How To Build A Blogging Business Working Part Time

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How To Build A Blogging Business Working Part Time

I got a call today in fact it was a voicemail from a long time friend who I have known for many years.Unfortunately my iPhone battery ran flat and I missed the call.  Recently I happened to bump into him after about 17 hours on Facebook. Let’s just call him Stevie as I don’t want to put him on the spot.

He basically said I am sick of my job and I have decided I will do whatever I have got to do to quit it for good, Could you train me how to start my own online business I want to get started right away.   The fact is lot’s of people slave away half or in many cases their whole life.  And realise suddenly after 20 years or so that having a job is a dead end plan.

You have a choice and work to build someone else’s business by being their employee.  Or you can start your own business.  Generally as an employee there are two large probabilities.

1.  You will probably be lucky if you are getting much above minimum wage.

2. Even if you do get a high salary then as an employee the government will tax you stupid in fact you may lose up to 40% of your wages in tax.

So what is the solution you may ask?

Option 1 Take the plunge give in your notice to your employer and quit your job permanently and start a full time business.

Option 2 Instead of spending your time off at the pub or watching T.V. and getting brainwashed, spend that time starting your own Part Time Business Online.

The are a few advantages of starting your own business part time

Taxes is one of the biggest expenses you will pay in your lifetime watch the video below to see who pays the most in taxes and why most families stay broke.

Personally I am an all or nothing type of person so when I decided to start a business online. I burned my bridges as far as jobs where concerned I had no intention of giving myself a plan b option.

Though depending on your financial situation starting an online business part time for you could be the way to go, it has worked for millions of other people in the past and will continue to do so.

What determines whether you succeed or not I think is down to your determination to succeed,education (Learning from your mistakes and improving along the way) Or learning from other peoples mistakes. And having a non quit mentality is also A valuable asset.

It took me a few years to figure out how to run an online business. I have over 10 years experience so if you want to shortcut the time to making money online then check out the options I have available to help start or boost your online business.

Click Here To Check Out Our Website And Blogging Services

When you click the link above and order one of my packages above I will be there to personally mentor you through the challenges of setting up your own online business, or to put your present business online.


Alternatively though it will take you quite a bit longer and not get all the personal tuition that I would be giving  you.

The great thing is you get two weeks access to Free Training as well when you register using the link below.


Click Here To Get A Free Website.

The great thing is when you click either of the links above and get started you can start working on your online business part time, in your spare time if you are a full time employee.  Or even full time if you decide that is what you want to do whichever decision you take will take you to a new destination that does not involve having to work full time building someone else’s business instead of your own

Click Here To Get Started 

How To Build A Blogging Business Working Part Time


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