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20 Ways To Drive More Traffic To Your Website

When it comes to making money online from your website being able to generate targeted traffic to your website is the key to wealth,fame and fortune on the internet. Fortunately or unfortunately if you get easily overwhelmed there are many different ways to actually do this.

In today’s post I am going to be talking about some of them and giving you tips and insights on how to make them work for you which in turn will be able to get you more subscribers and make you more money in the long run.

Twenty Ways To Drive More Traffic To Your Blog Or Website

SEO Articles on your website – In may not be easy to rank in 2017 as it was a few years ago, but writing good quality original articles which are relevant to your target audience will bring you great results, when done consistently.  The thing you want to remember is to not keyword stuff the articles they need to flow naturally.  Articles under 1000 words will bring you a fraction of the traffic that you will get by doing longer articles. So if you can do over 1000 Words then do it.

You Tube Videos – You Tube videos are great for a few reasons, firstly they will rank more easily on You Tube than trying to rank on Google.   Many You Tube videos will also rank on the first page of Google, as You Tube owns Google so of course there will be a little bit of preferential treatment.  Also you can build up a list of subscribers on Your You Tube channel. Then when you make a You Tube video, you can tell your subscribers to click on your website link in the description and drive them for free to your website.

Viral Memes  – You can create viral memes and insert your website url on them, as long as the pictures on the memes are funny or sharable, then they should go viral.  When this happens lots of peoples will be sharing the memes together with your website url, many people will visit the url out of curiosity as long as it is clearly visible.

Viral Videos –  Another great way to get lots of traffic to your website is using viral videos, they could be funny videos, entertaining or maybe have funny animals, babies etc on them.  All you do is post a link to your website on all the viral videos, you could even use someone else’s viral video just makes sure you ask for permission first. before re-uploading it 🙂

Guest Posting –  Guest posting is great for a few different reasons,  You can guest post on websites that have lots of traffic and views and then invite the viewers to visit your post or website.  You can get a really good backlink which could also help you rank higher on Google as long as your guest post has your url  in the article and is do follow.  The thing is you must make sure the backlink is coming from high quality websites with a lot of traffic, as doing this on spammy sites with bad content will also have the opposite effect and maybe even get your website de-indexed from Google altogether.

Forum Marketing – When it comes forum marketing there is a good way and a bad way to do it, the good way is to join a forum in your niche, create and account and profile make sure you add a picture.  Most forums allow you to create a signature which is a few words and a link back to your website.  What you want to do is help other people in the forum be helpful and supply good information.   People will see your signature and click on your link to find out more about you.   The wrong way to do it is spam everyone on the forum with your affiliate link this could get you banned from the forum.

Banner Advertising – Banner advertising can also be a good way to get traffic to your website or blog. You find blogs or websites where your ideal customers spend their time, and you buy advertising space on their websites. Place a banner on their website if the banner converts, they click on it then you will get targeted traffic  back to your website or blog.   On the other hand if the banner is not very good and no one clicks on it you will waste your money.  So making sure the banner converts as high as possible first by testing it, is the key to success.

Banner Exchange – Of course there are actual banner exchange websites where you can do this, but when I talk of banner exchange I mean to find another website owner.  An example would be I had two clients both had websites and clients locally in Northern Ireland.  One was a washing machine repair man, the other was a roof repair website. So I did a banner exchange for them, I put the roofers banner on the washing machine repair website, and a washing machine repair banner on the roofers website.    Now they can refer each other customers with no extra work, and the best part is they are not competitors but have a very similar market. They are both looking house owners or renters or business owners.

Blog Commenting – Although it might not seem like the best way to get traffic, you would be surprised how many people could visit your website. Just by placing a comment on a viral blog post with a link back to your site.   Commenting on blogs could also help the SEO and improve your ranking if the websites are relevant.  But it needs to be real not comments done by bots like spammers would do.  If you are in WA there is a blog commenting community who will help you out.

Solo Ads – Solo ads get a mixed message and rightly so as there are so many different variables in solo ads.  One thing I have found which increases your chances of a good solo ad is checking out the reviews from buyers.  Now obviously if it is the solo ads sellers website they are not going to put bad reviews.  The good news is there are independent websites that allow people to sell solo ads there.

