My Blogging Challenges – Because Life Isn’t Always Plain Sailing

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My Blogging Challenges – Because Life Isn’t Always Plain Sailing

I was on a forum tonight and someone asked a question about what were your biggest blogging challenges. This is actually a completely Golden Question to ask someone with my experience.

As the answers could save you lots of hours of wasted time and money, trying to figure out the solutions.

My biggest blogging challenges were plugin conflicts, when you have a few plugins that do not work together. Your screen goes white and you cannot login to your WordPress back office. Or you get a wordpress error message when you try to login.

Other things which caused me challenges was a missing bit of html coding in blog posts. These could cause my theme to go topsy turvy. The sidebar would disappear and appear at the bottom of the blog posts.  Or the pictures in the website background would go weird and appear all over the place.

Another challenge was being hacked with too many sites on one server, I had about 600 websites at one stage and one night 300 of them were hacked at the same time.

Some more basic blogging challenges at the beginning of my blogging career was.

Creating Graphics for my posts

Getting Images To Appear From My Blog On FB Posts

Posting a You Tube Video On My Blog

Adding Buy Buttons Taking Payments On  My Blog Posts or Pages.


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My Blogging Challenges – Because Life Isn’t Always Plain Sailing


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