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Blogging Tips Why You Need To Build A List


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Blogging Tips Why You Need To Build A List


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10 Things To Do On Your Blog Or Website

In todays post I am going to be talking about 10 things that you can do to your blog to get more interaction, get you more leads which will also help you get more sales in the long term.

  1. Create a free giveaway for your readers so that you can get more names and emails of all your subscribers.
  2. Add a picture by creating or adding a featured image picture to your blog it allows you an extra way to get traffic from the search engine via Google images.
  3. Follow me button or links for all your social networks – The more places your customers/subscribers/readers get to see your updates the more likely they will be to do business with you. If they like what they see.
  4. Add a Facebook like widget on the sidebar of your blog so people can like your Facebook page and see your latest updates.
  5. Add a work with me page somewhere visible, so that people will know what to do if they want to find out more about what your business is.
  6. Add a contact me page and install a contact form which is connected to your autoresponder.  That way anyone who contacts you becomes an instant  subscriber on your list.
  7. Think about your readers how can you help them and provide them with information they are searching for before creating content for your blog or website.
  8. At the bottom of all your blog posts create a call to action tell your readers what you want them to do. (With clear instructions)
  9. Start with the end in mind before creating a piece of content first decide what is the purpose of the article or video,podcast etc.  To get a subscriber to your list? To make a sale? To get a new follower on Twitter?  To get a new Facebook friend or fan. To get someone to subscribe to your You Tube channel Etc…
  10. Ask your readers questions and tell them to comment in the comments section, a blog with lots of comments is a lot more interactive and tends to get more traffic and results  than a blog without comments. If you have an email list a good idea is to email them your latest blog posts. This will help you get more comments the first comment is normally the hardest to get. After that people generally continue in the conversation.

If you found this blog post useful then please use the buttons below to share with your friends and followers on social media your friends will love you for it 🙂 And also feel free to post your comments below. 

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10 Things To Do On Your Blog Or Website

10 Reasons To Update And Syndicate Your Blog Regularly

When it comes to building a better blog not many things are more important than updating and syndicating your blog posts regularly. Whether you are brand new to blogging or have been doing it for a long time a great way to get more readers to your blog is to post more good quality original content and syndicate in different places.

The thing is many people try to syndicate their stuff to a lot of social networks at one time using software but the fact is your readers are only going to visit one social network at a time generally.   So it is a good idea to spread these posts out on different networks over a period of time.  That is if you want to see the best results for your marketing efforts and an increased ROI..

Over the last few weeks I have been quite busy helping other people setup their online businesses and my own main blogs have suffered a bit but that is just a temporary setback.. In one of my blogging businesses I created three new posts daily for about three years.  I outsourced one article a day to a writer I had and then posted a daily article or two myself,  or some days I posted one article and a video.

When you do this properly and regularly you will be able to generate new leads and customers consistently. It’s just a matter of making the decision to do it and doing it. (No Excuses) Remember only YOU can make that decision.

Syndicate And Update

Syndicate And Update

  1. Google loves great quality original content and will rank it higher on the search engine than old or low quality articles.
  2. Having regular content that is of a high quality will help send regular visitors back to your  site over and over again.
  3. If you update your blog’s regularly, then your writing will also improve as well. Which also means better blog content and information for your readers as well.
  4. The more content you put on your blog or website the more keywords you will have ranking in the search engine as long as you don’t get de-indexed for creating fake backlinks or duplicate content.
  5. It will keep readers on your blog much longer if you have lots of great articles and videos to watch the longer visitors stay on your site the higher you will rank on Google for your content
  6. Your readers will get to know your posting schedule so if you post twice a day then your readers will know to go back during those times to find your latest content.
  7. Good syndication is the secret to getting lots of visitors to your websites from Social Media and other methods. Definetely not something you should overlook as no or little traffic to your website means no clients,prospects or customers.
  8. It looks bad!!  If you don’t update your website for a year it is likely your customers may think you are lazy.  Would you buy the services of someone who doesn’t update there own website more than once a year?
  9. Stuff gets outdated in many businesses especially online things change the same goes for most other businesses. If you want to keep up with your competitors there is no point in advertising trends or products from 5 years ago. Many of them are now obsolete and I guess you don’t want to be running a website that’s information is obsolete either.
  10. People will remember you or your business, when you post regular good quality content that is up to date. People get familiar with you or your company.  If they know you are a problem solver and they have that problem you will be the first person that comes to mind as they see your feed on Facebook every morning 🙂 ..

Hope you got a few reasons why you feel you should keep your blog or website updated as regularly as you can.  If you do not have time we offer a quaility blog updating,posting services at Building A Better Blog.Com

10 Reasons To Update And Syndicate Your Blog Regularly

How To Add A Facebook Widget In Your WordPress Blog Sidebar

Watch The Video Below To Find Out How!!


Here is the Facebook widget coding for the sidebar

Just replace yourfbpageurl with your facebook page name or number


<div id=”fb-root”></div><script src=”″></script><fb:like-box href=”” width=”300″ show_faces=”true” border_color=”” stream=”true” header=”true”></fb:like-box>


How To Add A Facebook Widget In Your WordPress Blog Sidebar

Why trying to Blog on the cheap could leave you broke

I was just sifting through some blogging groups on Facebook today and as I was reading some posts, I noticed lots of newbies blogging on free WordPress sites or giving advice on how to set up blogs for free.  Or talking about free themes to use on their WordPress blog.

