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Does Getting Older Mean You Take Less Crap From People

I remember a time when people would talk BS to me and I would listen to it, take it all in and believe it. I have noticed recently that I have a very short straw when it comes to BS.  In fact to a point where sometimes I can be pretty blunt or rude if required.

Does Getting Older Mean You Take Less Crap From People



I am not one for violence generally but this complete idiot started beeping his horn at me the other day I was parked on a public road and walked next door to the house, next thing I heard this beeping.   Next thing this twenty something year old idiot got out of his car and said this is my house.

I have to say it took all my restraint not to answer back in fact if I am really honest I was very close to walking up to him and punching him on the mouth..  He was just so fucking rude the way he did it that it was unbelievable.  We park regularly on the public street outside the house.  There are many occasions when I cannot get a parking space, because some broke employee doesn’t want to pay for parking in the town car park.  So they park outside our house instead..

And although it can be frustrating I do not beep my horn at people who park in the street and tell them this public parking space on the street belongs to me.  And give them a dirty look like this total prick..

The thing is I do find myself telling people exactly what I think now more  than I used to. I definitely do not sugar coat the truth anymore, because I do not believe it does anyone any favours.

Many years ago I might have been careful what I said and to whom. Now I just say what I think and like my dad always used to say, that’s just the way it is my friend 🙂


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Does Getting Older Mean You Take Less Crap From People


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Do you suffer from bouts of laziness or procrastination? Did you know that by just blogging for 10 mins a day you could transform your blog or online business.  Remember we are not talking about a 12 hour day or even an 8 hour day..

Question is are you spending ten solid minutes blogging daily?  If not your blog content is probably looking a little stale, in some cases maybe completely out of date. Unless of course you are trying to be a smart ass and using evergreen content.

The reason I say trying to be a smart ass is because not adding fresh content on a blog or website is anything but smart.   It’s kind of like deciding to drive across Europe in your car and not bringing any money for petrol or diesel.

Just Ten Minutes A Day Could Transform Your Blog Or Website

You might seem smart but when you are halfway up the swiss alps and your car runs out of diesel, you will be the one carrying the empty can.

The last few days I haven’t been near the house most of the day today I was out at the beach most of the day. but I still got my blog post done because ten mins before I go to bed is all it takes.

The thing is you can make money blogging, or you can make excuses why you don’t but you cannot do both. Either you are blogging for money or making new excuses on a regular basis.

The thing is you can be the expert? What do you want to be an expert on? Blogging about your niche? Or making excuses? You can and do make that choice daily.. So what’s it going to be?

Only you can make that decision..

Let’s just talk about why.  Have you any idea how shitty it looks when you claim to run a reputable business but you haven’t posted an update on your blog or website in two years.

If this is the way you treat your online presence what kind of crap are your actual customers going to be dealing with..  Does a clapped out restaurant or shop that hasn’t been painted for 30 years give your customers the impression that you will give a shit about them or their business?

The thing is when people want to find out about something they hit up Google or Facebook, they use social media.  If your website and social media are completely outdated and unreliable and look like crap, then what will people expect from your business?

The truth is if your business is not online within the next ten years, then you probably will not have a business.

So make it a daily part of your day to spend just ten minutes updating your website, giving your customers and readers a better experience and providing some good value and information to them in the process.


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Just Ten Minutes A Day Could Transform Your Blog Or Website

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