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The More You Learn And Apply The More You Can Earn

I remember being at a seminar a number of years ago in London and the speaker told the audience, the more you learn the more you earn.

I believe in this for sure but not 100% as said in this statement,  why is this? Well experience has showed me many people who spend most of their life learning and hardly any time applying any of the stuff that the learn.  Believe me I know a few of them even some people I am close to.

I remember while at this seminar one strategy I learned and applied before going to the seminar got me forty sales over the weekend using an automated Twitter strategy which I set up.   I also remember that weekend while I was learning feeling guilty as I had no travel wifi at that time.  And I knew I could not do any work or strategies to increase my business online during those 4 days that I was away..

And it was driving me crazy, especially with all the new info and ideas I was getting at the seminar.

I really believe if you are going to be a useful online marketer you need to be continually learning, but not at the cost of stopping stuff in your business being applied you gotta strike a happy balance between implementation and learning.

Today I was watching a training by one of my marketing mentors and although watching the beginners stuff that I have seen a million times  made me cringe. I did learn some great new ideas and strategies eventually, so it was time well worth spending to increase my knowledge.

The More You Learn And Apply The More You Can Earn

Just remember if you spend all your time learning and none of your time implementing earning strategies, you will find it hard to continue on your path, unless of course you have a rich relative,spouse, a windfall or disposable passive income to pay for you to live while doing it.

Not everyone though is that fortunate, what are the three moneymaking strategies that you have done today apart from learning. If your answer is none then you will keep yourself broke.

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But remember after watching it start to implement some of the stuff or feel free to ask me and I can help you, and don’t run from training to training like many other broke people do without taking some action.



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The More You Learn And Apply The More You Can Earn