How To Be A Better Blogger

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How To Be A Better Blogger

Do you remember going back and scrolling through some of your old websites or blog posts and reading your post and asking yourself what on earth is this..

Well if you have always been a perfectionist that may not have happened to you but for the majority of bloggers I am pretty sure it has.

The thing is that the Internet moves very quickly from one year till the next. In fact the Internet can actually change even in a few months.

How To Be A Better Blogger

If you want to be a better blogger you need to frequently look at other websites and leaders in your industry and see what new changes software and plug-ins are being used when it comes to blogging.

Both blogging and Internet marketing are something that you learn from day to day in fact something that was done along time ago maybe completely obsolete on the Internet today. That is why it is imperative for you to keep studying your niche on a regular basis, failure to do this Will make your blogging look inferior after a while.


There are in fact hundreds of thousands of WordPress themes, hundreds of thousands of WordPress plug-ins and new tools and software being released daily that can completely transform your blog in any one day. First thing you Wanna do is check out  the top guys,ladies or companies in your niche find out what plug-in they are using, what they are selling on their blog, and how they are making money from it.  Learning these few things can make your life an awful lot easier when it comes to finding the right customers, traffic generation, getting subscribers and turning them into sales.

A mistake a lot of bloggers make is they try and learn everything on their own from scratch, the problem with this is  that it can end up taking them years to end up with a successful blog.  Or in the worst cases they just give up after a while.  When what they do doesn’t give them the Business  or success that they were hoping for  when they started.


Here are some Quick tips to help you be a better blogger

  1. Add images to your blog posts and SEO your images with the keywords.
  2. Think about what the reader wants to know instead of focusing I’m selling all the time, once you have given them what they want you can then casually offer them a link to A product or service . That will benefit them.
  3. Make sure you add a subscription box offering them something good in exchange for their email address,  building a list of subscribers should be one of your top priorities when blogging.
  4.  Make use  of all the tools and plug-ins available for improving your blog making  everything more effective including social sharing tools and Visual effects as well as being good reading it should also be visually appealing to eye.
  5.  Choose your domain name carefully as your domain name can say a lot about your brand or your blog try to use domain name unless your market is local then depending on your area you can choose a domain. If you are in the UK it might be or if it is in Spain you may chose I hope you get the idea. 🙂
  6.  Don’t take shortcuts when it comes to buying tools and software most of the time you get what you paid for. But if you’re in doubt when buying tools software then check the reviews as most people will say exactly what they’re thinking about the product they have bought.
  7. Depending on your personality type 1. You may choose to say exactly what you think on your blog (this could sometimes annoy certain individuals and alienate some people), 2. on the other hand you may be very thoughtful when it comes to your audience and be very careful the way you frame things.   ( I would fit into the No.1 category)
  8. Take time out to produce great content for your readers using different kind of content you could interview people in your niche via podcasts, videos or even in writing on your blog. Most people love to see the points of view, tips and ideas of credible authority’s in their niche.
  9. Be consistent if you say you are posting on a subject daily or weekly or every Tuesday do it, otherwise people could forget your blog ever existed and disappear and never  come back again.
  10. Be regular don’t do a blog post once a year pick a schedule daily weekly or monthly and if you are going to be busy or a away for a long time use the wordpress blog scheduling facilities.  For example if you post weekly on your blog on a Monday and you decide to go hiking in the jungle for a month create 4 blog posts before you go and schedule them to post every Monday while you are away.   Chances are you will also come back from the jungle with lots of new blog content and videos as well.  🙂

I hope you found this post useful feel free to post your comments and let us know what you think below. 


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How To Be A Better Blogger


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