Is Honesty Bad For Business?

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Is Honesty Bad For Business?

Well it can be sometimes. The truth is something a lot of people do not want to hear. Even when it comes to Facebook I think I have about 3800 friends instead of 5000 like some of my other friends or colleagues do.

The reason for this is that they are careful what they say, often they will not say what they think (the truth) in fear of offending some of their audience or friends.

What that means is that many people are happy to live a lie, to avoid anyone getting any uncomfortable or in case it affects their bottom line.

Personally I will tell you the truth whether you are ready to hear it or not. Knowing the truth will give you a valuable insight into what you can do to improve your game.

Whether this be about your health,wealth,relationships,attitude or any other specific topics.

One saying that drives me mad is ignorance is bliss, In 99% percent of these cases I would agree with the late Jim Rohn and say ignorance is a catastrophe.

People die prematurely and often live a completely fucked up life because of their ignorance about certain subjects. Often this ignorance and suffering also passes down to their family through the generations.  And in some cases their friends too.

The truth is when a train is coming straight at you down the tracks, whether it be a health issue,financial problem, relationship problem or anything else.  Turning the other way and pretending it is not there is not going to stop it.

I actually saw a comment on Facebook someone made last night and got into a bit of a debate over it, Someone was talking about supporting people using chemo for cancer.

I know very well how toxic it is and how it is all about profit not healing anyone.

I took this extract from a friend of mine who commented at the end of the post, this talks about health and is honest not the BS you get from your doctors.


Justin Zalewski

I’d like to clarify a few things here. The information I post about health is from trusted sites after I have personally evaluated the information. I have spent at least the last decade researching health for many thousands of hours.

I have also worked with many people who were told by their doctors that they had an incurable disease and were just completely and totally poisoned by the doctors they went to see.

From my direct experience if anyone I knew ever became sick or wanted help in healing, the Dr is the last place I’d ever send them.

Doctors always treat the symptoms and never actually deal with the cause. Some Dr’s are nice caring and compassionate people who can be sincere but they are sincerely wrong.

The reason you got cancer or any other disease is because you have violated your body and the illness is the perfect feedback about just how badly that violation has been.

This usually happens because of poor quality nutrition, not being adequately hydrated, a lack of exercise, a lack of vitamin D because people don’t go out in the sun enough without applying horribly toxic sunscreen. Another crucial aspect of health is to detoxify our bodies properly, especially a 7-day liver cleanse and removing mercury fillings and all of the synthetic plastics out of our fat tissues. Also stress has a massive impact on destroying your health. This is because when we are stressed our bodies produce adrenaline and cortisol, which closed down our immune system and our elimination system. These chemicals are essential for very short bursts of time if we want to try and outrun a sabre toothed tiger but the sad reality of modern day living is that most people are living with unhealthy levels of stress in their bodies.

The most important aspect of anyone’s healing, which is usually over looked by Allopathic medicine, is where does that person live emotionally. If the person has unresolved emotional issues and limiting beliefs these issues and beliefs can keep someone permanently sick.

Using Chemotherapy, Radiation or surgery to address the above issues cannot and will not work and will only totally destroy an already seriously compromised body.

I hear this one phrase almost every week from someone who has been diagnosed with cancer for the second time.

They say, “I previously had cancer but whenever I went for my check up they said it has come back.”

And I say it never came back because it never went away. This is because the treatments they provide only mask the symptoms and have never truly dealt with the cause.

I’m very used to getting attacked for posting articles on health, from unconscious people or Big Pharma shills, who have read some article about health or cancer on some dreadful site like (where lazy people go to do research) or some Big Pharma bought and paid for study where the results have already been determined before the study even takes place.

In my experience cancer is not a difficult disease to heal from but if you believe the Dr is God or you refuse to accept full responsibility for creating your illness then you likelihood of surviving is slim.

With empathy and compassion

Justin Zalewski


The thing is many people live in a delusional world  created by their TV, their doctor. being brainwashed in schools.

Watching the news listening to the Zionist run media.

People are programmed to become employees in schools working like sheep all their lives for private corporations which they believe are owned by the people,like the tax authorities,councils,TV Licensing.

They gladly fork out 20 – 40% of their earnings at source because it is easier than being financially educated and understanding how the government scam really works.

There are many perfectly legitimate ways to avoid tax but it’s certainly not by being an employee. That’s for sure.

So yes in some cases people like me will tell you the truth and if you really research into it and open your mind and accept it.   It will change your life, others will get offended as it goes against their sheep programming.  And they will prefer to believe things like taking vaccines filled with toxic Mercury and dead animal and aborted baby parts is good for you.

They will unfriend you on Facebook. When their child dies or gets cancer,autistic or paralysed after a vaccine they will deny it was the vaccine. And say the doctor is doing everything they can to help by prescribing more toxic drugs. To make more profit for the pharmaceutical companies.

Unfortunately these unconscious people are going to be on a rough journey unbeknownst to their ignorance, being sick or dead because of ignorance.And giving an extra 20% to 40% of your income to a private corporation will not improve your life. That’s for sure..

So when creating your business whatever it is, you need to decide whether you choose to be honest and try and help people or say nothing and extract money from them. And turning a blind eye to their problems.  Or even worse be too programmed to even realise that  there is actually a problem with what’s going on in the first place.

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Is Honesty Bad For Business?


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