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How To Move Files From Mac To Seagate Hard Drive Without Reformatting It

Okay after a battle that went on for me with my iMac for over a year I finally won. 🙂 After asking many experts about my difficulties I could not seem to get any further on.  I bought two different Seagate 4 TB hard drives but every time I tried to drag and drop a file from my iMac to my hard drive I was getting a no entry sign and nothing was happening.

The last straw was last night when I recorded a meeting on Camtasia and I got a message that my 1TB hard disk on my iMac was full. The computer froze up and I ended up messing around two hours deleting some unknown Camtasia files to be able to even use my computer again.

It just so happened inside one of my hard drives I found a little sign like this one 

I clicked on it and found myself inside the software downloads page of the Seagate website on the page I found a link to software called Paragon driver it said on it.

Take advantage of read and write access without having to reformat your external drives, both on Windows and macOS.

So I clicked on it installed it on My iMac and now I can move my files from my computer to my hard drive by clicking and dragging them, the way it’s supposed to be.

It also now allows me to delete files off my hard drive which was not possible to do before installing this cool bit of software.

So let me save you years of messing around if you have a Seagate hard drive with an iMac and are having this problem just download this free software and your storage problems will be sorted hopefully permanently, or at least until you fill all your hard drives.


How To Move Files From iMac To Seagate Hard Drive Without Reformatting It


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How To: Set Up Seagate 5TB Backup Plus Desktop Drive on Mac OSX

Today I decided I had enough my iMac was running really slowly and I had a feeling it was due to the memory being nearly full.

My suspicion was confirmed when I discovered I had used up 9/10ths of it’s memory. So a quick trip to the shop and I came back with a 4TB Seagate mini hard drive.

I had one of my coaching clients having problems using a new hard drive on her Mac last week, And I found it a bit challenging myself. Not because I had no idea what to do.

It was because my Mac was running so slow it took me hours to get it working, here is the full step by step video. Make sure you watch it and listen in full before even attempting to use the hard drive 🙂   Enjoy


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How To: Set Up Seagate 5TB Backup Plus Desktop Drive on Mac OSX