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I was selling my car today and got contacted by a scammer here is his emails, oh by the way in case you are lucky enough to be contacted by him here is the email too,


Really Original Name 🙂   Gibson Smith



Gibson Smith  it is still for sale


Me  Yes 


Gibson Smith   Thanks for replying my text..,I’ll like to ask these few questions before I proceed with this purchase. 

Why are you selling it? 
Are you the first owner? 
Do you still have Paper  Works ? 
Since when have you been Using it?
and can you also assure me it’s in good condition a
Me at this stage I replied to all his questions 
Gibson Smith  
Thank you for your reply. I am satisfied with the condition and agree to the price, I must let you know that my shipping agent will come for pickup once the payment is completed and approved by PayPal, it is very safe and easy to get money and the shipping agent Will help me To handle all the other necessary details to complete the deal when they arrive at your home address for pickup. .so I will buy the goods without seeing it, I will arrange the collection of the goods with a private courier service once you receive your payment and if you have no account at paypal, it is fairly easy to open secure and secured Simply go to, I need you to provide the following details so I can continue with the payment …
Your PayPal e-mail address:
Your complete name:
Your phone number :
Your home address for collection:
Soon, as I make the payment and you get the funds, the courier service will come to pick up your house at your reasonable time.
Have a nice day.
Me I replied to him at this stage with Paypal address and address and telephone 
Gibson Smith Alright i just got your details for the Payment now i will notify you once Payment as been completed 
Me that is fine thank you.  
Me   Can you please tell me your whereabouts where you are based and your full name and details as well just for my records. 
To which I received no reply of course all his other replies where very fast.. 
Gibson Smith
I want to inform you that i’ve just made the payment now and i expect PayPal to have emailed you by now,i sent a total sum of  £1,550 in all and i added the  £350 meant for pick up and delivery and £100 for the Western Union fee also, so you will need to send the £350 to my pick up agent via Western Union money transfer now at.Any Western Union office or Walmart Store ..Or at their website online at and send all the Western Union details to paypal so that PayPal can credit £1,550 into your account ,i added extra £100 to cover the Western Union charges which shouldn’t be more that £70 – £ 85 but i did this just to make this easy for you Here is the pick up agent info below needed to get the money sent through Western Union transfer,
Demetria Mccauley Scammer you’ve been framed
Name: Demetria Mccauley
City: Indianapolis
State: Indiana
ZIP: 46226
Country: United States  Looks likes a very interested buyer lol
I will need the details of the transfer once you have sent the money to the pick up agent today…1. The MTCN # Number that is the 10 digits number on the Western Union receipt 
Best Regards.
Gibson Smith
Check your PayPal Email (*************@we*******.ws  ) for the Payment Confirmation PayPal sent to you about the Payment now
Inside my gmail spam guess what I found ???
Note the groovy paypal address on the side of the email
Will let you know as soon as the money arrives in my Paypal account 🙂   Don’t worry.. 😉
Gibson Smith   Alright i will like to know did you receive the Payment Confirmation they send to you about the Payment on your Email
Me  No paypal haven’t received anything yet, when they do you will be the first to know..  
Yes that was why i ask you because i receive some Confirmation from them that the money as been deducted so pls kindly Check your mail inbox/Spam Folder for the Payment Confirmation now and let me know once you get it …

At this stage Gibson Smith must have found his money because that was his last email..    What a pity I never did send him that £350 to receive his Paypal Payment..  



I guess this guy is broke now that his windfall didn’t come through 🙁



Name: Demetria Mccauley
City: Indianapolis
State: Indiana
ZIP: 46226
Country: United States

Demetria Mccauley Scammer you’ve been framed  Get directions here 🙂


I hope you found this useful in case  you run into any similar type scammers



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