How Great Graphics Can Transform Your Blog

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How Great Graphics Can Transform Your Blog


When it comes to blogging or creating a website nice pictures. logos and graphics can make or break your blog.

For the first few years I struggled with my websites and Facebook etc because of a lack of tools and understanding when it came to website graphics .  After lots of trial and error I finally figured out what I was doing and discovered some cool tools to create logos, Facebook banners, website banners and other graphics.

Yes of course you can go to websites and buy photographs for your website but if you are just starting out on the Internet it can work out pretty expensive especially if you are producing a lot of content regularly.

How Great Graphics Can Transform Your Blog

Of course some people just go to Google images but the problem with that is a lot of the images that show up may be subject to copyright. In fact there are a lot of online photo companies that purposely put lots of copyright pictures on the internet and then threaten to sue you for using their images or send you a large bill.

There are a limited number of websites where you can go and get royalty free images. Or you can use specialised tools or logo creation software to make your own images. In today’s post I am going to be showing you some of the ones that I use most of them are free except for one of them.  All of the tools are tools that I use regularly on my own websites, blogs and banners etc.

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1. Canva.Com –  This is one I discovered recently in fact it is one of my recent favourites there are lots of free pictures to chose from and you can use it to make Custom sized banners, facebook pictures, Facebook Banners and most other things you can think of.  It comes highly recommended by me in fact most of the images on this blog are from Canva.Com


2. LOGO Creator – This is a great piece of software it is a paid software but the options and things you can do with it are amazing and you can make practically anything with this.  Compared to photoshop or other similar type software it is dirt cheap and once again comes highly recommended by me.  And like all the other items here I use it myself on a regular basis..  🙂 Click Here To See It In Action

3. Meme


4. Ipiccy – This is another great photo editing software you can use it to create collages or frames around your pictures it also resizes images and you can use it to add text to your images and much much more.  You can get access by going to Ipiccy.Com


5. Ribbet is another great photo editor and once again you can use it for Free. So there is no need to worry about large one off monthly or even annual fees. you can get access to it by going to


5. – This is a website that does what it says on the tin.  Visit to get access to completely free images that you can use on your blog or website.  Just make sure when downloading an image to check the rights and terms of use.  On some occassions on free image sites there are a few paid ads and if you click on them you might end up ordering paid images.  To get your images visit

6.Stock Free Images –

7.Stock.XCHANG –



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How Great Graphics Can Transform Your Blog


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