Branding Your Blog Or Business Offline

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Branding Your Blog Or Business Offline

There are countless ways to brand your business online using the Internet. Just because you are already branding yourself online is not necessarily a reason to not advertise your business offline too.  A few great ways to brand yourself offline would be going to events and seminars, public speaking and another great way to get your name or brand out there is to give out business cards.

People will regularly throw out brochures magazines or flyers but less people tend to throw out business cards.  When someone hands you their business card it is generally when you have had some type of personal interaction/conversation with them.   Most people respect that and will make a point of keeping your card or contact details, or at the very least filing it away in a drawer with their other contacts.

When creating your business card there are certain things that I would do in order to utilise your business card to the fullest extent. Obviously you need to think about your target market and what they are looking for when designing your business card.  But here are a few tips that I personally would use when creating a business card for my own business.

Here is the information people will be wanting to know when looking at your business card.

  1. Your Name
  2. What you do best put it in the headline.
  3. Your Telephone Number
  4. Your Email Address
  5. Your Instant messenger username I use Skype
  6. Your website url to your main business or website not someone else’s company must be my own name or brand
  7. Details and links to follow you on Social Media,You Tube,Linked In,Facebook,Twitter,Periscope,Instagram,Tsu,IBO Toolbox,, Make a page and add all the links there.
  8. More details about what you do, and how you can help solve your customers problems
  9. A Picture of yourself or at the very least your business brand logo.
  10. Utilise the back of your business card too by giving your clients something for free, make sure they have to give their email  address in order to get instant access to this.

How not to brand yourself online or offline

Promoting a new company every month, really you should be branding yourself or your own company when I see all these stupid people running round branding companies all the time to people it makes me wonder???

Juice Plus,Agel,EmpowerNetwork,OneCoin,This Coin, That Coin, Karat bars,traffic monsoon,amway,forever living and the list goes on forever…   LOl..

The only one benefiting from the advertising is the companies and their CEO’s.  I am not saying not to sell any other companies biz opportunities.   Just you do not need to go around shouting your companies name off the roof all the time.

Firstly people go and join under the company Guru, secondly if people are joining the company and not you or your brand.   If or when that company fails or they do not deliver on their promises which you as a Non CEO have  no control over..   Then your business is back down to zero and possibly your reputation as well… 🙁

I still see old time dinosaur marketers who do the things above  and some of them still get results but it is not something I would not recommend doing if you want to become a serious online business owner.

If you haven’t started branding yourself online yet I offer a package to get your business online called the Business Blogs Setup Package and I recommend it if you are really serious about starting your own business online.


If you are still playing around and dipping your tow in the water but haven’t seriously committed to your online business this is Free and can help you get started.


Branding Your Blog Or Business Offline

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