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Take Control Of Your Passive Income

One of the great advantages we have as bloggers or online marketers is the opportunity to create passive income streams.  This is when you do something once and get paid many times over and over again with very little if any effort.

My definition of passive income is making money while you sleep, I just love getting emails in the middle of the night or in the middle of listening to a webinar telling you that you made a $100,$500,$1000 or $3000 Commission.

The thing about passive income is sometimes challenges will arrive along the way.  The thing is you need to sometimes stop and look at what you are doing and exactly what direction your are heading.

And if it is not aligned with what you want then maybe you need to reset your sails to start moving in the right direction again.  It is easy to get off track for a while recently I started advertising a business where I create websites for people.  And even if I love watching them coming to fruition and seeing these people set up their own online business.

I do not get the time I need to spend building as many passive residual income streams as I would like too.  Yes I just get bogged down into what sometimes seems like a job, something that didn’t appeal to me when I started my Internet Marketing Business over 10 years ago.

Things that help you to create a passive income online would be things like blog content that ranks for highly searched keywords in Google.   You tube videos or webinars that people can find in the Google or You Tube search engines.

Products that you sell to someone once and they continue to pay you monthly or annually over and over again. It is pretty cool knowing a huge whack of residual income is coming in every month and you don’t need to worry about where or what your money is coming from.

When taking control of your passive income here are some questions you maybe want to ask yourself?

How many products have I sold this month that will bring me in residual income in the future?

How much new content have I created this month that will bring me more targeted traffic to my blog or website or videos.

How much of my income have I spent my time manually working for this month vs passive earnings?

What tools or strategies can I use to leverage my time and produce more income like webinars,videos,email marketing or public speaking.

The thing is if you don’t start taking control of your passive income generation strategies then your job will take control of you.

Remember you will either spend time building your own dreams or work and spend your time building other peoples dreams only you can decide which you will do. You can take control of your passive income streams starting today. It’s just a matter of making the decision and taking decisive action.


Take Control Of Your Passive Income