If this is your attitude to blogging you will only end up broke.  I remember about 7 years ago I went to a seminar in Brighton and there was about 4000 people at the event. At one stage one speaker got up on the stage and asked someone to give him £20. A member of the audience got up and handed him the £20.

At this stage, the speaker who had his hand out started pulling lots of notes out of his jacket pocket and handing them to the man. I think he probably got about £300.  The speaker then announced when your hand is closed tightly to not give anything, you are also stopping people from putting money back into your hand.

Let’s face it, when starting a free blog with a free hosting provider on someone else’s server. Like people do on or that means the person who actually owns the server gains the list of advertisers and the money. 🙂  Spending hours scouring the internet for free blog themes and plugins to save pennies will only have one result!!

Yes, you will also attract penny pinchers looking for hours of your time for free and lots of free stuff.  How does this benefit anyone? It doesn’t really. You might end up with a cheap looking hobby type blog or website with no autoresponder, and have a way to make a small income online, but that won’t benefit you much.

The truth is that mentality will get you nowhere except in the pound shop, buying cheap plastic trinkets direct from China payed by penny pinchers through  a slave labour industry.  Money is meant to go around, and when you keep your hand in your pockets shielding your pennies, your community shops go bankrupt ,your jobs become non-existent and your area falls into disrepair.

Why trying to Blog on the cheap could leave you broke ( The three types of blogger)

Why trying to Blog on the cheap could leave you broke ( The three types of blogger)

This will not benefit you, your family, or your community. If you think the cost of blogging on the cheap saves you money then think again my friend.   Let’s look at a couple of scenarios

The Penny Pinchers blog

Free made on blogger or

It generally looks like and ranks like crap,  just like the free theme it’s on, if it even has any themes or plugins.

This guy’s or gal’s blog is hosted on or blogger owned by Google, and any time they have a problem with your content it’s history. Yes, your blog is built in someone else’s back garden.  (Wise move)

Do you build your home in your neighbours garden like this guy or girl? (smart guy/gal hmmm)

No autoresponder or use gmail to contact your non-existent mailing list. (To save $19 a month for an autoresponder).

Send an email to more than 20 people at a time and all your emails go straight to gmail spam inbox.

List lots of free products on their blog or website to attract other like-minded cheapskates. (No chance of much commission from these guys). If they see an affiliate link they will probably run a mile in case they think you might make a penny in the rare event of them actually buying something.  (Probably by accident)

So they will go directly to the company website and do the free offer bypassing your affiliate tracking link. Even if it costs the same price.

When a serious business or company sees your website, they don’t want to do business with you because it is apparent you are a freebie blogger. And your free cheap blog site looks like crap.

Their motto is I want it all and I want it for FREE.

The Attempted Blogger

This is the next step up from the freebie blogger. He/she might be willing to pay someone $100 to setup his blog or website and $10 a month for hosting (A little bit of a stretch)  He/she buys an autoresponder but after two weeks cancels it so he/she can save himself an extra $20 a month.

His blog looks a bit better and at least he is on a paid hosting service so has less chance of losing access to his/her blog or website and/or content and can have it backed up anyway.

Generally, the attempted blogger is a wannabee employee who wants to invest $100 and 10% effort into his business in exchange for an internet lottery business win.

The attempted blogger can generally spend 4 or 5 years learning what works and what doesn’t, as they don’t wanna pay a coach and like learning from free stuff on the internet.  Unfortunately not many of these people with a 10% effort make it past 2 years as they didn’t really sign up for anything properly to begin with.

In many cases the attempted blogger will give a full list of excuses or reasons why they cannot buy things for their business and in many cases, if they are truthful, they would probably like someone else to do the work for them.

Yes, they want a business that runs itself without the hassle of starting it in the first place. Their long term dream is make money while they sleep without doing anything in the first place.

Their Motto Is : I will try and if it doesn’t work fast, sounds like a great excuse to quit.

Or I did It my way

The Serious Blogger

This person, believe it or not, is serious. They see their blog as a long term income or better lifestyle for themselves and their family.  These people will spend whatever they need to get their business running successfully. They will do research; pay a mentor or coach who has already had success online. To show them exactly what to do.

They buy everything they need and sometimes stuff that they don’t need in order to test it and see how or if it improves their online business. They will pay their monthly $500 hosting and $100 autoresponder before they pay their mortgage payment because they realise that their business will and has to be an asset. And their house is a liability. (Yes, they realise they need assets to pay for their liabilities so they focus on building assets first.)

In many cases they have quit their jobs or traditional businesses and burned their bridges refusing to move any way but forward in their internet business.  In many cases their husband’s wives, spouses and friends think they are crazy nuts but they don’t care, because they know what they want.

They are not willing to stop until they get it. These people are rare but are pretty much nearly guaranteed 100% success, unless they die first. Dying is the only thing that can stop them from reaching their goals.

