally figured out what I was doing and discovered some cool tools to create logos, Facebook banners, website banners and other graphics.

Yes of course you can go to websites and buy photographs for your website but if you are just starting out on the Internet it can work out pretty expensive especially if you are producing a lot of content regularly.

Of course some people just go to Google images but the problem with that is a lot of the images that show up may be subject to copyright. In fact there are a lot of online photo companies that purposely put lots of copyright pictures on the internet and then threaten to sue you for using their images or send you a large bill.

There are a limited number of websites where you can go and get royalty free images. Or you can use specialised tools or logo creation software to make your own images. In today’s post I am going to be showing you some of the ones that I use most of them are free except for one of them.  All of the tools are tools that I use regularly on my own websites, blogs and banners etc.

In fact if you found this post useful I would be very grateful if you could share it with your social media friends and followers. 🙂


1. Canva.Com –  This is one I discovered recently in fact it is one of my recent favourites there are lots of free pictures to chose from and you can use it to make Custom sized banners, facebook pictures, Facebook Banners and most other things you can think of.  It comes highly recommended by me in fact most of the images on this blog are from Canva.Com


2. LOGO Creator – This is a great piece of software it is a paid software but the options and things you can do with it are amazing and you can make practically anything with this.  Compared to photoshop or other similar type software it is dirt cheap and once again comes highly recommended by me.  And like all the other items here I use it myself on a regular basis..  🙂 Click Here To See It In Action

3. Meme  https://imgflip.com/memegenerator


4. Ipiccy – This is another great photo editing software you can use it to create collages or frames around your pictures it also resizes images and you can use it to add text to your images and much much more.  You can get access by going to Ipiccy.Com


5. Ribbet is another great photo editor and once again you can use it for Free. So there is no need to worry about large one off monthly or even annual fees. you can get access to it by going to http://www.ribbet.com/


5. Freeimages.co.uk – This is a website that does what it says on the tin.  Visit to get access to completely free images that you can use on your blog or website.  Just make sure when downloading an image to check the rights and terms of use.  On some occassions on free image sites there are a few paid ads and if you click on them you might end up ordering paid images.  To get your images visit http://www.freeimages.co.uk

6.Stock Free Images – http://stockfreeimages.com/

7.Stock.XCHANG – http://www.sxc.hu/



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How Great Graphics Can Transform Your Blog

How To Come Up With Great Trending Content For Your Blog


You decided that you are going to do a blog for the next 30 days.  Sounds easy right but suddenly after a few days you start writing a blog post and your mind goes blank and you have absolutely no idea what you are going to blog about.

Well firstly if you had a WA blog that issue would not even come about as you have a ready made blogging training course.  All you do is is watch the trainings and before long you will have your first original blogpost ready. 🙂

As well as that you also have a headline button just type in your keyword and press give me a headline button and your blog post headline is ready.. If after these solutions you are still stuck then you can click on the give me an idea button on your Kalatu blog and a huge list of blogging ideas will appear in front of you.

You just do exactly what is says and your blog post is ready the only bad thing about having a  Blog is there are no excuses left as using the system I use  you have step by step tutorials, content ideas which are already made for you and a sales system that can start creating you a residual online income on autopilot. .

You just pick one of them and start going with it.

If you aren’t fortunate enough to have got your  Blog yet then you can go to Twitter and Facebook and find trending subjects to blog about.  You can also go to youtube.com/charts to find the most trending videos.  Some of these videos may be ideal to post on your blog or else create a blog post about., though it also depends on the subject of your blog too. Whether or not they are compatible.

Another great method for coming up with blog content is to find the GURU’s in your niche google them and check what they are posting on their blog.  This may also give you some great blog posting ideas of course you should not copy or rip off their content.  But if they have made a blogpost 10 ways to make more money.  Then there is nothing to stop you making a blog post 15 ways to increase your income online. Or something like that then just list 15 ways that people make money online and your blog post is practically done.

If your blog is about a subject you know very little about then just interview an expert on the subject.  You can find experts to interview for free at www.rtir.com You can interview them on Skype or on a phone call or Google hangout or Facebook call. You just ask them some questions about their subject they answer them. Afterwards you can do it or else you can pay someone on Fiverr.com to transcribe your videos into articles.  Which then can also be fresh new content for your blog post.

If you found these tips useful then you will absolutely love the trainings and blogging tools inside WA Click Here To Get A Free Blog


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How To Come Up With Great Trending Content For Your Blog

Planning Your Daily Business Tasks


Do you plan out the tasks you have to do in your business?  One of the great ways to actually get important stuff done in your business is by actually planning out your day.

A lot of business owners get lost in their daily routine. And they often forget to do important tasks that they should be doing in their business.

A large percentage of the time when you make a list you will eventually get all of those things ticked off and done.   Big things and small things, of course some of the big things may take a bit longer to get done.

The main thing of course is actually getting the most important money producing tasks done,  as being busy in a business does not necessarily mean you are making a profit.

The fact is that failure to plan in your business, is a plan for it to fail.

If you really like or love your business, and actually want it to succeed, and give you and your family a better lifestyle

Then it really is time that you sit down and start planning for it right now.


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Planning Your Daily Business Tasks

Assumption Is The Mother Of All Fuc*ups

I decided to sell one of my cars as I have too many after a few time wasters I had someone very keen to buy the car. In fact she lived over two hours drive away.

I think she was having problems coming up with all the money to buy the car and she made me an offer which was less than I was planning to take for the car.

After I said no she practically pleaded with me to drop to her price. It was at this stage I figured she genuinely didn’t have the money I had priced the car at.

