My Visit To The Kinesiologist

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My Visit To The Kinesiologist

A few months ago I became very sick I felt horrible I was coughing my lungs up even blood in fact my thyroid was badly swollen inflamed in fact it was so swollen I found it very hard to swallow or breath at night.  I had so many sleepless nights, while the rest of my family all dozed off into a peaceful relaxing sleep.

I prepared myself for a long restless night trying to breathe with this big lump in my throat..  I remember one night I thought I am practically dying.  Or it might be easier and more comfortable dying than living with this horrible choking discomfort not being able to sleep at nights.

My Visit To The Kinesiologist

I got a message from one of my Facebook friends telling me that I needed to do something and arranged to talk to a friend of mine Justin, who is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to health and wellness.   And he also does hypnosis as well.

Justin gave me ideas of what stuff I should be eating and what foods I should be avoiding, to improve the thyroid problem.  And I cut down on breads flour and potatoes and started off the day with a bowl of superfoods with Almond Milk.

Although after a few weeks I waned off some of the original diet, the daily walks and fresh air, having sauna’s and being less argumentative with some family members made me feel much calmer and well balanced. And made life a lot easier.

At the peak of my Thyroid problems I went to a health shop in Holywood looking for Iodine drops. The lady informed me she could not sell them as they could be detrimental to health if taken in certain circumstances.

She pointed me to a lady two doors down who was a Kinesiologist, I had no idea what A kinesiologist was but at the peak of my discomfort I would have done anything, to avoid the suffering.

The Kinesiologist told me there was a 6 month waiting list, this was in January and her next appointment available was on 14th July 2017. At the time when I made the appointment I remember thinking I could be dead by then.   But decided to make the appointment anyway.

Roll on to the 14th July 2017 I went for my appointment, it was an  alternative therapy.  I absolutely hate hospitals,doctors and modern medicine because in my opinion they are butchers who have only four answers to your health challenge.

Those answers are to cut ,poison or burn. and that is only to deal with the symptoms, after years of medical school these idiots never talk about cures. Just managing symptoms, how crazy is that..

I really enjoyed my visit to the kinesiologist we talked about David Icke,Big Pharma and the medical vaccine scandals.  She told me I was much better than I was the first time we met, which was correct. She told me my lungs had healed and where much better than they had been.

Some foods I should eat and some I shouldn’t, that I have had a virus for the last 16 weeks, and told me a natural supplement to take to help with that..

I also had a blocked Lymph node which she said would get better, I came out feeling relaxed and great. The lady had a great warm energy about her like my 103 Year Old Granny.

I would highly recommend it to anyone only problem is she didn’t want me to make a website for her as she keeps her phone off the hook as she has clients ringing 24/7 lol. She has too much business in fact..  And I 100% understand why..


Alternative health is something I took an interest after my dad died 7 years ago at the hands of the medical mafia.


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My Visit To The Kinesiologist

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