Do You Know A Good Opportunity When You See One?

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Do You Know A Good Opportunity When You See One?

Spotting a good opportunity or a bad opportunity, can be the difference between success and failure in the long or short term.

The thing is there are so many different opportunities in life and in business, but scattered among these opportunities is loads of crap.

Do You Know A Good Opportunity When You See One?

If you can separate the real opportunities from the bullshit this increases your chances of success dramatically, the thing is. It is not always easy because there are always people on both sides of the coin.They may be praising the business  because they signed up to it.   Or putting the business down, there could be many reasons for putting the business down.

  1. It could be a genuine bad experience they had with the business or company.
  2. They are reviewing the product because they are a competitor and want to sign you up for another deal.
  3. They are one of these scambuster sites that just say everything is a scam to get people to join their own business opportunity instead.
  4. They could be lazy or not have followed instructions and or trainings, and then lost their money as they didn’t make any effort, and then gave a bad review.
  5. They could have put there life savings into the business and are doing a review because they are desperate for someone to sign up under them so they get some of their money back.
  6. They could be a influencer who joins multiple business opportunities and gets people to join his business opportunities to make a quick hit, before the next opportunity of the week arrives and they move onto it.
  7. They could have made a review about a product in order to sell it and make $$$$$ even though they never bought the product or used it themselves.
  8. They could have actually bought and used the product or service, thought it was good or great and then then recommended it on their blog or website and decided to make some $$$$ for their effort.

If they are operating from no1,no2,no3,no4,no5,no6,no7. point of view then taking their advice could be risky. If they are no1’s do some further investigation about the experience they had, and ask others to share their experience with the company or product. If a lot of people have or experienced the same issues maybe you should decide if it is still worth joining.

If they are working from a no8 point of view then there is a good chance that you are onto something good here.

Don’t ignore your instincts they are there for a reason, if you have a bad feeling about something or someone then stop..  Don’t take one step further unless you investigate more into the matter, and don’t end up footing someone else’s bill.


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Do You Know A Good Opportunity When You See One?


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