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What does Business Blogging mean?

Business blogging is all about marketing your business online to increase your business’s visibility online. Just like all the social media platforms, email marketing campaigns, a Business Blog is a marketing channel that facilitates business growth.

Whether you have an online business or planning to start an eCommerce business, blogging is the cheapest and creative way to market your business.

Business blogging is all about blogs that are about a specific subject related to your business.

So, through these blogs, you promote your business which in return help increase your sales.

Why Business Blogging?

To make your website a valuable asset and to generate leads, you need people to actually see it. It is a low-cost way to let people find you and to create new leads. For all the sellers of different marketplaces such as Shopclues seller, Flipkart seller, Paytm seller, Snapdeal seller business blogging is the best way to get new customers out there in the online pool of audience!

Benefits of Blogging

  1. Drive huge traffic on your website.

Undoubtedly, all of us want more website visitors. Question is HOW?

Think of how people can reach out to your website –

  1. They would simply search for what they are looking for in the search engine. And if fortunately, if you top the list there is a possibility that they might view your website.
  2. You could opt for various email campaigns by getting an email list and blasting emails to them and hope that they would click on the email and redirect to your website, which is pretty expensive!
  3. You could simply have subscribed for pay per click ads or other paid ads which is way too expensive for small business owners. If you are broke, then it is a possibility that you may lose these ads too!

So, looking at the above points Blogging is the best tactic to market your business! It is an inexpensive way to promote and market your business online.

While writing and publishing a post online, you get an opportunity to show up in the search engine, drive traffic and turn those into leads. The blog that you create online can be shared by people on other social network channels such as Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. which will help your business to reach out to a newer audience to whom you are still unknown.

You are reinforcing your social reach with the blogs driving new customers to the website.

So, the first benefit of blogging helps to widen your audience.

blogging benefits

  1. Conversion of traffic into potential customers.

Now that you already have huge traffic by following the 1st benefit of blogging, it is show time to convert that traffic into leads!

Add a lead generating calls to action to each and every blog post of yours. Most of the time, it could be for a free consult, free trials, free webinars, where people are willing to exchange their information on your website.

How does call to action work?

  1. Traffic comes to your website
  2. Visitor views the call to action of a free offer
  3. By clicking on the call to action, the visitor will be redirected to a landing page where he will fill out the details such as contact number and email ids

Most of the content bloggers will publish calls to action at the end of the blog. This is a way to convert the traffic on your website to leads. Amazon sellers can easily sell on Amazon through this traffic conversion.

  1. Lead the industry from the front.

Regardless of how small your business is, blogging is the best way to establish trust in the industry. By providing valuable content and sharing your expertise through a blog, expert information, including evergreen topics such as how to use paytm, and different articles that genuinely help the audience, you become a leader!

Your blogs will be the ‘go to’ place to get to know things for your audience. There is no other happiness than your audience having faith and trust in you. In this way, you provide value to your readers.

  1. Development of relationships with the customers/audience.

Business blogs tend to answer queries and questions of the audience. So if you are consistently shooting out blogs with latest updates, the audience will develop a sense of authority for you. Blogging is an awesome way for all the Amazon Sellers and all the other sellers of different marketplaces, to increase their reach to the common audience.

Customer engaging blogs are extremely valued and are an important element for online branding as well as marketing. Blogging is the best way to engage the audience and connect with them instantly. The high quality content that you provide, It builds trust with your target audience.

Blogging allows you to share your personal business experiences, which will attract an audience. Bloggers spread a sense of authority, corporate standards and vision of your business.

  1. Amazing Boost to Search Engine Optimization.

When you provide new and fresh business blogs at a consistent rate, search engines would put forward your blogs. You give Google new content to index, with all the important keywords, which will increase your visibility in the search engine result pages.

If other websites start linking your articles, it will be an additional bonus! As search engines consider these linkings as an endorsement.

  1. Sharing of your blogs.

When people read blogs and like them, most of the time they do share these blogs on Twitter, LinkedIn or other social media platforms. So, it will work as a marketing tactic without any cost! Blogging alone makes so much sense. With minimal effort and money, you can create value. This opportunity should not be missed by the small business and startups.

Author Bio:This entry is a kind contribution from Mohit Sharma.

mohit sharma

Mohit is an ECommerce Enthusiast and Owner of MohitECommerce. He is Working With Many Vendors in Different Categories of Products Across Various Marketplaces. He is Very Good at Amazon Seller Training, Amazon FBA, Amazon Seller Registration, Amazon Brand Registry, Amazon Account Suspended (Making Plan of Action). He Likes To Help All Type of Businesses Mainly Small and Medium Businesses Which are eager to Step in Online Business.


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Will I Make It As A Blogger? Or Is It Up To Me.

This is one of the big questions I get from people starting an online blog or website, I was going to say blogging business, but the thing is many people who start an online blog are not even close to having an online business and that is just a fact.

There are many reasons for this I go into more details about this in my Free Video Training Course .

The subject of this post today is about whether you or anyone else will make it as a blogger, so we better jump right to that topic.

The first thing is we need to define the words make it as a blogger, generally to make it in something implies that you are having success or doing well in it.


So there are quite a few things we could and should clear up before going any further, firstly we need to define the words to make it as a blogger.

You see everyone’s definition of making it as a blogger often are, could and will be entirely different, we are all looking for our own rewards in life, these could be spiritual, a feel-good factor, wanting to contribute to something or someone, or financial reward or freedom.

