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What Is Your Daily Money Making  Strategy?

When it comes to being a blogger there is a big difference between blogging as a hobby or blogging to make money, one of the biggest hurdles that keep many bloggers broke is not being able to separate the two.

Whether you are planning to make a living or live a totally abundant lifestyle using the Internet there are some things you need to know first.


Creating keyword targeted content for your specific market can and in many cases will make you money.  The reason for this is because if you are doing it correctly you will eventually start ranking in the search engines for multiple keywords which will drive targeted traffic to your website.  Remember blogging using SEO is a long term income strategy and most certainly not a get rich quick scheme in fact you may need to blog regularly consistently for up to a year before you really see things start to take off.

Yes blogging is a way to make money long term but it is not a daily money making strategy, this is where many bloggers get mixed up.  If you want to start making money faster from your blog or website then you need to start driving traffic using some daily money making strategies.


Long Term Money Making Strategy. 


Regular Content SEO for targeted customers and traffic.

Creating capture  pages

Creating Great Content

Checking Conversions And Tweaking Headlines Ads Capture Pages ETC..


Daily Money Making Strategy (that could make you money today)


Post your content on Twitter

Stumble Your Content

Post Your Content To Facebook pages or profile

Post Your Content To Facebook Groups (preferably in your niche)

Send direct messages to your new friends or followers

Do a paid Facebook Ad

Do A Paid You Tube Ad

Create A Google Adwords Ad (Only if you know what you are doing very important)

Buy Banner Advertising on a highly trafficked website in your niche.

Create a keyword targeted You Tube Video For Your Audience with a call to action at the end.


Realistically if you are serious about getting eyes on your website or products and making some sales you should be doing at least 3 to 5 moneymaking strategies daily.

Preferably everyday long term not just for one day here and there. If you treat your blog or website like a serious business you will have a lot more success than just by messing around on it all day.


So you need to decide which it is going to be and take the appropriate steps.


One other thing that is huge is using a good payment system I had issues for years with payment systems until I finally figured out the best and most simplistic way to do it.  Not having the right payment system will cost you an absolute fortune. When I see people with websites where it says contact me for more information about my course, products or services with nowhere to buy I cringe..

Yes I cringe just thinking about how much money these poor webmasters lose on a daily basis, because of one simple thing not setting up the correct payment systems.

If you want help setting up the payment system feel free to message me and I will help you to set it up.


The cost for the system I  recommend is $99 a month but you can try it for a month for free

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What Is Your Daily Money Making  Strategy?