No Nonsense Blogging Secrets

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No Nonsense Blogging Secrets

Good sense in the blogging world goes a long way. It takes common sense combined with creativity to make a blog work and continuously interest the reader. Taking a no nonsense approach to the effort of blogging will serve you well and keep your content fresh. Creativity is definitely a key ingredient in blogging. However, keeping a consistent schedule will keep the ideas hot and the publishing ongoing!

Niche Knowledge


Choose your niche. Focus your niche. Stay with your chosen niche. Do not be tempted to write about tertiary things that are not germane to your essential goal. The more focused your niche is, the easier it will be to write articles that reflect that focus. Most of the time, people are searching for very specific knowledge, products, or services. The primary focus of your blog should continuously reflect the exactness and preciseness of your chosen niche.

Don’t try to be everything to everybody. Choose a niche that interests you and will hold your attention over time. Understand there will be a percentage of people in the world who will gravitate toward your niche as a natural result of their own interests. These people are your “target market.” So, serve them well by providing much needed content.

Article Title Magic

Article Title Magic

The first thing a reader encounters is the title of the article. An awesome article title can draw traffic to it and ultimately result in more people looking at your site and very possibly buying something! Facebook, RSS feeds, Twitter and others will post the title of your article and this will increase interest in your article.

Titles of articles must catch the attention of readers while also remaining true to the actual content of the article. The reader should immediately know what the article is about and what it is going to do for them as they begin reading it.

Just to get you started, here is a listing of possible title phrases you may use for some interesting and exciting article titles.

Using Keywords and Keyword Phrases

Titles Of Articles

Bloggers use keyword and keyword phrase articles to get traffic to websites and offers. An article that is keyword optimized will rank higher than articles that are not while also providing the valuable information the reader needs.

Let’s make sure you understand how a search engine like Google works. First, the Google spiders crawl the internet by paying a quick visit to your site at various times. Optimized pages are then added to the Google index. They are also cataloged for future and easier reference. Finally, when people do a search using words that match the keywords in your blog post, the search engine shows the best results for that query. As the writer of the article, part of your job is to use keywords and keyword phrases that are being commonly and frequently used to find your content.

Blogging Calendars

Blogging Calendars

Top bloggers understand that it is not possible to write an article one week or even one day and gain the attention the site deserves. The publishing of content has to take place every day if the site is to remain at the top of the search engine results. The really top 1% of bloggers understand they may have to publish several times per day. Establishing a regularly scheduled and calendared series of content publications is the first step in keeping your blog fresh and the reader interested.

It will be necessary to decide when you will publish content. Whatever schedule you create for publishing must be consistent. Understand the needs of your target market and also take into consideration the time you have on hand to both create the post and publish it. If you are a sole proprietor, then you will have to do it all yourself. Larger companies can hire employees or outside providers of content in a variety of niches.

Blogging Links

Blogging Links

The very best bloggers understand the importance of internal and external links. Google is interested in who else is interested in your article or blog in general. A measurement of the level of interest of others assists the search engine to rank you appropriately. Internal linking is important at the beginning of the post because it can keep a viewer on your site longer as they go from one article to another linked together.

External links should come later in the article when the reader is more ready to move to another source of information that is linked to the present subject. Remember, an external link will send someone away from your blog so keep the link close to the end of the article.

A general rule of thumb is to provide two internal links to other posts on your blog and provide one link to an outside source. By all means, do not overuse the internal and external link as this gets to be spammy.

Originality is the Key

Originality is the Key

How many times did your elementary teacher tell the class, “Now, do your own work?” Let’s face it, if bloggers were free to plagiarize other people’s work, they would most likely do it. That’s why search engines reward original content as opposed to copied and plagiarized work.

There are some well known sites that evaluate the originality of content. These sites will compare your article to those already published. The results will point out not only which sentences are being reused but also sometimes give you the originator of the thought you are attempting to convey in your article. The sites do a good job of keeping everybody honest. This is important as the search engine must have content showing up to a query that matches the query exactly.

Blog Design and Composition

Blog Design and Composition

Talk to any artist, architect, or website designer and they will be able to tell you about an area of expertise known as design composition. The elements of design are line, space, mass, dimension, texture, rhythm, perspective, color and composition. These elements of design assist the creator to arrive at solutions regarding how the reader will view the article or blog site as a whole.

The colors you choose, the placement of images, the lines and general images being seen on your site will attract a certain person. To do this effectively, you must be intimately knowledgeable about what kinds of colors and images your target audience might gravitate toward.

Your blog, the article, and any guest articles must all remain consistent in color, placement of images, and general appearance. This is so they look like they belong on the site and remind the reader where they are while on the internet. They will remember colors, size of the print, fonts, and other things long after they have left the site.

Make sure your blog is visually appealing and keeps the reader interested in reading. Images can break up the text and provide a respite from a long article that is information heavy. People like to see pictures. They are pleasing and helpful in communicating the message you are trying to convey.

The use of video in your article is also an option. A quick and short 1-5 minute video embedded in an article can provide more information and give the reader a chance to let’s say, “rest the mind” from reading while being visually stimulated by the video content.

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No Nonsense Blogging Secrets


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