My Blog Hosting Expired – How Do I Get My Content Back

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My Blog Hosting Expired – How Do I Get My Content Back

I saw this on one of the Facebook groups I am in today, If you are serious about running an online business then your hosting should get paid before your mortgage. As without your business you will have no money to pay anything, unless you prefer job security of course..


 My Blog Hosting Expired - How Do I Get My Content Back

Obviously if the period that you stopped paying is not too long, then there is a good chance that by paying your outstanding hosting bill they will reinstate your website.

Most hosting companies will give you at least a couple of weeks after expiry before deleting all your content.  If unfortunately you have waited too long and they have deleted all of your content, then the next best thing is you can Google the way back machine.

After you Google the wayback machine just enter your domain name into it. In most cases there will be a copy/snapshot of your website.  You can chose what date or what year to go back too.

As long as there has been a recent snapshot of your site, you should be able to copy and paste all of your content into a new website. Or onto a document or ebook.

If you are planning to change hosting accounts in the future you can get someone from t move your website over onto your new hosting account.   That way you will not get your content/websites/blogs lost or deleted.

If you are a serious blogger, or someone who makes money online. You will probably realise that your hosting should get paid before your mortgage.   No business – No Income to pay your living or business expenses.  A business will feed you for many years, if it provides value for your clients and profit to yourself you should make sure to protect it..

Top rules for me would be to to


1. Always make sure to renew domains on time

2. Pay your hosting on time or lose business

3. Pay your autoresponder on time and do not risk losing your mailing list, always keep a copy of your mailing list as well just in case… 🙂 

hope you manage to find your content using some of the ideas above.


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My Blog Hosting Expired – How Do I Get My Content Back


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