In Business You Need To Strike While The Iron Is Hot

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In Business You Need To Strike While The Iron Is Hot


When it comes to buyers,prospects or whatever you would like to call them. They are on a journey,and when they come to you, they have arrived at a certain point in that journey.

There are some times for whatever reason they will not be ready to proceed, but when they are you shouldn’t do stupid stuff to hold the process back.

I recently did a business mentoring program and one of the subjects always mentioned was the importance of your time. The thing is people truly do not give a shit about your time in most cases, they just want something done for them.something to change for them. Yes they just want a result, beating around the bush acting important or busy not answering your phone or calling them back when you said you would. Will piss them off, I am talking from my own experiences here.

The thing is I generally do not beat around the bush, if someone rings me and wants a new website or a coaching session I send my buy link right away and say let’s get you started.

Waiting for days weeks or months when the planets all align is maybe good for gamblers but not for business.

In today’s online world people who F around will lose business,and that’s just a fact.

One other thing you need to think about is your customer, what do they want or actually need?  If you forget about their needs or what they want out of your business deal then why should they remain loyal to you?

To be honest I am sick of hearing about the high price on your time and making yourself  hard to contact and seem busy all the time.

Personally when I see people do this I can see right through it most of the time.  There is the odd occasion when the person in question, is actually genuinely busy and needs you to make an appointment.

This was the case with a Kinesiologist I went to see a couple of months ago she was booked up with appointments for 6 months, now that’s what I call busy.

As time goes on more and more people are looking online at reviews when it comes to something as simple as getting a takeaway, booking a hotel, or even getting some work done on your house.

Having a line of great reviews from happy customers saying how fast and efficient you are will always make you that bit busier than the ones who don’t put in the effort or drag their feet when going after new business.

Most people will make this mistake at some point in their business, the thing is you can take a huff with the customer and blow them off like it’s their fault.

Or learn from it and improve your communication skills so that the next time your customer is waving money in front of you. Take it and do the job they asked you to do as well as possible.


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In Business You Need To Strike While The Iron Is Hot


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