Dealing with negative people in your life

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This is something that may not be considered a part of blogging, but the truth is when it comes to blogging or internet marketing one of the top things or people that will hold you back is negative family members, it could be your spouse or other members of your family.

Because you decide that you want to work from home, they treat you like someone unemployed with nothing to do but deal with trivial dramas and negative whining quite often about total bs..

While writing this I hear in the back of my mind a whining voice of a negative friend, who was moaning about one of my other friends for trying to start an online business.  Oh yeah his wife was worried, she saw him spending money.  No money was coming in.

So that gives her a reason to nag him to death,  When has nagging at someone ever created success???   Success is created when someone decides to do something and takes action..

Dealing With Negative People In Your Life

If you are doing an online business and have  a nagging partner, you have three choices

1. Ask them to get on board

2. Tell them if they are not interested or think it is pie in the sky, to mind their own fucking business.

3. Listen to them screw up your dreams and become a negative broke employee like your partner..

A negative person is a negative person, remember that.  The only person who can change that persons negativity is themselves if they make a conscious decision..  But don’t hold your breathe or you might end up dying during the process while waiting for their metamorphosis.

And the negativity is not because you didn’t make money in the business, talking from experience you could make 7k a month and still spend your life listening to BS about your business.  Negative people or employees often just don;t get it.


The truth about most negative people is they want stuff but want to do as little as possible to get it. And look for someone else to blame.

You have two choices you can become the blame vessel, or you can tell them to fuck off until they have something more useful they want to talk about..  Something that is none of their business, if they are not wanting to be part of yours.

Off course being around these people constantly will have a negative impact on you, some you cannot avoid them unless you decide to get a divorce. The thing is you can find a network of likeminded people who have a common interest with you or goal.  If you are a blogger or Internet marketer you could meet up with a group of bloggers or Internet Marketers etc..  This will help you get focused on what you need to be doing and on ways to improve your business.


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