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My Blog Hosting Expired – How Do I Get My Content Back

I saw this on one of the Facebook groups I am in today, If you are serious about running an online business then your hosting should get paid before your mortgage. As without your business you will have no money to pay anything, unless you prefer job security of course..


 My Blog Hosting Expired - How Do I Get My Content Back

Obviously if the period that you stopped paying is not too long, then there is a good chance that by paying your outstanding hosting bill they will reinstate your website.

Most hosting companies will give you at least a couple of weeks after expiry before deleting all your content.  If unfortunately you have waited too long and they have deleted all of your content, then the next best thing is you can Google the way back machine.

After you Google the wayback machine just enter your domain name into it. In most cases there will be a copy/snapshot of your website.  You can chose what date or what year to go back too.

As long as there has been a recent snapshot of your site, you should be able to copy and paste all of your content into a new website. Or onto a document or ebook.

If you are planning to change hosting accounts in the future you can get someone from t move your website over onto your new hosting account.   That way you will not get your content/websites/blogs lost or deleted.

If you are a serious blogger, or someone who makes money online. You will probably realise that your hosting should get paid before your mortgage.   No business – No Income to pay your living or business expenses.  A business will feed you for many years, if it provides value for your clients and profit to yourself you should make sure to protect it..

Top rules for me would be to to


1. Always make sure to renew domains on time

2. Pay your hosting on time or lose business

3. Pay your autoresponder on time and do not risk losing your mailing list, always keep a copy of your mailing list as well just in case… 🙂 

hope you manage to find your content using some of the ideas above.


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My Blog Hosting Expired – How Do I Get My Content Back

How Can I Get People To Write Blog Posts For Free


Often what you can or can not get depends on your mindset and your point of view.  If you believe that you can do or get something, then you will find away.  On the other hand if you believe there is a problem with getting something for free or it isn’t possible then normally it will not be difficult to prove yourself right. 🙂

Below is an example of a post I made on a free website/forum just asking a simple question

How Can I Get People To Write Blog Posts For Free

In fact I actually have a method where people pay me to write blog posts for my websites as well, so you can even take it one step further than getting people to write for you for free.

I personally would be very happy to supply a website with an article for free if I knew it was in my niche and would give me some extra free advertising/exposure online for my business.

I just happened to see a post on a website this evening where a number of people where complaining about people trying to get people to write blog posts or content for free.

I know quite a lot of marketers or coaches who speak at events around the world for free. At the end of the talk they make an offer to the audience to buy their products or services. In fact one mentor of mine who I happened to see live spoke to an audience of 4000 People in Brighton UK and made £995,000 pounds in 30 mins speaking for free when he made an offer at the end to the audience. In fact I was one of the people who bought his £3500 pound program along with three or 4 other programmes that day.

How Can I Get People To Write Blog Posts For Free

As a blogger and content marketer I know a lot of other bloggers including friends relatives and colleagues who make money blogging, as well as writing stuff for free, or paying people to publish their stuff.

Many bloggers will also do reviews of products or services in exchange for being sent the product or service by the company. They just give their honest opinion about the product or service that they received. I got an offer like this yesterday but since it was a platform I do not use or want to use I turned it down. But a few weeks ago I got a similar offer which turned out to be a great hosting service, which I did a review and live training on.

In fact the hosting service was so good I have been seriously contemplating leaving my current hosting provider.  Even though changing hosting accounts is generally a huge pain in the ass. And not something I do very often unless I am practically forced to.

If you are looking for some tips on how to get people to write your blog posts or content for free, here are a few things that might help out.

  1. Ask a few questions before picking guest posters for your blog, some samples of their previous articles, what their niche is and is it compatible with your audience.
  2. Use Copyscape,  it may cost a few dollars but you will be able to check if the content they are sending you is available elsewhere on the internet. And therefore not unique, if you want it to rank well you should only post good quality unique content that is not copied from anywhere else.
  3. Find writers who are trying to build a portfolio of work to show prospective customers or employers, often they will be delighted to write an article or two for your blog.
  4. Use Google or other search engines to find forums or websites where people are wanting to do guest posting.
  5. It is always a great idea to ask the writers to send you the article, and review it to make sure it passes your criteria before you agree to publish it on your blog.

