Buying And Selling Domains Or Websites Here’s How To Protect Your Assets

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Buying And Selling Domains Or Websites Here’s How To Protect Your Assets

In case you have been buying or selling domains for a long time then this information probably will not be new to you.   Though if you are starting out and have even been online for a while but not bought and sold very many domains then this information could save you an absolute fortune.

The thing is if you know someone or have done business with them before in most cases things should and probably will go smoothly, but the thing about the Internet is many times your buyers or sellers can be somewhere at the other side of the world.

This means that it is much easier to for them to disappear or steal something than when you are dealing with someone who lives just around the corner from you.

So it is always a good idea to take precautions before doing business with someone that you have never actually met before.  A good place to buy domains is on websites like Fippa or in online auctions like Ebay or Go Daddy .

Recently I had someone approach me saying they had one of my domains in the dot com version, I was using the dot org I made an offer and they accepted and sent me a page to go and pay for it with a buy button.

The thing is if you never met someone before and they send you an email from a dodgy looking email address offering you to go somewhere and put in your credit card details or Paypal login details it is hardly a good idea.

Not only could you end up losing the money you paid for the domains but they could end up cleaning out your bank account or Paypal account in the process.

The good news is there is services out there you can use which will protect the buyer and seller in the case of a dispute over something.  The bad news is it will cost you a few dollars extra but in exchange you will be able to protect your investment.

I think it is better to buy a $75 domain and pay an extra $25 fee and actually get what you are buying. Than sending your $75 getting nothing and having your bank account and or Paypal account cleaned out in the process.

To use this service just visit they are like an intermediary between the buyer and the seller. The buyer sends the money to that way the buyer knows they are going to get their money. As escrow notify the seller that their money has been deposited with .

At this stage then the seller can go ahead and transfer the goods to the buyer for example a domain name or a website. After all the details have been finalised and the domain or website have been transferred and are controlled by the buyer.

The seller can notify Escrow that the transfer has completed, Escrow then contact the buyer to make sure they got their goods.  At this stage the money is then transferred from Escrow to the sellers account and the transaction is now complete.

As it can be a little costly I don’t recommend doing it with people who you have done lots of business with in the past, only with people that do not have a track record with you.

Or people you haven’t met and have no past connection with them especially when dealing with people from countries at the other side of the world.

If you are selling domains you can always list them on your website using a good quality shopping cart

Buying And Selling Domains Or Websites Here’s How To Protect Your Assets

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