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Writing great content for your website or blog is a choice that you have to make. You can choose to put in the right work and time to come up with amazing content and create a prosperous brand. You can also choose to go the other side too, which is often the easier route, and write poor content- a path that will certainly get you nowhere. It will only lead to a waste of energy, time, and resources.

It is said that ‘content is king’, and in order to gain traffic, boost SEO rankings, and get leads, you ought to have high-quality content on your website or blog.

If you can create original and great content, search engines will help your blog get more exposure. For example, Google penalizes any website with duplicate content. Duplicate content is an example of poor content, therefore, Google and other search engines would only like to work with high-quality sites. Therefore, not only does high-quality content make a good website, it also improves search engine rankings, leading to positive effects on your business.

How To Create Great Content For Your Blog Or Website

It does not matter why you are running a content site, whether it is a personal hobby or for business, it is essential to do it right. In this article, we will break down the tips you need to create great content for your website or blog. Let’s dive in!

  1. Create Original Content

As aforementioned, unique content goes a long way with search engines, especially Google. Copying other people’s work can get your site punished by Google, hampering your business forever. An example of a site hit by Google’s algorithm update, meant to promote originality, is Ezine Articles. Back in the days, you could find articles from this site ranking top in Google’s search results. Now, you don’t see them anymore.

Let’s explain this further. Original content also means that your ideas should be unique too. Rewriting other posts with the same concepts over and over again is not original. If your content is similar to the one on other sites, no one will link to it. This means no backlinks to your site, and thus, lower rankings.

There is a new trend coming up, where webmasters are using software to scrape content and recombine it to develop something that search engines can read. This is an easy and quick thing to do. However, if you incorporate this strategy into your website, it might end up hurting your search engine rankings really bad. Additionally, if your hire cheap writers to write for you, you will end up receiving poor work, which might be unreadable, and SEO unfriendly.

Remember that you get what you pay for. You should hence spend a lot of time and resources to come up with high quality content, something that will be of benefit to you for many years to come.

How to Come Up With Unique Content

Coming up with new ideas every time you want to post something on your blog can prove to be quite a difficult task to perform on a frequent basis. First off, you need to understand that high-quality, and original work needs numerous areas of focus. You should therefore not narrow your mindset down to your niche only, be sure to do more research even in other areas of interest and then connect them with topics ideal for your audience.

Use these guidelines to create unique content:

  • Idea Generation

If you have a content site, then your probably have a lot of experience and knowledge in your niche to produce quality work. However, this does not mean that you can create great headlines, titles, and unique ideas.

It is very normal to experience moments of low inspiration. Here are some online tools you can use to come with new ideas for your blog:

Online Generators

There are some online generators out there like TweakYourBiz that offer numerous ideas for writers after a simple keyword search. Although not all suggestions will seem logical, they will certainly inspire you to find a twist of the topic you would like to handle. Other tools such as AMI’s Emotional Value Headline Analyzer and Coschedule’s Headline Analyzer will assist you to come up with effective headlines when you cannot think of any.

Social Media

Social Media offers a great platform for you to discover what is happening around the world in regards to your blog’s subject matter. If people are talking and reading about something, then you ought to offer them with your perspective. The idea might not be unique, but your point of view will make the post original.

Other Blogs

By checking out other blogs in and outside your niche, you can be able to expand your imagination and get great ideas. Even if a blog is completely different from yours, you can still find unrelated areas of interest intersecting and inspiring some new ideas. When you relate such ideas to your own niche, you can create a unique piece.

Other Ways to Get Provocative Ideas:

  • Read books and publications related to your niche.
  • Brainstorm ideas with others: engage with a team of trusted advisors to improve your creativity and ideas.
  • Invest in self-development.
  • Interview other people: This is a great way to learn and gain new ideas especially when you use it to create video and audio content for your site.
  • Question basic assumptions: This method helps you gain new insights that assist you to arrive at the right solution.
  • Create a story: Using stories to pass a message helps us come up with new ideas to make the stories more effective.
  • Social networking: After joining smart and effective online communities, you are able to gain more knowledge of what is being discussed and asked. This intrigues more ideas you can incorporate in your blog or website.
  • Research

Once you generate some great ideas, it is time to do proper research. You don’t want to tarnish your name by giving your readers false information. Start by using search engines to get data about your blog title or idea.

