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How to write a successful blog that also promotes your business


A blog is an informational webpage that exhibits information. Earlier it was used to share personal experience and was more of a personal memorandum. But with time, it came to light how effectively any information can be conveyed using blogs. So this is how business blogging was actually introduced.


People use blogs to promote business and to connect with the audience and strengthen brand name. Business blogging is the most lucrative way to promote business. If done in the right manner, it will drive traffic to your website and reach out to a larger audience which will help you establish online visibility.


It also increases your sales and helps you to accomplish an identity in your domain. It is said that if you think of anything as hard or unachievable, it will become harder for you. Blogging is also similar, it is not as hard as you think.


Those who have established online business or those who are looking forward to starting one, they need to go through the GST registration process as GST is mandatory to start an online business. So if you want to start an online store of yours and add blogs to represent your profile, GST is mandated.

You must also check for good business names with Business name generators. As an Individual business owner or an entrepreneur, you can be easily identified with your brand name. Branding plays an important role in your blogging journey. It should be done keeping various factors in mind.


Small and medium-sized businesses often do not find the time or lack in terms of ideas for standard blog writing. This article will help in writing an effective and gaining skill in blogging. So let’s get started on this venture of blogging.



  • Write for your audience



Why do people read blogs? The answer is very simple – to solve their queries. So the blog you write is for your audience and not for you. Think from the audience’s point of view. Is your blog solving their queries? Your main aim should be to provide sufficient information the audience is looking for. So your blog must be informative as well as engaging. Think about what the customers actually want and give them that. And don’t be nervous to share what you know.


Think of yourself as a narrator and as an audience. Think about how much value you can offer through your blog. After finishing the blog, read it once from the audience’s perspective.



  • Set strategies



What lacks for those who are unable to create quality blogs? The common reasons are lack of time and quality content. If you also have the same reasons, you can overcome this with a little bit of management and planning. Depending on your domain, you can create strategic plans and topics which are most frequently discussed among the audience.  Start the planning at the beginning of the month deciding the topics, word count, and target to achieve at the end of every week.


Let’s say if you are an eCommerce consultant then Paytm kyc online can be your topic of blogging, you can plan out on evergreen topics as this.


Plan out the content by keeping below points in mind:

  • Word Count: Decide the word count of the blog. 
  • Key points: Begin with creating subtitles, the subtitles should be compelling, through which users might become curious to read further. After creating the key points or subtitles, decide the word count of each subtitle. 
  • Statistics: Try to Include stats to convince the audience. The status shows reality which really helps to convey the message.
  • Keywords: Try to think from the point of view of the customer, what keywords one might search? With the help of analytics tools, get insights into which keywords are customer searching through which your article comes in the top list of the search results.
  • ETA: Always always always have an ETA. You need to decide how many hours, days you are gonna need to complete the article. This will really increase productivity.


Google Adwords is a tool that helps in identifying keywords that people use to search. So once the keyword is identified, you can use it as your title, through which more traffic can be driven. 



  • Create engaging content with a good title



The title of the blog impacts how it is found in the search results. Before diving into the article, the users look at the title. The title should be compelling which would drive the audience to read it further. So, you cannot overlook the title, it has to be the top priority.


To establish an authority in your industry, you must provide valuable content to the audience. Sharing the knowledge that you have will also encourage the readers to visit back on your blogs, it could even convert them into potential customers. Content is the key to drive an audience to visit your website. Content provides insights into your work, so you cannot be sluggish to represent yourself with not so quality content. 


Let’s say you are going to write a blog about GST state code list, understand what the audience is expecting. You can add subtitles such as What is the GST code list? What are the need for it and other valid topics which the audience usually searches for? Highlight the keywords and key points by making them bold. Decide the number of words to be added in a particular subtopic, so that it is easier to measure the total word count.


So, you need to prove yourself to the audience that you are the one who can provide concrete services or solve their problems. Perhaps content is the key to connect with the audience. 



  • Graphic content



With the content, try to include images and graphs. They also have huge impacts in SEO. Include graphs, gifs, and videos to convey the objective in a powerful way. So including these visuals will instantly convey the purpose of your blog. Always try to create your own images rather than using the ones available online.



  • Let your blog be Shareable



Provide functionality to share your blog on social channels such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram and others. This can be done by providing attractive icons. It will increase the traffic on your website. So this will make it easier for the customers to share your blogs.



  • Interact with your customers



Leave a comment section at the end of each blog. It is not necessary that all the readers might always leave a comment but some definitely will. Respond to those comments in a polite manner. If any comment is harsh or uncivil, reply in a polite manner. Try to maintain a standard with your comments.


You may get suggestions, appreciation, rude comments but take this in a positive way. Through these comments, you can actually know what people think about your blog.



  • Track performance of your blog



It is very important to note the progress and performance of your blog.  Various tools are available to measure this, but Google Analytics is very popular. Also, it is available for free. It provides insights that help you analyze the audience on your website. It mainly tracks and reports traffic on websites.


It manifests the type of audience and customer visiting your site, which pages do they visit, most viewed blog, least viewed blog, keywords used to search. So with so many details, you can improve.


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How To Build A Blogging Business Working Part Time

I got a call today in fact it was a voicemail from a long time friend who I have known for many years.Unfortunately my iPhone battery ran flat and I missed the call.  Recently I happened to bump into him after about 17 hours on Facebook. Let’s just call him Stevie as I don’t want to put him on the spot.

He basically said I am sick of my job and I have decided I will do whatever I have got to do to quit it for good, Could you train me how to start my own online business I want to get started right away.   The fact is lot’s of people slave away half or in many cases their whole life.  And realise suddenly after 20 years or so that having a job is a dead end plan.

You have a choice and work to build someone else’s business by being their employee.  Or you can start your own business.  Generally as an employee there are two large probabilities.

1.  You will probably be lucky if you are getting much above minimum wage.

2. Even if you do get a high salary then as an employee the government will tax you stupid in fact you may lose up to 40% of your wages in tax.

So what is the solution you may ask?

Option 1 Take the plunge give in your notice to your employer and quit your job permanently and start a full time business.

Option 2 Instead of spending your time off at the pub or watching T.V. and getting brainwashed, spend that time starting your own Part Time Business Online.

The are a few advantages of starting your own business part time

Taxes is one of the biggest expenses you will pay in your lifetime watch the video below to see who pays the most in taxes and why most families stay broke.

Personally I am an all or nothing type of person so when I decided to start a business online. I burned my bridges as far as jobs where concerned I had no intention of giving myself a plan b option.

Though depending on your financial situation starting an online business part time for you could be the way to go, it has worked for millions of other people in the past and will continue to do so.

What determines whether you succeed or not I think is down to your determination to succeed,education (Learning from your mistakes and improving along the way) Or learning from other peoples mistakes. And having a non quit mentality is also A valuable asset.

It took me a few years to figure out how to run an online business. I have over 10 years experience so if you want to shortcut the time to making money online then check out the options I have available to help start or boost your online business.

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How To Build A Blogging Business Working Part Time