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Ten Blogging Tips For Beginners

Okay you have taken the dive and decided to start your first blog on the Internet.  As with starting anything new you will have lots of questions.  Or you will be wondering what questions you should be asking .

These are some of the ones I think are important to answer and understand right from the start.

  1. Q Free Vs Paid – There are options for lots of different blogging tools on the Internet a lot of them are Free in order to cut down costs should I use all the Free ones.  A There is a very small minority of cases where you will find great tools for some jobs on the Internet and they will work fine.  There are also a lot of free things that could waste years of your time and energy, because you use the free service.  Parking your blog or website on a free hosting account like blogger or not .org means your website is hosted by Google the same if you put your videos on You Tube, Facebook,Twitter or any social network. I have had a You Tube account deleted with 350 videos for no good reason, had a Twitter account with over 60,000 followers suspended for 5 years again for no good reason. And know lots of people that had the same issues with Facebook.  So I suggest do not build your house in your neighbours garden, for the same reason do not host your blog on a free platform that can be deleted for any or no reason. By a disgruntled employee who is having a bad day, or a competitor who sees your video on You Tube outranking his video  and flagging your account to get it deleted.   Buy your own hosting account host your own videos on a paid hosting service like Amazon S3 or at least the videos you would like to keep. Post all your content on your own blog or website not just on Facebook or Twitter.  If you create 1 video a day getting 350 videos like me deleted is maybe 1 years work which could have took up two hours of your day to record,edit and upload to You Tube.  What is 700 hours of your time worth for you?   I would prefer to pay $2 a month for video hosting on Amazon than do $7000 worth of work that gets deleted (That’s if you are on $10 an hour minimum wage)  What’s it worth to you?
  2. Q What do I blog about? A Wow where do we start there are so many possibilities here.  It depends what your plans are or if you have actually made any yet.   If you haven’t there are a couple of questions you need to ask yourself. Are you blogging for glory or because you enjoy it as a hobby. Or is it to create a business that makes you a good income?  If it is 1 or 2 then just blog about anything you like that comes to mind.  If you are blogging to actually make money find a good niche like money,digital marketing,business tools or trainings,beauty or health or diet products or courses.
  3. Q What essential tools will I need to run a blog or website?  A The tools you will need to run a serious online business would be blog hosting an autoresponder of course a decent laptop or desktop computer will also help. This would be just the basic essential tools I recommend of course there will probably be many other tools you will choose to purchase along your journey as well.
  4. Q How do I create great content that people want to read?  A I use the So what analogy, nothing drives me crazier than going to a website where someone brags about their company, their compensation plan, their qualifications etc. People want to know WIIFM What’s in it for me. So if someone says we have the best compensation plan so what. Our company is in business 40 years so what. I am the top seller in our company. So what.   Bottom line is as a reader of your blog or website what can you do to help me?

10 Blogging Tips For Beginners

5. Q Why does my blog  or website not make money? A This is a big question for this there is good news and bad news.  The good news is it is normally easy to work out why you do not make money. The bad news is you actually need to do some work.  If you are having no income after 6 months of blogging online here are some of the questions you want to ask yourself.

1. Am I posting relevant content for my readers on a regular basis?

2. Have I got a call to action link for people to find out more about or buy my products and services

3. Does my blog or website target a specific niche or give some relevant information or products that my market                are ready to buy?

4. Am I capturing email addresses of of my readers and following up with relevant emails or information?

5. Am I focused on selling a product when creating content or am I focused on giving great value to my readers and asking for them to buy on the backend?

6. Am I advertising my online business on Facebook,Google,You Tube and other relevant social networks on a daily basis?

If you are not doing these 6 things above then there is a good chance you could end up being in the 90% of people who make less than $100 a month from marketing your business or services  online.

6. Q What can I do to get lots of visitors to my blog or website? A Create regular quality content on your website including one long post of 1000 – 1500 words per week. Post my content on targeted Facebook groups,create Facebook paid ads,Post your content on Twitter,Pinterest and Instagram.

7. Q Will I be able to make money blogging from my blog or website? A Yes you will if you treat is seriously like a business and not a hobby or a lotto ticket.

8. Q How long does it take to make money from a blog or website? A I would set my self a reasonable expectation of about a year if you are blogging but you may get results starting in 6 to 9 months or less.  An even better way to do it would be to resolve to keep blogging until you reach your targeted income and beyond. Quitters never win..

9. Q Who is the best person to  make my website or should I just do it myself? A If you have the luxury of having a lot of cash available you could outsource everything from your website design to your content etc etc.  If on the other hand you are a little strapped for cash I would recommend getting a mentor who is making money to teach you how to setup your online business.  You will have to invest some money but the truth is very few serious businesses ever get started without some investment. Which will either be time or money, the thing is you can get more money but once your time is gone. It’s gone…

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Ten Blogging Tips For Beginners