Review the results and search for the following:

Clarity and Flow: Is the article interesting and informative? Does it flow? Is it factual and believable? If the article is perfect, then consider it as a great resource in your post.

Novelty: Be sure to check the dates of the posts. The newer the information, the more relevant it will be for you and your audience.

When doing your research, it is essential to keep it organized. Consider using an application like Evernote to store the content and information that you gather. With a reserve of all your resources, you will not risk using another person’s unique work because you forgot where the ideas came from.

  • Editing and Proofreading

After writing your post, it is time to proofread and edit it. Never publish a first draft as this disregards a critical part of the content writing process. Neglecting this part has the potential of affecting your site’s authority in a bad way.

Use some of these tips to get started:

  • The first thing you need to do is to check for the uniqueness of your content. There are many online tools you can use for this purpose.
  • When writing for the internet, be sure to make your content engaging, concise, and to the point. Our attention span is decreasing day-by-day. Therefore, you don’t want to sound boring in any way.
  • Read your articles loud before posting them. This can help you identify mistakes that you could have made when writing. This is also a good check for natural tone and flow.

No matter what content you are creating, it should always be covered with motivation, passion, and honesty. The aforementioned tips are ideal for any content creator out there that would like to have a successful blog or website.

  1. Create Strong Headlines

A great headline is of great benefit to your website: it builds interest and invites readers in. According to statistics, the percentage of people that read your headlines is 80%, however, only 20% of them read your other content. This is the main reason why the headline is as important as the post or article itself.

An example of a great headline: “How to Turn on Your Marketing Machine”. This is a very interesting headline that intrigues anyone that would like to become a marketer, or is already in the marketing field. Such a person cannot help but be a little curious after reading such a title.

Consider taking some good time to create a good headline. If possible, create a few of them and select the one that you feel is the best. Don’t create a headline for the sake. It is the first thing that people see, and it makes them decide whether to continue reading your article or not.

  1. Create Engaging Content

An engaged reader hangs on to your every word and takes in everything you say or write. However, the only way to get engaged readers, is to come up with engaging content. Here are some tips that can help you write engaging content.

Have an Essential Introduction

People are very quick to judge on blog posts and articles. Most readers make the decision whether to continue reading a piece, after going through the first few sentences of the post. If you are caring about your readers, be sure to let them know why they should read your post in the introduction part of your article.

Leave Your Audience with Questions

This does not necessarily mean that you write an incomplete post, rather, it involves including questions that make your audience reflect on the knowledge you offer them.

Include Relevant Stories

People love reading stories. You should hence consider implementing them in your posts. They can also help to emphasize a point. Additionally, they help the reader learn and make your posts engaging.

Lastly, if you write content that sparks a lot of comments, search engines will realize that your content is essential. They will hence not hesitate to rank it higher.

  1. Provide Solutions

Every time you write content, make sure that it solves a certain problem. Ask yourself what the main task of a search engine is. It is meant to offer answers, right? People type their queries on search engines expecting to be presented with solutions.

The desire for knowledge and information in regards to a particular topic is what drives people to your website. Something else that you should know is that people not only want answers, they want them fast. Hence, make sure that your content can be easily scanned so that people can get information as quickly as possible. Lastly, when delivering your answer, be sure to have supporting information.

  1. Be Accurate in Your Information Sourcing

As earlier said, you need to have supporting information so as to be able to deliver a great answer. Information sourcing is therefore something that you need to undertake to come up with great content for your site. Additionally, make sure that the information you source is accurate. Imagine writing an article for your blog, and thousands of people read it only to realize later on that some information you included was inaccurate. Can you imagine the amount of negative impact that could have on your company? You should be aware that your company’s blog is a reflection of your business. Therefore, if there are issues with your site, then people will end up having a negative view of your products and services.

It is therefore critical that any stats you include on your blog posts can be verified. Many webmasters are usually more than ready to link to such a statistic and its source. Accuracy is very important as it builds trust with readers and other bloggers too. Writing inaccurate content can damage your name forever as it proves you are untrustworthy.