What this means is that real solo ad buyers put their reviews and comment on whether their results where good or bad.  This way you can get to see who is delivering the best results and avoid the bad ones. You can Click Here To Join The Solo Ad Site

Email Marketing –  Not much explanation required here, you just build an email list and send your subscribers an email to get them back to your blog or website.

How To Videos/Posts – Millions of people every day type in how to questions onto Google , Social Media and You Tube. By creating tutorials how to do certain things, you can get targeted visitors to your website or blog. And in many cases your video or post could even go viral

Webinars – Another great way to get visitors to your blog is to do webinars, these webinars could be a one off type webinar or ones that are scheduled regularly. You could do a daily or do a weekly or a monthly webinar and then use them to drive people to your site/products/services

Seminars – Once again a seminar is another great place to get people to your website. It doesn’t matter whether you are a speaker in the seminar or a member of the audience.  If you are the speaker you can tell people to go to your website and offer them a free bribe. If you are in the audience you could tell people to visit your website via word of mouth. Or you could print out business cards with your website address and a free gift on the back of the cards when they visit your website. This could be an ebook, a video course or training, or just some information.

Events – Once again you can use events in the same way as seminars, it could be a trade show or festival.  You can use similar techniques that you used at the seminar to get people back to your website.

Posting Your Content In Social Media Sites – One of the best ways to get more visitors to your website is to share your content on social media websites. Sites like Facebook ,Pinterest,Twitter,Instagram,tumblr,vine etc

Advertising On Other Websites For Free – This is a strategy I discuss in one of my other blog posts, basically you can find viral posts and share a link to them with your ad on the bottom of them. Click here for more details on this strategy

Quotes – You can share popular quotes, just write them out in Canva in a nice graphic put your website url on them, and share them like crazy on social media, this will drive more people back to your blogs or websites.

Paid Facebook Advertising – This is definitely a strategy not to be overlooked,  I do not use it as I rely mainly on free advertising strategies. The fact is most of the top earning marketers are using Facebook ads to drive traffic to their offers.  I would suggest learning this strategy from a mentor,or trying it on a small scale first as you could lose quite a lot of money if you don’t do it right.

Google Or You Tube PPC – Once again this is a great way to drive hoards of traffic to your website. You should also either learn this from someone with experience using these methods.  Or start off very carefully with a limited budget to avoid any big losses, while you learn what works and what doesn’t.

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20 Ways To Drive More Traffic To Your Website

How Can I Increase The Number Of People Who Visit My Website/Blog

This is a very important question that also has a lot of different possible answers.

I will list some techniques below that I would use or suggest you do to drive traffic to your blog or website.

  1. Create a Facebook Page and post all your blog posts there.
  2. Tweet all my blog posts on Twitter
  3. Join Tsu and post all my blog posts there.
  4. Join IBO Toolbox and post all my blog posts there.
  5. Post your blog posts on Tumblr
  6. Post your blog posts in large relevant Facebook groups in your niche
  7. Create large high quality original articles with targeted keywords this drives search engine traffic to your website
  8. Use paid Facebook advertising or sponsored Facebook posts.
  9. Use media buys buying traffic from various other websites in your niche.
  10. Use You Tube videos with targeted keywords to drive traffic to your website or blog.
  11. Post great content on forums and provide a link back to your website in your profile.
  12. Create business cards with your website on them and give them out to people at networking events and seminars.
  13. Schedule posts on Twitter using Automation techniques
  14. Schedule posts on your Facebook using Automated Methods
  15. Schedule posts on your Facebook Pages using the Facebook pages scheduling option.
  16. Create guest posts with a link back to your website on high traffic websites in your niche.
  17. Create podcasts and distribute them to multiple podcasting sites like iTunes then direct people to your blog by advertising the URL during your podcast.
  18. Create a great brand that people remember easily.
  19. Ask other webmasters to place your banner ads on their websites in exchange for you putting theirs on their website.
  20. Provide great ideas and content on your blog and website that people share and brings people back to your website again and again.


How Can I Increase The Number Of People Who Visit My Website/Blog