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How Can I Get People To Write Blog Posts For Free

The No1 Reason For Failure When Blogging

I have been blogging online for well over 12 years. People think making money online is easy, but it isn’t.

It takes work it takes some initiative, and a bit of imagination, you need a desire for what you are doing if you are going to continue doing it long term.

After creating more than 1000 Blogs and websites for people online and coaching people how to blog from scratch there is one single characteristic with people who fail.


They quit before they even get started, they tell themselves this BS story. It may be some stupid excuses like I cannot afford it. I am too busy with my job.  In most cases, they never even create their first blog post.

After this, they will then tell themselves another stupid BS story like I made a website but it didn’t make any money or it’s too hard.   Let’s be honest here if you came to work and in order to get paid you needed to write 1000 Words per day.

And you sat on your ass and did nothing, would your boss pay you?  I don’t fucking think so.  So why would you dream of being so fucking lazy on the internet? Would you hire yourself to start being the content creator on your website? If not then it’s time to get your finger out.

I think some people think it is like a lotto ticket maybe.  You do a draw. The draw is creating or paying someone to make you a website and then you wait for the winning numbers to come up.

The No1 Reason For Failure When Blogging Before You quit

Sorry my friend but until you have some content a buy button build a bit of credibility by communicating with people on your website and social media. There is no fucking lottery available, your readers, your advertisers, your buyers are your lottery money.

But if your site isn’t even selling the lottery tickets then you have no fucking chance to get paid, let’s not be an idiot here.  I hope you are past the Santa Clause stage of your life and you aren’t still waiting on the tooth fairy.

The truth is if you are an adult and you still have this mentality chances are your wallet your bank account and your finances may be suffering right now.  Unless you got married to the lottery or your parents gave you the Golden Goose and you haven’t sold it yet.

The thing is you only get one life I saw a very hard working colleague of mine had passed away recently I just happened to see it by accident in a Belfast Telegraph article on my Facebook feed.


If you are going to truly live an above average life then being an employee is becoming a less and less likely way to get what you want out of your life.  Not only are your taxes far higher but everything is reliant upon someone else’s plans.

Let me wake you up right now, if you are reliant on a government or some business owner boss’s plans then you are heading up shit creek possibly without a paddle.  Of course for someone who does not want to take on any responsibility or initiative, it may seem great.

But when you are 50,60,70 years old and are sick and broke chances are you will wish you had done things differently in your life.  Don’t end up living a life of regrets, live a life full of joy, doing what you love, and take 100% responsibility for your business/businesses and your finances.


The mistake I find many employees do is they look to join other businesses companies MLM’s looking for a quick fix. Instead of building their own brand, their own business, their own customers and subscribers.  In fact, many of them are so clueless they only thing they talk about is the name of the company they are in.

This is stupid for many reasons, although it is, of course, great for the company getting free advertising and getting the majority of the profits.

Before you quit your blog or website ask yourself a few questions.

  1. Have you blogged or posted content regularly for at least one year?
  2. Have you got great products and services that people would take your hand off to buy or affiliate products?
  3. Have you invested in all the systems and tools you need to make the business run smoothly?
  4. Have you advertised your content all over the social networks or done paid advertising starting at least $5 a day.
  5. Have you branded yourself well and included what you can do to help solve your reader’s problems.
  6. Are you building a list of subscribers when someone visits your blog or website?
  7. Have you decided on how to monetise your blog or website?
  8. Are the commissions on sales that you are making high enough to be able to quit your job when things do eventually take off.
  9. Have you a mentor who has made money online before to show you what to do step by step when you are stuck?
  10. If you do not like writing or any other content creation methods. Have you looked at all the ways that are available to you?  Like Blogging, Interviews, Videos, Podcasting, Talking Your Blog Pots Etc.

If not then why are you giving up on your business before you gave it a chance to get started?