Here are some things that you should consider when pondering about how to make your blog accurate:

Link to More Content

Make sure to back up your content with as many links as possible. This makes your articles and posts look trustworthy.

Link to Trusted Sources Only

Make sure to link your content to authoritative and trusted sources only. Linking to high-quality sites helps you earn more trust from your audience.

Help Search Engines Rank You

Linking to other sites helps search engines identify what your website is about, and how it can be categorized.

  1. Add Images and Video

People learn differently, right? Some learn better by reading, some by seeing, and others by hearing. The most important thing to note here is that no one learns less through visual aids. Whether you use videos, diagrams, or pictures, they can assist to illustrate your point. Open modern textbooks and you will realize the implementation of pictures to promote the reading experience.

You should thus consider implementing pictures and videos to reinforce your content. Whatever you write about, be sure to use visuals as no one wants to look at plain text at all times. Despite this, only add relevant and valuable visual content.

  1. Write Actionable Content

What is the last content you posted on your blog? Did it tell your readers how they can apply the tips or lessons they learnt right away? The perfect content should give your audience a sense of how they can use the knowledge received. It does not degrade your audience by telling them what to do, but respects them and offers them an assurance that they know how to use the information.

When creating your blog posts, offer users tips on how they can apply what you offer to them. At many times, just writing flawlessly about a certain topic sparks some ideas for your audience.

  1. Create Short and Precise Content

One thing that always works when writing content is to eliminate fluff. Although it is challenging and requires a lot of work, it helps you come up with high-quality content. There is nothing fascinating to your audience other than reading a brief and to-the-point article or blog post with a lot of information.

Therefore, stop focusing on word count and put all your efforts into writing high-quality work.

  1. Update Your Content Often

Starting a website or a blog is a commitment. You can write a couple of posts and articles, and choose to abandon them. However, doing this will not get you any new customer or as many readers as you would want. Additionally, search engines do not like sites that are not updated on a regular basis.

Hence, if you own a content site or blog, you need to update it frequently with high-quality content. Most of the best blogs and websites are constantly updated. In fact, studies show that sites that are regularly updated have a stronger influx of visitors compared to those that are not.

When updating your content, you are free to choose a timeframe to do that. However, make an effort to update your site on a monthly basis.

  1. Don’t Forget SEO

SEO is a factor that you can never afford to forget when writing content for your blog or site. Remember that each time you publish an article, you create a new page that can be ranked by search engines. At this point, search engines, especially Google, will be marketing your content for you.

Blogging itself helps to market your content, but incorporating SEO into your content makes the marketing stronger. This means that you should include keyword research into your content marketing strategies, and optimize your content to be found more by search engines.

High-quality content that speaks to people’s desires plus SEO will continue to drive traffic to your site, month after month. Traffic will certainly lead to leads, and more revenue to you.

  1. Let a Professional Do It

If you are not that much of a good writer and would still want high-quality content for your site, then you could consider outsourcing this work to a professional. Outsourcing your content means that you will have to hire an outside party to handle your project; such as editing your work, or creating new content from scratch on your behalf. As a business person that needs great content, outsourcing can greatly help you out.

Before you go out to hire a writer, be sure to have definite objectives and a specific budget. Later on, go out and find the best possible writer out there. Good writers often have a portfolio that they are ready to show to you. If there are no samples, do not even bother contacting the writer.

After finding a good writer, send them your project requirements, and wait for high-quality content.


Coming up with high-quality content for your site is a choice that you ought to make if at all you are to become successful on the internet. There are millions of websites on the internet today, and high-quality content is the only thing that can make your site stand out. Great content is the only way that you can be able to beat your rivals. High-quality content will help search engines to rank your site. It will also make your readers want to share your posts with their friends.  This will lead to more exposure, leads, and revenue.

Creating original content is the first step that you need to make when thinking about great content. Unique content is loved by search engines, and your readers too. So, make sure that you are always producing new content. Other things that you have to do is to create strong headlines, develop engaging content, and write posts that solve people’s problems. Doing this will help you to grow your audience. Additionally, you should consider writing actionable content, short, and precise content. You should also update your content often. However, if you are not a good writer, you should consider hiring an experienced professional that will develop high-quality content for you.

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