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How Will You Start Off 2017?

First of all I would like to wish all of my friends subscribers and business partners a Happy New year today is of course the first of January and once again if we are lucky will have the next 365 days of 2017 to move forward in our life our business,relationships,finances and health if all goes well.

As my first blog post of 2017 I would like to firstly stress the importance of being consistent in your online business especially in the early days when you are just getting started. Over the last few months I have had a few health challenges with has interefered alot with my work schedule my energy level and creativity.  Thing is when you are feeling under the weather it is harder to think creatively, when you are thinking about your health.

Once again as with other times I started off the New Year with multiple of email commission notifications coming from many different income streams, even though the last few months my work load has been operating at about 10% of it’s normal levels.  The thing about it is with one of my businesses online I spent two years creating three new pieces of content per day and sharing them online, (One of the posts was created by one of my writers at the time) I did the other two.

jan012017 commission

As I do not generally reveal all my income streams you can see one email I got today from Paypal for one of them.  I was talking to a friend recently who ignored a lot of my advice and went from a $40,000 a month online business to minus $$$s monthly.   Generating new sales cost time money and energy on the other hand residual commissions come in on a monthly basis and should form a large part of your overall income plan.


That means when you get sick your income doesn’t stop even if new business slows down or a few people here or there drop out of your business.

Many businesses,business models and employees will go out of business as the Internet  and technology changes many things. If you are not doing business online yet chances are in the near future you may end up broke or worse still with a business or Job that is no longer a viable business model (You Are Fired).

So in 2017 you must decide whether you are going to chase your tail making excuses talking about what you would like or are going to do. Or you can actually do something instead.

Many people do things like

  1. Advertise other peoples businesses which are unethical or 2 week wonders that will sink along with their friends and or families money.
  2. Chasing the next shiny business opportunity hoping this will be their next lottery win just put in some money and little effort and hope they will get a big reward.
  3. Follow the Guru who has ripped off half the world in the hope this time it will be better.
  4. Think about what they are going to do lots of ideas but with no implementation.
  5. Have  no identity and no idea about self branding if anyone goes to their Facebook wall or looks at their business card they are branding their latest business opp that they joined, maybe World Ventures,Lyoness,Amway or something similar how kind of you to advertise these big companies for free so your prospects can look them up on Google and join with one of your competitors (maybe not too smart though?)
  6. Buy every course and training under the sun but never implement any of them, hoping the next one will be the answer.


What you need to do really 

  1. Set up an online business that is branded to you or your business name
  2. Actually take the action,make the business write the content do the social media or pay someone else to do if you cannot.
  3. Take consistent action if something happens and you have to pause for a while that’s okay restart again at the closest opportunity.
  4. Find someone generating an income online and get them to teach you what you need to do step by step.
  5. Make a daily action plan a list of what you need to do daily to make this business really work for you.


The one thing I have learned about online business and most other businesses from one of my old mentors many years ago.

You can make money or you can make excuses but you can’t do both

Derek Ross


Which will it be for you in 2017? Only you can decide.


wishing you all the best with all your ventures in the future


Sotiris Bassakaropoulos


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How Will You Start Off 2017?