Are these steps so hard that you would prefer to end up spending your life being dictated to by an employer and working yourself to death for very little reward?   Surely you are worth more than that.


If you feel you are, then get right back into it starting today.


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The No1 Reason For Failure When Blogging

8 Ways To Make Money On Your Website Or Blog

8 Ways To Make More Money From Your Blog Or Website



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8 Ways To Make Money On Your Website Or Blog

Are You Blogging For Glory?

When I was young my parents both owned Greek restaurants and as I grew older I decided to take up catering classes in college.

After a couple of years I ended up working in two different Michelin star restaurants, in fact both of them got their Michelin stars when I was working there.

Are You Blogging For Glory

What I discovered was that the people working here where infatuated with food and their egos, as a matter of fact I remember coming back home to my grannies house one day and telling her.

They are doing it for Glory it is all about them feeding their ego, and to this day still I believe nothing has changed in this respect in the industry.

Anyone who will spend 6 or 7 days a week in a kitchen weekly, with complete disregard for their life sunshine or health . Working from maybe 6am in the morning till 2am some nights, is surely not doing it for the money it is all about glory.

And in the catering industry if that’s  your thing then that’s okay. You will get a wage in fact if you are in higher positions in the business you may even be able to live quite well off the wage or money you make.

Now if you switch to Blogging if you do not have a certain mindset then you could really end up blogging for glory.

What do I mean by this?  Well you might just love blogging?  You may love the interaction from readers, the learning you get while researching your topic, you may love the idea of being able to do what you like from home or anywhere that you have an internet connection.

There is one little thing.  If you do not learn to monetise it then you probably will not get paid.  As I said earlier in the catering industry you can do stuff for just the glory, but in many cases you will still get paid.

On the other hand when it comes to blogging for glory, if there is no money coming in from your blogging, or online marketing efforts.Then your life will not be very glorious.

Do you really think that you can feel really glorious when you cannot put food on the table or keep a roof over your head? I don’t really think so, unless of course you live on an island somewhere that grows it’s own food and has an internet connection that’s free 😉 (Hardly Likely)

One thing I have discovered both from watching it on the outside and being in the position ego alone will not carry you very far.

On the other hand self improvement educating oneself on what is important and being able to provide value in exchange for money goods or services. Will give you a good ROI.

Knowing about how to add a Call To Action to your blog posts and build an email list will increase your blogging profit substantially. Which will also mean you are not dependant on handouts or job security to live your life.

If you feel this could be you feel free to join me in one of my online businesses by clicking the link below.  That way I can help and show you how to stop just blogging for glory, and start making some real money in the process too.


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Are You Blogging For Glory?

When Starting A Blog Pick The Right Niche

I have a confession to make, many years ago when I first started blogging I was all over the place.  I made my websites or blogs and put random and different content on it all the time.

Since blogging and Internet Marketing is one of my favourite things I thought coming up with content will always be easy. The thing is it can be if you do enough research some trainings and courses regularly.

The thing is after probably 10,000 blog posts on my blogs it is getting harder to come up with new stuff when it comes to the topic of blogging.

When Starting A Blog Pick The Right Niche

When I named this Blog Building a Better I decided it was going to be about blogging, now unlike my original IM Blog Ask which I basically blogged about whatever I was interested in that day.

Or whatever my mood was or rants that just needed to come out.  I never had any trouble coming up with content for it ever.  It was easy it was just a matter of making the decision.

The truth is when it comes to talking about blogging, I have blogged about plugins, I have blogged about WordPress themes, I have blogged about SEO.


I have blogged about most of the internet tools under the sun lol.. And recently when I decide to come up with new content I just keep coming across a lot of the same type of things.

Of course there are always new tools and courses,trainings etc coming out but after a lot of trial and error I find a huge percentage of them are either carbon copies or basically BS.

So I don’t really want to make this just a blogging review site either, of course I signed myself up for a 100 Day Blogging Challenge and even if I have not been bang on time with my blog posts every day.  I still intend to complete them in the 100 day’s.

The thing is probably after the 100 days rather than blogging here daily I will post good blogging content or information as I come up with it.