As she was so keen, and also had to drive over two hours to get to it, I decided to accept her offer.

Last week she could not get a lift, so she said she would come down on Friday. She arrived as arranged at 11.30am to collect the car, walked up to me handed me the money.  She said my friend is going to drive it back for me, I put the money in my 9 seater van, brought over my receipt book. To give her a receipt.

As the guy got in the car to drive off he said it’s not automatic.   She said I thought it was automatic, my driving license only allows me to drive an automatic car.

I said in the advert that I had a problem using the clutch as I had a sore foot, and was selling the car as I needed to change to an automatic vehicle.

The moral of the story is don’t assume anything, make sure you ask first. If this lady had of read the ad properly she would have realised it was not automatic.  Or at least asked for clarification before saving for a week and doing a 4 and a half hour drive for no reason today.

I am pretty sure I could have found a much better plan for my day today,than the hour I wasted waiting and preparing for her arrival. She was very genuine and I was sorry and am pretty sure she was that things didn’t work out, as they were not planned lol..

It’s okay I am pretty sure the amount of regular Fuc*ups done on a daily basis are huge. So I don’t need to feel to bad that today I was involved in one of them.  At least I didn’t end up with a car on my roof.


Feel Free To Share Any Assumptive Fuc*ups You Have Been Involved In,With Us In The Comments Below

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Assumption Is The Mother Of All Fuc*ups

How To Be A Better Blogger

Do you remember going back and scrolling through some of your old websites or blog posts and reading your post and asking yourself what on earth is this..

Well if you have always been a perfectionist that may not have happened to you but for the majority of bloggers I am pretty sure it has.

The thing is that the Internet moves very quickly from one year till the next. In fact the Internet can actually change even in a few months.

How To Be A Better Blogger

If you want to be a better blogger you need to frequently look at other websites and leaders in your industry and see what new changes software and plug-ins are being used when it comes to blogging.

Both blogging and Internet marketing are something that you learn from day to day in fact something that was done along time ago maybe completely obsolete on the Internet today. That is why it is imperative for you to keep studying your niche on a regular basis, failure to do this Will make your blogging look inferior after a while.


There are in fact hundreds of thousands of WordPress themes, hundreds of thousands of WordPress plug-ins and new tools and software being released daily that can completely transform your blog in any one day. First thing you Wanna do is check out  the top guys,ladies or companies in your niche find out what plug-in they are using, what they are selling on their blog, and how they are making money from it.  Learning these few things can make your life an awful lot easier when it comes to finding the right customers, traffic generation, getting subscribers and turning them into sales.

A mistake a lot of bloggers make is they try and learn everything on their own from scratch, the problem with this is  that it can end up taking them years to end up with a successful blog.  Or in the worst cases they just give up after a while.  When what they do doesn’t give them the Business  or success that they were hoping for  when they started.


Here are some Quick tips to help you be a better blogger

  1. Add images to your blog posts and SEO your images with the keywords.
  2. Think about what the reader wants to know instead of focusing I’m selling all the time, once you have given them what they want you can then casually offer them a link to A product or service . That will benefit them.
  3. Make sure you add a subscription box offering them something good in exchange for their email address,  building a list of subscribers should be one of your top priorities when blogging.
  4.  Make use  of all the tools and plug-ins available for improving your blog making  everything more effective including social sharing tools and Visual effects as well as being good reading it should also be visually appealing to eye.
  5.  Choose your domain name carefully as your domain name can say a lot about your brand or your blog try to use a.com domain name unless your market is local then depending on your area you can choose a domain. If you are in the UK it might be yourdomain.co.uk or if it is in Spain you may chose yourdomain.es I hope you get the idea. 🙂
  6.  Don’t take shortcuts when it comes to buying tools and software most of the time you get what you paid for. But if you’re in doubt when buying tools software then check the reviews as most people will say exactly what they’re thinking about the product they have bought.
  7. Depending on your personality type 1. You may choose to say exactly what you think on your blog (this could sometimes annoy certain individuals and alienate some people), 2. on the other hand you may be very thoughtful when it comes to your audience and be very careful the way you frame things.   ( I would fit into the No.1 category)
  8. Take time out to produce great content for your readers using different kind of content you could interview people in your niche via podcasts, videos or even in writing on your blog. Most people love to see the points of view, tips and ideas of credible authority’s in their niche.
  9. Be consistent if you say you are posting on a subject daily or weekly or every Tuesday do it, otherwise people could forget your blog ever existed and disappear and never  come back again.
  10. Be regular don’t do a blog post once a year pick a schedule daily weekly or monthly and if you are going to be busy or a away for a long time use the wordpress blog scheduling facilities.  For example if you post weekly on your blog on a Monday and you decide to go hiking in the jungle for a month create 4 blog posts before you go and schedule them to post every Monday while you are away.   Chances are you will also come back from the jungle with lots of new blog content and videos as well.  🙂

I hope you found this post useful feel free to post your comments and let us know what you think below. 


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How To Be A Better Blogger

11 Micro Sites To Outsource Your Digital Marketing


In todays blog post I will be talking about places where you can outsource your digital marketing. Also before I continue I would also like to remind you than you can also use these websites as a seller to make yourself some extra income streams as well. They can also be a great place to discover new clients for your business and services as well. 

11 Micro Sites To Outsource Your Digital Marketing

Of course you may have to sieve through the jobs/gigs to find the people who are the best at doing the job/gigs that you actually want done.

SEO Clerks






















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11 Micro Sites To Outsource Your Digital Marketing