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Your Lucky!!

Sotiris  —  July 9, 2017 — 8 Comments

Your Lucky!!

This is day 7 of the 100 day blogging challenge and just to let you know just because you are blogging daily doesn’t mean you have to create huge 1000 Word articles every day.

Your Lucky

Again for me it was a busy day today lots to do I could have created a long written blog post but I decided to create a video instead.  I made two versions one with music one without for my You Tube friends.  Even if bought and paid for music licenses for the music I still get hassle from them every now and again..   So it’s easier just avoiding having music in the You Tube videos altogether.   Here is my version with the background music.

Happy Blogging My Friends


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Your Lucky!!


It All Began With Your first Step


Yes, that goes for most of you anyway, if  your proud parent or parents watched you take your first few steps, possibly when you were anywhere from 8 months to 2 years old.

It all began with your first step


The thing is everything begins the same way, you need to take your first step or first action to actually get where you want to go, no need for rocket science to work that out.


The thing is many people never actually take that first step, to do the things that will really bring some great changes to their lives. So if you really want to start making some kind of changes in your life.


Would this not be a great time to get started? You could start by- Taking the first step to


Change your Income

Change your Bank Balance

Change your relationships

Change your health

Change your fitness levels

Change your career

Tell your boss to take a hike

Moving from being an employee to business owner

Moving from being A self employed business owner to an investor

Switching from earned income streams to passive income streams

Changing from working one to one with people to working with one to many

Leveraging your time

Leveraging your energy

Leveraging your money

Leveraging your assets

Leveraging your intelligence


All of these things first require a want or desire and then they require you to take the steps or even the first step towards the journey of achieving them.


The good news is you don’t need to change completely today you can make that first step on your journey and progress along one step at a time day by day, Month By Month,Year By Year.

Eventually you may not even recognize yourself from that person that you were before.


So what have or what are you going to do today, as a blogger or content marketer maybe you need to get inspired and write the title of your next post. Maybe you should take 30 mins to two hours in silence and write out your next article.


Maybe you are spending some time in nature and you could take a few awesome photos for your next blog post, or get some ideas to write some great content.


Maybe you should start recording that video you have been wanting to do, or that video tutorial one of your clients has been asking you for this week.  Heck you could even record yourself reading one of your own blog posts and upload it as an audio on your blog or website.


This will be the next step in generating more traffic to your website, more subscribers and or long term customers to your online business, website or blog,or it could even be a traditional business.


Without some momentum things tend to stagnate, whether it is a person, a car or a business. What can you do today to move yourself another step forward.


Yes it is easy to do nothing, it is easy to say to yourself I will start tomorrow, but in the long term you are generating yourself more stagnation bad habits and possibly even pain, as the consequences of doing nothing can sometimes prove fatal. And we aren’t meaning only in our business right!!


To get what you want first you have to write it down right now if you haven’t already. Then decide what steps you can take right now to start moving forward.


You Can Do It..   


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Please note if you are taking part in the 100 day video take 15 mins out of your day and start writing, or take out your  iPhone and record a quick video or audio, alternatively you could just record a podcast from your  computer that is really all it takes to make your next step. 🙂


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It All Began With Your first Step