How To Come Up With Great Trending Content For Your Blog

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How To Come Up With Great Trending Content For Your Blog


You decided that you are going to do a blog for the next 30 days.  Sounds easy right but suddenly after a few days you start writing a blog post and your mind goes blank and you have absolutely no idea what you are going to blog about.

Well firstly if you had a WA blog that issue would not even come about as you have a ready made blogging training course.  All you do is is watch the trainings and before long you will have your first original blogpost ready. 🙂

As well as that you also have a headline button just type in your keyword and press give me a headline button and your blog post headline is ready.. If after these solutions you are still stuck then you can click on the give me an idea button on your Kalatu blog and a huge list of blogging ideas will appear in front of you.

You just do exactly what is says and your blog post is ready the only bad thing about having a  Blog is there are no excuses left as using the system I use  you have step by step tutorials, content ideas which are already made for you and a sales system that can start creating you a residual online income on autopilot. .

You just pick one of them and start going with it.

If you aren’t fortunate enough to have got your  Blog yet then you can go to Twitter and Facebook and find trending subjects to blog about.  You can also go to to find the most trending videos.  Some of these videos may be ideal to post on your blog or else create a blog post about., though it also depends on the subject of your blog too. Whether or not they are compatible.

Another great method for coming up with blog content is to find the GURU’s in your niche google them and check what they are posting on their blog.  This may also give you some great blog posting ideas of course you should not copy or rip off their content.  But if they have made a blogpost 10 ways to make more money.  Then there is nothing to stop you making a blog post 15 ways to increase your income online. Or something like that then just list 15 ways that people make money online and your blog post is practically done.

If your blog is about a subject you know very little about then just interview an expert on the subject.  You can find experts to interview for free at You can interview them on Skype or on a phone call or Google hangout or Facebook call. You just ask them some questions about their subject they answer them. Afterwards you can do it or else you can pay someone on to transcribe your videos into articles.  Which then can also be fresh new content for your blog post.

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How To Come Up With Great Trending Content For Your Blog


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