They buy products and trainings for hundreds and often for many thousands of dollars, and can often sell similar products thus being able to make commissions of $5000 or more in one single day.

Their motto is JUST DO IT! Or at least shut up until I do. 

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Why trying to blog on the cheap could leave you broke

Bloggers -10 Pages To Consider Adding To Your Top Menu Bar

When it comes to your blog it is a great idea to make it as simple to navigate around it as possible, there are certain things that people will want to know when they arrive on your website or blog. 

They will want to know about you and what you actually do, they might also want to contact you?  People will often be curious to know what you actually do in your business too. 

If you are selling any products or services it will also be a great idea to have them on display as well where people can see them.  You never know who will want them till they see them. 


Here are a few pages I would recommend you have on the menu bar obviously I am a blogger, Internet Marketer And Internet Marketing Coach so your pages may vary a bit from mine depending on what your business is. 


1. About Me  – Your about me page will be some information about you possibly a short version of your story. And maybe a bit about your family, this helps people connect with you on a more personal level. 

2. Speaking – If you also do any public speaking give some more information about it and how people can get in touch with you.

3. Coaching – If you offer coaching services describe more about them and the value you provide and how to go about ordering your services

4. Products Page – If you have your own products then have a page where people can go and see what products you have to offer.

5. Services – If you offer services then have a page with a list of services that you offer your customers or clients including prices what is included and where they can get more information or buy them. 

6. Blog – Have a part on your website where people can go and see your latest blog posts. 

7. Top Tools – A page with top tools you recommend your customers use preferably ones you use yourself. 

8. Work With Me – A work with me page so if someone wants to join you in your main business opportunity they can find out more information about how to do that. 

9. Contact Me – Page with details to contact you could be a contact form , Skype Username ,Social Network Links, Email And Or Phone Number.

10. Legal Pages –  These pages would include these possible pages in some circumstances it also makes your website rank better on Google too, Privacy Policy,Income Disclaimer,Warranty And Disclosure.


I would also suggest you add a link to your Google plus account in your about me page as well .


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Bloggers -10 Pages To Consider Adding To Your Top Menu Bar

How Can I Start A Business Blogging?

Have you something that you love sharing could be a hobby or you could even have strong views on a particular subject? If this is the case  blogging could be the best way  to get it all out in the open. Even if you are  interested in just expressing yourself better creating and launching a blog is also one of the easiest ways to get yourself out there.

Your blog can be your online diary, plus it is also interactive, or you can just use you blog mainly for business purposes like product reviews, tips and trainings and getting free publicity for yourself and other peoples businesses.  New blogger’s are able to reach a lot more people than ever, You can make powerful statements, and images and target them at a custom audience.

Right now setting up a blog can take very little time  in fact with our Business Website Setup Package you can even have it up and running in a few hours. There is also the traditional route of setting up a blog which you can also use. In fact the design templates for many blogs are very  easy to use. If you want you can even start up a blog for free After the initial setup of your blog and a few bells and whistles. It  is  simply a matter of creating some regular content updates. You can write a blog post or if you do not like writing it is also just as easy to record a video upload it to You Tube or Amazon S3 and post it on your blog.
Managing your online content in fact has never ever been simpler than it is now. Once you  decide on your blog post  topic then simply start typing it out. If you are using wordpress you can even use the ready made plugins to do all kinds of cool things Although the length is entirely up to you,I would recommend creating a post with at least 500 Words and occassionally doing a post over 3000 Words as the search engines love this.  


Once this has been done you can then set about making the content look as attractive as possible by adding images and or even video. This process is  extremely simple to do once you have learned it. One thing that should always be done is to ensure that the content that you are using from third parties is copyright free. There are lots of free images on different websites. However, sometimes even so called “free” images have to be used carefully.

Although some images can be what is known as “creative commons” images  care should still  be taken to ensure that they are completely free for anyone to use.  The website that you source the graphic contents from will usually have guidelines as to how you can use the content.And  If you can use it.

So now you created the blog post  and the images are added and  posted  into your content management system what is next you may ask? WordPress will  allow you to insert tags and keywords which will help others to locate any online content that they are interested in. Fill out the form on the blog management page make sure after making the post that you press save draft or publish so all your hard work does not dissapear into thin air.

NB: One other tip is if you leave your blog post for a while and forget to save it then copy and paste it and login to your blog in a new window. That way when you click save or publish on the post it will be saved or published and even if it is not then you can create a new post and paste your blog on it again. 

There is nothing worse than spending hours on a blog post just to see it dissapear into thin air so try to remember this. 🙂 

Once you have finished editing the post on your blog then it is time to syndicate your content. I recommend using platforms such as Digg,Stumbleupon,Twitter,Tumblr,Pinterest,Instagram and Facebook.  You can also use paid advertising like Facebook Ads, Sponsored FB Posts, Google Adwords,Bing PPC,You Tube Pay Per View Videos to drive people to your new blog post. 

For more tips on how to actually monetise your new blogging business I recommend you read our last post Make Money Blogging – 10 Ways To Make Extra Money From Your Blog

How Can I Start A Business Blogging?