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How To Create Content For Your Blog By Doing Interviews

One of the things that people find hardest when blogging is coming up with new ideas for content for their blog. The thing is Some days the ideas can come really easily and then other days you just go blank, and have no idea what to actually write about.

Of course there are many different types of content you can actually put on your blog or website, You can make podcasts, you can create videos, you can write content or create infographics.


The thing is that for many of these you need to create your own ideas or have information already stored in advance. If instead you decide to create content for your blog by doing interviews with other people, it means that they will be coming up with a lot of content for you.

The other great thing about doing interviews is you do not need to be the expert you can just be the interviewer who asks all the questions.

These questions could either be pre planned or if they are not pre planned it gives you the opportunity to steer the conversation in the direction that you want. For example if you want your readers to know how to get more traffic to the blog website, and you know that your guest is an expert in traffic  generation and blogging.  Then you could ask their top tips for getting more  traffic to peoples blogs.


If you’re interviewing a video marketer then you could ask them their best ideas and tips for creating You Tube video’s. These types of tips will create lots of great content for your website and for your viewers, without you even having to think about it too much.

Recently I was at an event in Dublin and I interviewed Sharon Lecter Who is the co-author of the book rich dad poor dad.  once I finished the interview I then got someone to actually transcribe it for me.

This can then give me fresh content for my website and help me to drive more traffic at the same time.

it also provides some interesting content for my readers as well. The other great thing about interviews is that you can also push them to YouTube and get free traffic from YouTube as well when people type the name of the person you interviewed  into YouTube or Google.

If you’re someone who struggles with coming up with fresh content for your blog or website, then this will make your life much easier.

I remember one of my mentoring students interviewed me on a YouTube video and it was 20 questions. The interview went on for nearly two hours. as it took me ages to answer all the questions.

Even asking someone seven or eight questions can end up being a 10 minute interview or even more. which could end up being around 1000 to 1500 words of fresh content for your blog or website.


I just finished getting the video interview with the 20 Questions transcribed it was 15 Pages of content which will be published shortly on the Huffington Post.  So this an example of just how you can come up with content for your customers or readers which I hope you found useful.


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How To Create Content For Your Blog By Doing Interviews