What Happened To Google Searches?

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What Happened To Google Searches?

What really got rid of all the other search engines was that when Google came out and developed their algorithm it was very accurate.

If I typed in an exact keyword a site would come up that was completely related to the search,

What Happened To Google Searches

As A blogger and online affiliate marketer lots of my stuff took a hit by their completely unfair and unrealistic practises and crazy changes.

In fact many blogs and great quality article directories where practically put out of business by them overnight.  Okay some SE

O people may praise these changes and think they are great but personally I think they suck. Even till this day when I am looking for something accurate I often will go to You Tube instead of Google.

Even though they own You Tube I still find it works like a search engine should.

At the end of the day if someone has registered a domain name called Tai Jitsu Belfast.com and someone types in Tai Jitsu Belfast and the website is about a Tai Jitsu Club in Belfast, I would expect to see it at the top of Google as that is what I actually want.

It makes sense right?  Often I type in keywords looking for something and what comes up Amazon links,Ebay,Gumtree.  Not the specialist website of the people who do exactly what I typed into Google for the search.

I suppose this has being going on for a while and people have just got used to it.  but I think this sucks and totally cuts out the people who actually make up the Internet.

The internet is about people getting connected sharing content and information, not being bundled with censorship and advertising from big companies everywhere they go.

Here is one example I go to Google and type in EPC Bangor  here is what I get

Now if you look at the top search for EPC Bangor it is the Yell Directory, what on earth has the yell directory got to do with getting an EPC in Bangor?

If I wanted Yell directory I would have typed in Yell directory to Google right..

Now if I go to to this other search engine and type EPC Bangor what do I get ?

I get exactly what I actually typed into the search engine EPC Bangor

If I go to You Tube and type in EPC Bangor what do I get ? Exactly what I typed in once again EPC Bangor. I rest my case..

Listen I am not one to bother or get overhyped about this stuff but the more censorship I see on Google,You Tube, Facebook ETC.. And when I say censorship I don’t mean blocking graphic or porno pictures.

I mean censoring anything they decide they don’t want you to see.

A friend of mine uploaded a video about David Wood talking about Empower Network going bankrupt. There was not one link on the video and it was promoting nothing.

The second that video was posted on Facebook it was removed and a message came up on her screen telling her this video has been removed for scam or deceptive content.

Another video I put on one of my other sites has been blocked or removed from You Tube multiple times. It is the true story about Hitler what really happened during World War 2.

    You can see it here

if it hasn’t been removed again. I keep finding it again and putting it back up.


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What Happened To Google Searches?



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