How Can I Get People To Write Blog Posts For Free

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How Can I Get People To Write Blog Posts For Free


Often what you can or can not get depends on your mindset and your point of view.  If you believe that you can do or get something, then you will find away.  On the other hand if you believe there is a problem with getting something for free or it isn’t possible then normally it will not be difficult to prove yourself right. 🙂

Below is an example of a post I made on a free website/forum just asking a simple question

How Can I Get People To Write Blog Posts For Free

In fact I actually have a method where people pay me to write blog posts for my websites as well, so you can even take it one step further than getting people to write for you for free.

I personally would be very happy to supply a website with an article for free if I knew it was in my niche and would give me some extra free advertising/exposure online for my business.

I just happened to see a post on a website this evening where a number of people where complaining about people trying to get people to write blog posts or content for free.

I know quite a lot of marketers or coaches who speak at events around the world for free. At the end of the talk they make an offer to the audience to buy their products or services. In fact one mentor of mine who I happened to see live spoke to an audience of 4000 People in Brighton UK and made £995,000 pounds in 30 mins speaking for free when he made an offer at the end to the audience. In fact I was one of the people who bought his £3500 pound program along with three or 4 other programmes that day.

How Can I Get People To Write Blog Posts For Free

As a blogger and content marketer I know a lot of other bloggers including friends relatives and colleagues who make money blogging, as well as writing stuff for free, or paying people to publish their stuff.

Many bloggers will also do reviews of products or services in exchange for being sent the product or service by the company. They just give their honest opinion about the product or service that they received. I got an offer like this yesterday but since it was a platform I do not use or want to use I turned it down. But a few weeks ago I got a similar offer which turned out to be a great hosting service, which I did a review and live training on.

In fact the hosting service was so good I have been seriously contemplating leaving my current hosting provider.  Even though changing hosting accounts is generally a huge pain in the ass. And not something I do very often unless I am practically forced to.

If you are looking for some tips on how to get people to write your blog posts or content for free, here are a few things that might help out.

  1. Ask a few questions before picking guest posters for your blog, some samples of their previous articles, what their niche is and is it compatible with your audience.
  2. Use Copyscape,  it may cost a few dollars but you will be able to check if the content they are sending you is available elsewhere on the internet. And therefore not unique, if you want it to rank well you should only post good quality unique content that is not copied from anywhere else.
  3. Find writers who are trying to build a portfolio of work to show prospective customers or employers, often they will be delighted to write an article or two for your blog.
  4. Use Google or other search engines to find forums or websites where people are wanting to do guest posting.
  5. It is always a great idea to ask the writers to send you the article, and review it to make sure it passes your criteria before you agree to publish it on your blog.

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How Can I Get People To Write Blog Posts For Free


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