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Why Your Business Doesn’t Have To Stop Because You Do.

I recently rejoined a business I had left, I rejoined it not for the money because I wanted to remove some content from two of my blogs onto another hosting.  Within 4 hours of signing up for a $1 trial of the system yesterday I got 1 $144 residual commission email notification.  Then this morning I woke up to another $144 residual commission email notification.

I can pretty much guarantee you this money did not come from any work I have done in the last month that’s for sure but still the income is coming in residually.  Of course a lot of people hear about other making residual incomes online while you sleep.

It is the part about setting it up and figuring out how it works that baffles people. So in today’s post I want to talk about a few ways that you can make your business work even when you are sick,on holiday,sleeping or worse..

The beauty about this is sometimes you do not realise the full benefits of residual income until one day you really need it.   Like when my son broke his leg a couple of years ago, the thing is he didn’t want to be left alone.  He was scared he might never be able to walk properly again. (me too)  The thing is during that time thousands of dollars still came in that month even though I stopped working for about six weeks.

If I had of been an employee I would have had to leave my son to go to a job every day while he suffered with only one parent or a babysitter.  Thankfully in our family that does not happen. I get to take and pick up my kids from school everyday.   Unless I go to a mastermind or a seminar that I choose to actually go to.

I get to see my little baby son growing up every day to see him start to chatter to watch him take his first steps. Yes my son knows and loves his daddy because he is always around.  I am not a stranger 🙂 like some fathers, when they come home from work many times their kids are in bed already. If they are lucky they get to see them at weekends or when they are off work. If they have enough energy left on their days off to do anything.

There is nothing more about being an employee that sticks in my head than pretending to look busy and do something trying to justify a measly hourly salary.  Being told when you can go on holiday where you have to live because your boss or company wants you there.  Yes, while you work to build their dreams you are actually their paid slave how much does your boss think you are worth $10 an hour?

Okay now let’s get back to ways to automate your business again first thing you want to setup are residual income streams. That is products that people pay for monthly that you actually get a monthly income from.  Your job is to go to Google and research those residual income products as I am not going to start listing them all here as I could be here all day.

Once you find the products you want to sell you create a blog or website where you can either review the products or services. Or create content that is useful to your potential buyers.  If you want to automate you can spend one full day writing 5 blog posts and then schedule the posts one every weekday using the WordPress Calendar scheduling option.

This means your posts will go out daily on complete autopilot even while you sleep or go out to the beach or a restaurant.   Then spend another day creating 5 You Tube Videos again you want to create content that is useful or informative for your targeted customers.

So if you are a local estate agent you may create a post telling people how to add value when selling their property in a specific town or city.   Then sell them your houses or house selling service on the backend. Once more You Tube has a scheduling feature like WordPress so you can schedule your videos to be posted on You Tube whenever you like.  Be it 11.55 PM on New Years Eve or 6am in the morning Monday till Friday.

Once you have scheduled your blog posts and videos you can then then join a service called onlywire. Which allows you to post your content to all the different social networks, Facebook Groups,Facebook Pages ETC.  If you want true automation create a feed from your wordpress blog. This costs about $60 a year but is well worth it considering the amount of work that it saves you.

What will happen then is every time your automated content is posted on your WordPress Blog, it will be submitted to all your social networks and Facebook Groups And Pages automatically without you needing to lift a finger. This is true automation at work .

There is also another service which is free called IFTTT you can tell it to post a message on your Facebook wall or other social networks every time you post a You Tube video.  Post a picture on Instagram or other Social Networks. There are endless different recipes to choose from.

This is another great tool to add to your automation arsenal. If you want more trainings or to get your online business setup then click the link below to get started today.

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Why Your Business Doesn’t Have To Stop Because You Do.