So in order to get what you actually want from your blog, it is a good idea to write down what you actually want to get from blogging.

Will I Make It As A Blogger_


Here are a few examples or some ideas of what someone might be looking for from their blog or website.

  1. Somewhere to release trapped thoughts or energy out into the open to make them easier to deal with.
  2. A way to journal things, keep pictures of your memories, daily habits and key moments in your everyday life, or the life of your family.
  3. Being able to work when you want to and not have to have a full-time job to make a living.
  4. Being able to make enough money to support yourself and your family financially.
  5. Wanting to get that grumpy boss off your back for once and for all.
  6. Wanting to be there every day to see your kids growing up, and not be away from home 8 till 12 hours per day.
  7. Want to be able to stop traveling frequently to work and sitting in long traffic jams every morning and evening Not having to fly to business conferences for meetings and work all the time.
  8. Get rid of the stress that you are given every day in the workplace.
  9. Not having to work with hostile colleagues every day that you do not like.
  10. A set daily, weekly, monthly or annual financial income coming in from sales, so you know you can survive or thrive comfortably.
  11. Meeting likeminded entrepreneurs and clients
  12. Expanding your horizon with more skills and information.
  13. Being able to help more people using the leverage of the internet.
  14. Becoming a well-known brand or influencer in the business world
  15. Being able to provide yourself and or your whole family a complete dream lifestyle.
  16. Being able to afford to eat better quality food.
  17. Being able to pay for better healthcare
  18. Being able to buy the car or cars of your dreams
  19. Being able to buy the house of your dreams
  20. Being able to make the monthly rent payment
  21. Being able to pay for basic housing facilities
  22. Being able to supplement your job income
  23. Being able to make your first dollar online
  24. Being able to make your first $100 online
  25. Being able to make your first $1000 Online
  26. Being able to make your first $5000 Online
  27. Being able to make your first $10,000 online
  28. Being able to make your first $50,000 online
  29. Being able to make your first $100,000 online
  30. Being able to make your first $500,000 Online
  31. Being able to make your first $1000,000 Online
  32. Being able to make your first $5,000,000 Online
  33. Being able to make your first $10,000,000 online
  34. Being able to make your first $50,000,000 Online
  35. Being able to make your first $100,000,000 Online
  36. Being able to make your first $500,000,000 Online
  37. Being able to make your first $ Billion Online
  38. Being able to create residual income streams that come in automatically daily, monthly, yearly without you having to work in a job.
  39. Being able to buy your first house
  40. Being able to buy your dream holiday home
  41. Being able to buy that castle that you have always dreamed of
  42. Being able to support some charity or organization and make a difference in many peoples lives
  43. ETC ETC ETC……

Okay so once you decide what being successful or making it as a blogger means for you then you can start looking at the results you start having and see if they meet up to your expectations or goals. 

For me, some of the things that were important were being able to spend lots of time with my kids and get to see them grow up.

To be able to drive them to school every day and pick them up afterward.

To be able to build multiple income streams that come in regularly whether I work or not. 

To able to drive the Mercedes I want

To able to buy a 9 seater VW Transporter so I can take my family on nice drives and holidays

To able to have my own private workspace/office

For my family to be able to live in a nice location

To be able to get large commissions that most people work months or years for in a job. 

To able to buy the health equipment and food we need, Vitamix, juicer, Kangen Machine, organic fruit and vegetables.

To be able to take off work whenever I want. 

To be able to do something I really enjoy doing and get paid for it as well.

These are some of the things which I wanted, which have helped me realize whether I am achieving my goals or not. 


Okay let’s get back to the main question, will I make it as a blogger?  The thing is a huge percentage over 90% actually fail at blogging, yes only 10% of them make it. 


Before you get discouraged though let me tell you most of these bloggers never even get their first 5 blog posts done, yes many of them cannot even remember how to log in and post content on their blog 2 weeks after starting it.


In order to be in the percentage that succeeds here are the big things that will help get you into that bracket.

  1. Some guidance from someone who already blogs successfully online
  2. Create your first 50 blog posts on your website or blog
  3. Learn about all the different CTA’s that a blogger should make in their posts
  4. Learn how to do advertising or affiliate marketing on your blog or website
  5. Learn how to build your mailing list and setup autoresponder messages to send to your mailing list.
  6. Learn how to sell products and services on your blog or website.
  7. Buy the most important tools you need to set up your online business like hosting, a domain name, an autoresponder and a shopping cart
  8. Take payments on your website, a website or blog with no payment system is like a car with no engine or a Yacht with no sails, it’s not going to get you anywhere. 
  9. Learn what products and or services will help your readers solve their problems and answer their questions
  10. Learn to create capture pages and sales funnels using various lead capture page software
  11. Learn how to syndicate your blog content using all the social networks, forums or you could use paid advertising
  12. Spend about 40% of your time creating great content and the other 60% of your time syndicating and marketing the content.

If you can read your target audiences mind and do these other things then you are nearly there

 Whatever you do never quit, you can change your brand, change your writing style, change the products and services you offer, change your domain name but whatever you do don’t quit.

In my opinion, quitting or not starting or continuing to take action are the only way to really fail in this business.

So Successful Blogging My Friends Now Get Back To Work 


Sotiris Bassakaropoulos 


Will I Make It As A Blogger? Or Is It Up To Me.