The No1 Reason For Failure When Blogging (Before You Quit)

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The No1 Reason For Failure When Blogging

I have been blogging online for well over 12 years. People think making money online is easy, but it isn’t.

It takes work it takes some initiative, and a bit of imagination, you need a desire for what you are doing if you are going to continue doing it long term.

After creating more than 1000 Blogs and websites for people online and coaching people how to blog from scratch there is one single characteristic with people who fail.


They quit before they even get started, they tell themselves this BS story. It may be some stupid excuses like I cannot afford it. I am too busy with my job.  In most cases, they never even create their first blog post.

After this, they will then tell themselves another stupid BS story like I made a website but it didn’t make any money or it’s too hard.   Let’s be honest here if you came to work and in order to get paid you needed to write 1000 Words per day.

And you sat on your ass and did nothing, would your boss pay you?  I don’t fucking think so.  So why would you dream of being so fucking lazy on the internet? Would you hire yourself to start being the content creator on your website? If not then it’s time to get your finger out.

I think some people think it is like a lotto ticket maybe.  You do a draw. The draw is creating or paying someone to make you a website and then you wait for the winning numbers to come up.

The No1 Reason For Failure When Blogging Before You quit

Sorry my friend but until you have some content a buy button build a bit of credibility by communicating with people on your website and social media. There is no fucking lottery available, your readers, your advertisers, your buyers are your lottery money.

But if your site isn’t even selling the lottery tickets then you have no fucking chance to get paid, let’s not be an idiot here.  I hope you are past the Santa Clause stage of your life and you aren’t still waiting on the tooth fairy.

The truth is if you are an adult and you still have this mentality chances are your wallet your bank account and your finances may be suffering right now.  Unless you got married to the lottery or your parents gave you the Golden Goose and you haven’t sold it yet.

The thing is you only get one life I saw a very hard working colleague of mine had passed away recently I just happened to see it by accident in a Belfast Telegraph article on my Facebook feed.


If you are going to truly live an above average life then being an employee is becoming a less and less likely way to get what you want out of your life.  Not only are your taxes far higher but everything is reliant upon someone else’s plans.

Let me wake you up right now, if you are reliant on a government or some business owner boss’s plans then you are heading up shit creek possibly without a paddle.  Of course for someone who does not want to take on any responsibility or initiative, it may seem great.

But when you are 50,60,70 years old and are sick and broke chances are you will wish you had done things differently in your life.  Don’t end up living a life of regrets, live a life full of joy, doing what you love, and take 100% responsibility for your business/businesses and your finances.


The mistake I find many employees do is they look to join other businesses companies MLM’s looking for a quick fix. Instead of building their own brand, their own business, their own customers and subscribers.  In fact, many of them are so clueless they only thing they talk about is the name of the company they are in.

This is stupid for many reasons, although it is, of course, great for the company getting free advertising and getting the majority of the profits.

Before you quit your blog or website ask yourself a few questions.

  1. Have you blogged or posted content regularly for at least one year?
  2. Have you got great products and services that people would take your hand off to buy or affiliate products?
  3. Have you invested in all the systems and tools you need to make the business run smoothly?
  4. Have you advertised your content all over the social networks or done paid advertising starting at least $5 a day.
  5. Have you branded yourself well and included what you can do to help solve your reader’s problems.
  6. Are you building a list of subscribers when someone visits your blog or website?
  7. Have you decided on how to monetise your blog or website?
  8. Are the commissions on sales that you are making high enough to be able to quit your job when things do eventually take off.
  9. Have you a mentor who has made money online before to show you what to do step by step when you are stuck?
  10. If you do not like writing or any other content creation methods. Have you looked at all the ways that are available to you?  Like Blogging, Interviews, Videos, Podcasting, Talking Your Blog Pots Etc.

If not then why are you giving up on your business before you gave it a chance to get started?

Are these steps so hard that you would prefer to end up spending your life being dictated to by an employer and working yourself to death for very little reward?   Surely you are worth more than that.


If you feel you are, then get right back into it starting today.


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The No1 Reason For Failure When Blogging


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