From recent experiences I am beginning to believe that it is better to come up with great blog post ideas which can go viral and that take maybe a few days to complete.

Than to just type generally about a subject for 10 to 60 mins daily, Would be interested to also hear your opinions in the comments section below.

And do remember as I have done this many times before, picking a niche for a blog that you can only comfortably post a few times about. Is not really a great idea for a long term blogging strategy.

The one thing I do have to say though for my 100 Day Blogging Challenge is it has now taken this blog to well over 100 posts, which will hep to give it a bit more traction in the search engines as well. 🙂


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When Starting A Blog Pick The Right Niche

How To Be A Better Blogger

Do you remember going back and scrolling through some of your old websites or blog posts and reading your post and asking yourself what on earth is this..

Well if you have always been a perfectionist that may not have happened to you but for the majority of bloggers I am pretty sure it has.

The thing is that the Internet moves very quickly from one year till the next. In fact the Internet can actually change even in a few months.

How To Be A Better Blogger

If you want to be a better blogger you need to frequently look at other websites and leaders in your industry and see what new changes software and plug-ins are being used when it comes to blogging.

Both blogging and Internet marketing are something that you learn from day to day in fact something that was done along time ago maybe completely obsolete on the Internet today. That is why it is imperative for you to keep studying your niche on a regular basis, failure to do this Will make your blogging look inferior after a while.


There are in fact hundreds of thousands of WordPress themes, hundreds of thousands of WordPress plug-ins and new tools and software being released daily that can completely transform your blog in any one day. First thing you Wanna do is check out  the top guys,ladies or companies in your niche find out what plug-in they are using, what they are selling on their blog, and how they are making money from it.  Learning these few things can make your life an awful lot easier when it comes to finding the right customers, traffic generation, getting subscribers and turning them into sales.

A mistake a lot of bloggers make is they try and learn everything on their own from scratch, the problem with this is  that it can end up taking them years to end up with a successful blog.  Or in the worst cases they just give up after a while.  When what they do doesn’t give them the Business  or success that they were hoping for  when they started.


Here are some Quick tips to help you be a better blogger

  1. Add images to your blog posts and SEO your images with the keywords.
  2. Think about what the reader wants to know instead of focusing I’m selling all the time, once you have given them what they want you can then casually offer them a link to A product or service . That will benefit them.
  3. Make sure you add a subscription box offering them something good in exchange for their email address,  building a list of subscribers should be one of your top priorities when blogging.
  4.  Make use  of all the tools and plug-ins available for improving your blog making  everything more effective including social sharing tools and Visual effects as well as being good reading it should also be visually appealing to eye.
  5.  Choose your domain name carefully as your domain name can say a lot about your brand or your blog try to use domain name unless your market is local then depending on your area you can choose a domain. If you are in the UK it might be or if it is in Spain you may chose I hope you get the idea. 🙂
  6.  Don’t take shortcuts when it comes to buying tools and software most of the time you get what you paid for. But if you’re in doubt when buying tools software then check the reviews as most people will say exactly what they’re thinking about the product they have bought.
  7. Depending on your personality type 1. You may choose to say exactly what you think on your blog (this could sometimes annoy certain individuals and alienate some people), 2. on the other hand you may be very thoughtful when it comes to your audience and be very careful the way you frame things.   ( I would fit into the No.1 category)
  8. Take time out to produce great content for your readers using different kind of content you could interview people in your niche via podcasts, videos or even in writing on your blog. Most people love to see the points of view, tips and ideas of credible authority’s in their niche.
  9. Be consistent if you say you are posting on a subject daily or weekly or every Tuesday do it, otherwise people could forget your blog ever existed and disappear and never  come back again.
  10. Be regular don’t do a blog post once a year pick a schedule daily weekly or monthly and if you are going to be busy or a away for a long time use the wordpress blog scheduling facilities.  For example if you post weekly on your blog on a Monday and you decide to go hiking in the jungle for a month create 4 blog posts before you go and schedule them to post every Monday while you are away.   Chances are you will also come back from the jungle with lots of new blog content and videos as well.  🙂

I hope you found this post useful feel free to post your comments and let us know what you think below. 


