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Chilling By The Sea Day 6 Hundred Day Bogging Challenge

Well just because you are doing a 100 Day Blogging challenge doesn’t mean you have to sit in the office all day doing research. After a pretty lousy week of weather in Northern Ireland today turned out to be pretty amazing.

Unfortunately I had an appointment to valet the car and a couple of other things so I couldn’t spend the whole day in the sun. But after those things where done we went for a walk by the sea with my youngest son Xander.

The thing is if I had of planned for going out today I could have had my post done in advance as there is a built in scheduling system on WordPress blogs, you could do all your work on Sunday and do nothing for the rest of the week, as there are social media scheduling tools as well as WordPress scheduling and You Tube video scheduling too.

If you live in the UK I highly recommend taking advantages of sunny days like these, as they are few and far between.  And it is always a great idea to top up your bodies vitamin D levels, whenever possible.

As well as me going out being completely unplanned today. I also had some unexpected guests arrive in the house, and the room which I normally work in is like a madhouse tonight.   Thankfully for occasions like these I have my Google Chromebook, the battery lasts twelve hours. So as long as you have an internet connection you can blog from anywhere.   Be it the beach or in bed lol..

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Tonights post is gonna be a short one as proof you can have a life and blog too. 🙂

See you tomorrow


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Chilling By The Sea Day 6 Hundred Day Bogging Challenge