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How To Be A Better Blogger

Things You Feel Strongly About

Sometimes in life the obvious stuff hovers right in front of your eyes and you never think about it.  Then one day someone says something or does something and something clicks inside your head, and a new decision is made in a split second.

Things You Feel Strongly About

I had one of those days today.  One really big peeve I have is about the way big pharma and corporations poison people in many ways.  I often walk into a petrol station or a supermarket and see crisps, when I was younger I would have been a crisp addict. Not so much now but occasionally, if I was going to have a sandwich I like a packet of crisps with it.

The thing is when you go and look at all the crisps on display out of literally over a hundred types nearly 99% are filled with known toxic substances, such as Aspartame,MSG short for Monosodium Glutamate also often disguised by being called yeast extract. One of my friends today on Facebook said he had created a Facebook page about the dangers of Aspartame.

Immediately a lightbulb went off in my head and I decided to do a page about the toxic stuff being added to potato crisps.

As a work from home blogger and online marketing coach I make all my income from the Internet and have done so for over 12 years.  But as well as having my money websites that actually bring me in an income I also create websites because I feel strongly about things.

Things Like Alternative Health

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The Twin Towers Conspiracy

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Control Of The Masses

Click Here To Visit My Website


Waken Up World

Click Here To Visit My Website


The Titanic Conspiracy 

Click Here To Visit My Website


Debt In The UK

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And a few others like that floating about  as well, and although I do like to be upbeat and positive. I am also smart enough to realise that being upbeat and positive will not prevent you or your family members being poisoned by out of control pharmaceutical companies,chemtrails,vaccines,GMO’s,Aspartame,Fluoride,Dental Visits were they fill our mouths with Mercury and toxic root canals and lots more..

I do believe if you want you and your family to survive a while in this World, you need to educate yourself about the truth about how this world and our corrupted system really works.

People will argue with you, people will think you are crazy. Fortunately I THINK BEING ALIVE ALIVE IS MORE IMPORTANT!!! Than what some brainwashed sheep think.

Would you not agree? Please feel free to comment below 🙂


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Things You Feel Strongly About

Blogging Tips Why You Need To Build A List


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Blogging Tips Why You Need To Build A List

10 Things To Do On Your Blog Or Website

In todays post I am going to be talking about 10 things that you can do to your blog to get more interaction, get you more leads which will also help you get more sales in the long term.

  1. Create a free giveaway for your readers so that you can get more names and emails of all your subscribers.
  2. Add a picture by creating or adding a featured image picture to your blog it allows you an extra way to get traffic from the search engine via Google images.
  3. Follow me button or links for all your social networks – The more places your customers/subscribers/readers get to see your updates the more likely they will be to do business with you. If they like what they see.
  4. Add a Facebook like widget on the sidebar of your blog so people can like your Facebook page and see your latest updates.
  5. Add a work with me page somewhere visible, so that people will know what to do if they want to find out more about what your business is.
  6. Add a contact me page and install a contact form which is connected to your autoresponder.  That way anyone who contacts you becomes an instant  subscriber on your list.
  7. Think about your readers how can you help them and provide them with information they are searching for before creating content for your blog or website.
  8. At the bottom of all your blog posts create a call to action tell your readers what you want them to do. (With clear instructions)
  9. Start with the end in mind before creating a piece of content first decide what is the purpose of the article or video,podcast etc.  To get a subscriber to your list? To make a sale? To get a new follower on Twitter?  To get a new Facebook friend or fan. To get someone to subscribe to your You Tube channel Etc…
  10. Ask your readers questions and tell them to comment in the comments section, a blog with lots of comments is a lot more interactive and tends to get more traffic and results  than a blog without comments. If you have an email list a good idea is to email them your latest blog posts. This will help you get more comments the first comment is normally the hardest to get. After that people generally continue in the conversation.

If you found this blog post useful then please use the buttons below to share with your friends and followers on social media your friends will love you for it 🙂 And also feel free to post your comments below. 

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10 Things To Do On Your Blog Or Website